Preparing for The Brits

Preparing for The Brits

Recently I’ve received an incredible surprise from my friend Charlotte, she has only gone and won us both tickets to The Brits! At first when she called to tell me the news, I honestly thought it was some kind of a joke. I just couldn’t comprehend that it was actually happening. The Brits is one of the biggest musical awards shows in the UK, celebrating the songs, albums and artists that are most loved by our country. Hosted in the capital city of London, The Brits is a night of glitz and glam, an award show also featuring incredible live performances. A hoard of celebrities attend and to think that we will be in amongst them is completely mind-blowing. This year the ceremony is being hosted by Jack Whitehall and will feature live performances from the likes of Lewis Capaldi, Stormzy, Billie Eilish, Harry Styles, and more. To say I am excited, would be such an understatement. It almost feels ironic that just after starting my music blog, I am lucky enough to be attending the biggest music celebration in our country. I am so grateful.

After the initial shock wore off, my mind turned to actually organising this. Asides from the amazing event that I was soon to experience, I was only consumed by one attention to detail, and that of course was what on earth was I going to wear? Being a lover of indie rock music and in turn all things alternative, I have to confess a glittery dress and high heels isn’t my usual go-to outfit for a night out. Scrolling through pictures of attendees from previous years only fuelled my worries further. Was I going to be too dressed up, under-dressed, so many thoughts swirled through my head. The idea of walking through central London in stilettos was not ideal. Luckily, myself and Charlotte, who shares a similar style to me, found solace in the incredible YouTuber and Influencer Helen Anderson, who has attended The Brits on a few occasions in the past. Helen has successfully managed to look glam, all whilst keeping her outfit quirky and low-key, with her own unique flair. Seeing the confidence Helen had made me realise I could rock my own style at an event like The Brits, and not be afraid to do so. Outfit, done.

Helen Anderson at The Brits in 2017

Next, I started thinking about where we would stay. Charlotte and I wanted somewhere close to The 02 where The Brits is taking place, but didn’t want it to cost the earth. Luckily, we have found a reasonably priced hotel, and are travelling in style from Cardiff to London on the Megabus. Brits on a budget, and we are working it! Neither of us are too showy or flash, so as long as we go and have an amazing time together, we won’t mind. Providing of course we both love our outfits, which is obviously the best part asides from the event.

I’ve spent the last few days packing bits I want to take, all whilst trying to keep my stress levels to a minimum. I know its an AMAZING opportunity, and I’m so excited to go. However, I know I won’t be alone when I say that such a high-profile event, with TV coverage, a red carpet, and all the rest, is bound to bring on just a little bit of anxiety. My excitement is swirled with nerves too, but I know that we’re going to have such an unbelievable experience, and I really can’t wait. Being a music lover, having a chance to go to The Brits is so surreal. Something I certainly never envisaged happening in my lifetime. I can’t believe how fortunate we are, and I can’t even begin to explain how happy I am that Charlotte is giving me this wonderful gift. We’re the closest of friends, so having this happen together is going to be so lovely. Charlotte is one of those friends that can make me laugh on any occasion, and she never fails to cheer me up. We always have so much fun together, so expect a lot of silly photos and shenanigans to come.

Charlotte (L) and Me (R)

Only time and a short trip to London stands between us and The Brits now. 2 days and counting.

I will keep you all up to date on this amazing experience, through Instagram and Twitter during the day and night. Of course, once I am home there will be a blog post to follow, so keep your eyes peeled.

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