International Women’s Day: Celebrating Women in Music

International Women’s Day: Celebrating Women in Music

Today is International Women’s Day. A day on which everything about our female personalities, spirit, nature and beauty in whatever form it may be, is celebrated across the globe. A day for women to support, empower and encourage one another, and take action for gender equality, whilst celebrating our achievements.

I am choosing to celebrate incredibly talented women in music today. I have chosen to celebrate these women because they have encouraged and inspired me over the years with their music. Each one is beautifully talented in their own rights and I hope they will empower you with their music too.

Phoebe Green

Soft dreamy vocals, with lyrics to give strength to any woman. Phoebe does not shy away in expressing her feelings through her music. Phoebe Green self-released her debut album 02:00am, with songs written at just 16 years of age. Phoebe encapsulates raw, honest truths and emotions within her music. Exploring every aspect of our personalities, by sharing her own experiences with us. Her lyrics speak of the frailty of heart and mind. As Phoebe’s music is so open and honest, we are entrusted with a true reflection of her inner most thoughts, and the bravery in which she has freely shared these with us, is truly commendable and inspiring. Phoebe’s songs have accompanied me through many a sleepless night, and I’d like to thank her. Songs which can reverberate with anyone who has ever loved and lost someone, gifted to us through a kaleidoscope of emotional outlooks. Her music encourages us all to feel what we are within our every rights as women to feel. I hope you can find both bravery and solace within Phoebe Green.

Dana Margolin

Raw, powerful and beautiful in her uniqueness. Dana is an exquisitely gorgeous and strong woman, evoking such passion and strength with her music. A singer and songwriter who possesses the ability to silence a room with her voice alone. Dana is the lead vocalist of band Porridge Radio, who thrives on stage. What was initially a bedroom project for her, she has nurtured and flourished into an internationally recognised, emerging band. Within merely a few years, Dana has had her band signed and they have toured across the UK, with an upcoming tour in the US due very soon. Dana has one of the most incredible voices I have ever heard; she is able to sing with softness in one breath and then absolutely scream her vocals out from her very core, with pure strength and passion in the next. As a lyricist Dana is remarkably brave in writing about fragile topics, and expressing them fearlessly within her music, she delivers her lyrics with unrelenting power. Vocal and lyrically Dana complementing one another to create music that is unquestionably beautiful, and a true reflection of herself.

Alice Boman

True bravery. A female soul who is braver than any I have encountered before. Alice Boman hides nothing within her lyrics, her heart is laid out bare for us all to behold. Unwavering honesty and clarity exists within her music. Every intimate detail of her love, every pain, hurt and agonised thought she has suffered, is naked in front of us. Alice expresses heartbreak in its purest form. Women are deep and emotional creatures, we may hide this with a strong outer shell, but inside we are soft and often wounded. Alice Boman has no outer shell, her music is women truly as we are. Nothing is buried within her, Alice is open and exposed, showing us the strength within her emotions. A Swedish born singer, her music has no language barriers, with Alice’s exposed truths and honesty that are woven within her songs, having attracting fans from across the globe. A musician who can resonate hauntingly with anyone who has ever experienced any form of longing. Her vulnerability is what makes her, in my eyes, one of the most talented song writers and performers I have ever discovered.

Kate Stables

With beauty in her wilderness, Kate Stables is a force of nature to be reckoned with. A multi-instrumentalist and vocalist, who shines on stage with her raw lyrics and mesmerising voice. Kate Stables blooms within many musical projects and features, however her home is within her finest creation, the diverse indie-folk band This is the Kit. Free spirited, weathered and gorgeously enchanting, Kate Stables capabilities seem endless, as though she is a waterfall forever flowing out to sea. A fascinating female icon, who is an inspiration to bohemian and earthly spirits. Kate has acquired a dedicated following, by entrancing them with her gorgeous vocals and instrument playing. Kate’s strength lies within her personality and her music, which entwine together to become her. Mesmerising as a lyricist and as a performer, it becomes quickly apparent that Kate’s music is an expression of her soul, and a platform for her to celebrate those around her, as freely as herself.

Amy Taylor

A rock and roll icon, and strength in its ultimate form. Amy Taylor is a powerhouse of raw female sexuality, who fronts one of the craziest, most energetic punk bands of our time, Amyl and The Sniffers. Amy expresses herself as sheer strength and bravery, proving that female equality is certainly something we are capable of achieving. Amy is an inspiration to any and all women, no matter what your music tastes may be, as she is not shy in being who she truly is. Amy is a captivating and unbelievably talented front woman, who can command a crowd in the most beautiful way I have ever seen. A woman who has the strength to take on the world on stage, is wrapped within a beautiful soul, with such a charm and girlish nature. Overlapping female clichés of girlish norms with tomboy fierceness, Amy thrives in being herself, and makes no apologies for it. An example for many women in music to follow.

Why I am celebrating these women, is not only for their vocal or musical capabilities alone. I hope it has become clear that I am celebrating them for their strength, for their unwavering bravery in their lyrics, and their unflinching honesty in truly expressing themselves through their music. These women have all shown incredible determination in sharing with us something they have worked so hard for. If you are reserved about your talents and worried about what others may think, seek inspiration from these powerful female figures. I myself hid from writing for years over concerns of having lost my capabilities, and worrying what others might think of me. I was scared at being laughed at. However, for the most part now I have found strength in putting those fears aside. I’ve combined my love for music, with something that has swelled within my heart for as long as I can remember. Writing has always been my true calling in life, and I am proud that through music, I have been able to realise that again. I hope you too can be brave and be who YOU truly are as women and men alike, don’t hide away anymore. Find your strength, and showcase your talents.

Happy International Women’s Day

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