Talk Show Announce First EP and Tour Dates

Talk Show Announce First EP and Tour Dates

A real funhouse for your senses, Talk Show will almost certainly leave you wanting more, and more.

One of my favourite edgy, punk bands Talk Show, have announced their first EP today. ‘These People’ is due to be released on 27th March, and the band have given us a glimpse of what we can expect, as initial single ‘Banshee’ is available to stream online now. I can tell you, this is one that you definitely need to listen to.

The single opens with a drum beat and bass guitar, before vocals emerge from lead singer Harrison. Initially the words are spoken slowly and wistfully, as though Harrison is practising distortedly what he wants to say to someone. The song builds into an instrumental, with Harrison increasing his vocal pitch and urging the person he wants to speak with, to say the words that he knows. The tempo of the song rises, and the fantasy evolves as Harrison’s mind seemingly works overtime, progressing into the dark chaos of the mentally-driven conversation. Are these lyrics hoping for a break-up, a reconciliation, or something else? Maybe that is for the listener to conclude.

Talk Show have always possessed a dark undertone to their music. When I first saw them live, their show was unlike any other I had witnessed. The lights in the venue were completely dimmed so the room was in total darkness, and the stage was only lit by a red glow. As I have said in a previous blog post, lead singer Harrison took to the microphone with a limbering approach, as if a force was resonating through his body. It’s apparent that the devil takes hold, and the exorcism begins when this band hit the stage.

Talk Show have an unnerving element to their song lyrics, but there is something so intriguing about them. This band deliver their music so powerfully well, it grabs your attention and throws you full throttle into what they are all about. Hard, punchy rhythms, that consist of wonderfully twisted lyrics. A real funhouse for your senses, Talk Show will almost certainly leave you wanting more, and more.

‘These People’ will consist of four new singles. ‘Banshee’ being the first to be released today. I do not doubt that the rest of this EP will be as formidably mesmerising.

You can catch Talk Show on their headline tour in April, at various UK locations. Tickets go on sale this Friday 17th March.

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