My First Listen of The 1975’s ‘Me & You Together song’

My First Listen of The 1975’s ‘Me & You Together song’

The 1975 have released their gorgeously soft single ‘Me & You Together song’ tonight. Played exclusively with a live performance on BBC Radio 1. We were treated to hearing a stripped back version of the single for the first time, from the band themselves. Before being played the studio recording from the album. Of course the band performed the song flawlessly in my eyes, even though Matty confessed he had gotten some of the lyrics wrong, I doubt anyone would have noticed. On my first listen, I could hear that the song oozes romance and memories, having an instant nostalgic charm that carries you away in its day dream.

In the interview that followed live on Annie Mac’s Show, Matty explained how lyrically the song transports the band back to when they were teenagers, and is influenced by the music they grew up with. He describes their latest single as being “a bit of life” and later goes on to say “that it is straight up vibing and straight up happiness.” The single takes The 1975 back to their very beginning, and is such a rare reminiscent moment, at what is arguably the very peak of their career. It is humbling that a band with such successfully innovative and bold ideas, can still give such a nod of adoration to where they came from. Despite being one of the most progressive bands of our time. ‘Me & You Together song’ is a time machine conducted admirably well.

Lyrical storytelling at its finest, ‘Me & You Together song’ takes us on a lyrical journey of love and life. It isn’t a fairytale romance, with whimsical words, but seemingly a real and truthful tale of the ups and downs of an everyday relationship. Its chorus clearly highlights the one thing that keeps us together, love. Whereas its verses speak of the forethoughts of youth and those lovesick emotions that we all feel, whilst life progesses at the pace of the ever-ticking clock. By being so open, real and raw, the song is made all the more beautiful and unmistakably heart-melting. Delivered in a lush, soft style, whilst not being overly melancholy.

The 1975 even hinted at having given us a window into their lives, by peering through the glass of this single. With Matty admitting that the lyrics draw on his own relationships and experiences, expressing that the song is based on at least four people he knows. The single is clearly emotional for both the band members themselves, and fans alike, but somehow possesses that bizarre happy-crying feeling that makes it so special. Rather than just being happy, or sad, Matty explains how the song incorporates both. With catchy instrument playing, and nostalgic lyrics combined, the single contains an array of emotions in its very bones. Lyrical content aside, the melodic pace of the music takes you on a journey in itself. Whether you choose to sit and listen, or get up and dance, is up to you.

As well as the new release, tonight The 1975 also announced that their upcoming album ‘Notes on a Conditional Form’ is to consist of 22 songs. Yes that’s right. 22 songs. Not only in its song content, but in its size, this album is going to be colossal. So many thoughts are already buzzing around in my brain, and I can’t help but wonder how many genres this album will cross, what the songs will be like, and how The 1975 will deliver this highly anticipated record. Matty spoke about being open to criticism, which does make me think there may be a few more controversial singles like ‘People’ ahead. Matty has confessed the album will not hold a typical 1975 style so to say, but instead will incorporate every aspect of the bands sound in one album.

Due to the ever-growing scale of ‘Notes on a Conditional Form’, the band did inform us during tonight’s interview, that it will inevitably be released a little later than planned. Rather than 21st February as originally intended, the album is now hoped to be released on 24th April instead.

Honestly, I’d happily give this band all of the time they need to finish ‘Notes on Conditional Form.’ If this album is going to be even half as brilliant as I think it will be, it is going to be an absolute triumph.


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