Attending The Brit Awards

Attending The Brit Awards

So, last night I had the incredible privilege of attending The Brit Awards with my best friend Charlotte. We were lucky enough to nab tickets as a result of Charlotte winning a competition, and she wanted me to go with her! After I was told the good news, I was completely overwhelmed and excited about the prospect of heading to London to attend this incredible awards night. We didn’t have long to plan everything so we booked the most affordable hotel we could find near the 02 and booked the mega bus to take us from Cardiff to London. This would be the first time either of us had attended such a well known, famous event. The build up to going alone was surreal, and even as I was packing to take things with me, it still didn’t sink in that this was actually happening. Going to The Brits was something that before I had only ever dreamed about, and to think that soon it would be a reality was completely crazy but so exciting. 

The night before we were due to leave, Charlotte stayed with me and we had a typical girls pamper night, making sure our outfits were as perfect as they could be, painting our nails, and preening our skincare routines, as you do. We were both so eager to go, that concentrating on anything other than London and The Brits was impossible. Both of us felt as though we were in another world that evening. 

The next morning, following a short train journey to Cardiff and breakfast, we were eagerly awaiting our mega bus to pick us up and take us to London. The journey went by in an ecstatic blur. Normally, a long bus journey would leave me tired but not this time, as we approached the capital, I could feel adrenaline building inside of me. We were in London, this was real, this was happening. 

Arriving into Victoria Coach Station, we made our way to the tubes, catching the DLR to our hotel in Woolwich. I think catching the tubes has always been one of my favourite parts about London. I know it is cliché and I probably sound like such a tourist, but there’s just something so fun about taking the tube around the city centre over any other means of transport. It’s a novelty for me. 

Arriving at our hotel, we were both on such a high. Getting ready is always the best part of any night out, let alone when you know you’re getting ready to go to The Brits. I’m not a super glam person, no matter how hard I try to be, so I opted for a lacy black skirt and a little black top, with my statement chunky boots for my outfit. All wrapped up with a black leather jacket of course. Heels, although appropriate for The Brits, are really just not me. On a night which I knew was going to be one of the most memorable and coolest of my life, I decided I wanted to be comfy and enjoy myself, rather than worrying over my feet being in agony all night with burning stilettos. In my case, beauty is certainly not pain. 

I was pleased I’d actually pulled off looking as glam as was suited to me, without losing the little bit of flair and spark that makes me myself. Charlotte has her own unique style too, and she showcased that in a gorgeous floaty black tutu, with a slinky lace bralette. Getting ready to our beloved music, a few pre-drinks and laughter. We swirled and danced our way around our hotel room, until time danced away from us. Always fashionably late, we cut it fine to get from our hotel to meet the competition representatives at the 02. It was fine though, don’t panic, we always do this to ourselves so we’re used to just rolling with it by now. Catching a taxi to the 02, thankfully the traffic was kind and our driver was an angel, dropping us as close as possible to our destination, in the chaos of London preparing for The Brits.

Getting out of our taxi, and making our way across to the 02, it was only then that it really sunk in with me that this was real. I was so excited I was shaking, and a smile beamed on my face. I’d never been to the 02 before so I didn’t know what to expect, but it was honestly amazing. The trees that flank the path on the walkway, are all lit up with fairy lights, and the venue stands proudly in the background. The 02 tent has become an iconic element of London’s skyline now, so to see it before our eyes was mesmerising. It was a gorgeous twilight too, so everything looked even more beautiful. The 02 was decorated for The Brits both outside and inside, with huge banners everywhere, and not to mention a red carpet to greet us. 

Walking into the venue was absolutely mesmerising. I can’t tell you whether the 02 always looks that way, but it seemed to me that there was definitely something special about it that night. The red carpet was superb to walk down, and it really made us feel like celebrities, before we’d even witnessed the event. The atmosphere was electric. The bars and restaurants inside the 02 were full of life, with people drinking, laughing and enjoying themselves. Members of the production team, event coordinators and staff from the 02 and The Brits mingled in with the crowds. Everyone was eagerly anticipating the night ahead. We met with the representatives who handed us our tickets and told us to enjoy the night. With that we were left to our own devices which was lovely as we had space to do what we wanted. The reps told us we had good seats and to expect a surprise, little did we know how good it was all going to be. 

After lingering around in the foyer and having our photographs taken against the Brits infamous backdrop. We made our way to the lounge where we were would await to be seated. We expected to be in a room full to the brim with other people, or shown to our seats hurriedly, but this was not the case at all. Instead, we saw the gate for our tickets was not on the floor where everyone else seemed to be heading to. Instead, we had to disembark the elevator early, and made our way on to a balcony, which had a private bar. Both of us were astonished, and for a puzzled second thought we may have stumbled into the wrong section, as the crowds continued to make their way up on the escalators, but as kind staff assured us we were in the right area and we settled in, to our amazement for an hour or so we had our own luxury area. The bar was huge, and the balcony overlooked the whole foyer of the 02. We stood with our drinks, just looking at eachother in disbelief that this was real. It felt so much like a dream. 

We were on such a high. The euphoria spread through us both, how lucky we were to not only be attending The Brits, but to have this experience. I’d say that our time in that lounge, was as amazing as the show itself. It was so luxurious and sophisticated, as more people joined us in this little almost VIP area, it wasn’t long before we were able to take our seats for the evening.

Walking from the gate down the stairs of the 02, I almost felt my heart skip a beat. The seats weren’t just good, they were incredible. We were seated just above where the stage is, merely a few rows from the front. We could see the stage as clear as day to the left of us, and to the right were all of the circular tables, filled to the brim with celebraties. From where we were sat, we could clearly see celebrities such as Harry Styles, Paloma Faith and Lizzo at their tables, to name a few. 

It was so bizzarely brilliant to have this behind the scenes peak that you don’t normally see on the television. The atmosphere is built up with loud music pumping through the arena, getting people in the mood to party as they take their seats. We are told to enjoy ourselves and have fun, with a countdown every so often of how long we have left before the show is aired live for the nation to watch at home. 

The Brits began with such a vibrant introduction. Jack Whitehall hosted the 40th Show in his usual hilarious fashion, and we were thrown straight into the live performances. Vibrant pop songs from the likes of Mable and Lizzo blew up the stage in flashes of colour. Harry Styles and Lewis Capaldi brought slower, powerful performances, and I don’t think there was a dry eye in the room after Lewis had sung ‘Someone You Loved’. Stormzy and Dave graced us with fantastic rap and hip hop performances. As well as smooth, heart wrenching songs from Billie Eilish and Celeste. Honestly to be in the same room as all of these celebrities and to hear such an array of immensely talented individuals performing was completely mind-blowing. The energy in the room was monumental, and there were swirls of laughter and joy throughout the evening. Despite The Brits having such a high-profile and being televised, I was pleasantly surprised by how relaxed the atmosphere was. It is apparent when you’re there, watching everything unfold, how incredibly well organised and structured this event is. The whole night runs so smoothly, there is barely a hiccup. During the breaks where there would be adverts on television, in the arena we are still treated to further live performances and interviews between the stars and host Jack Whitehall that are so brilliantly relaxed and very funny. It’s wonderful to see all of the celebrities mingling with eachother, and there is so much fun to be had in going to The Brits. To be honest, you really do feel like a part of it. In the sense, that you’re more than just a spectator of a show. The audience are hugely encouraged to be involved throughout the night, in a way I didn’t realise before. The behind the scenes look is seriously impressive, you are treated like a VIP from the moment you arrive at the 02 and at no point did the evening ever fall short of my expectations. 

The Brits is a fantastic celebration of music, conducted with the upmost professionalism, all whilst having such a captivating comedic element and charm about it. Being in the arena itself, you really are able to capture and behold the awkward human moments of the celebrities, as you see them stumbling from their seats to the stage to collect awards, those presenting the awards chatting to production staff whilst the nomination tapes are being played on screen, and people making their way off the stage in fabulous, flawed fashion. It brings home that despite the glitz and glam of The Brits, there is such a strikingly lovely human side to the show, that makes it so special. 

Last but not least, the show was closed with a performance from Rod Stewart and Ronnie Wood, the chaos of the evening calmed down as the ceremony came to an end. The room started to empty, as we all poured into the nightlife of London. Myself and Charlotte were on a complete rush, the event we had waited for so eagerly was over, but we were left with memories and moments that we are to treasure for a lifetime. The buzz and absolute euphoria of being at The Brits was unlike anything I have ever experienced before. It wasn’t a gig, but it wasn’t an awards show either, it was something so much more special and magical. I am so grateful to Charlotte for taking me on the incredible journey with her. What a night we had!

If you follow me on my social media pages, you will probably have seen that I shared a lot of clips from the night with you all. However, if you’re not yet following me, I will be including my stories from the night as a highlight on my Instagram page. 

7 thoughts on “Attending The Brit Awards

  1. Ooh interesting. I’ve been watching the Brits since… possibly before you were born? (I grew up with 80s & 90s music, & lived in Manchester when the whole Madchester thing was going on)
    Never been though!
    What a great experience to have.
    Tracy x

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    1. I was born in the 90s, so yes! Aww I’m really glad you loved reading this. That sounds amazing! I’m due to visit Manchester in April and I can’t wait! It’s such an influential city for music 😍 I’m very jealous you have lived there!! Thank you, it was incredible! We were so lucky xx


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