Dan Burridge Releases Latest Single ‘Just Fooling Around’

Dan Burridge Releases Latest Single ‘Just Fooling Around’

A fresh burst of talent, Dan Burridge, is a young indie sensation and I absolutely adore his sound . He has a very distinct tone to his voice that you won’t be able to get enough of. I feel there is something unique about it that quickly sets him apart from others. I can picture him wrapped around a microphone, balancing off the edge of a stage, with a euphoric energy. Think an early edgy Alex Turner meets the indie pop-fizz of the likes of Declan McKenna. I have a strong inkling this guy will bring so much joy to a music hungry crowd.

‘Just Fooling Around’ is a single that will shake you up and make you feel good again. It possesses everything a great indie track should. A shredding guitar riff, a punchy bass, and a superb vocalist. I cannot big Dan’s vocals up enough on this track. Asides from that though, the instrumental backing to this song sounds tremendous, and it’s made me think that as well as being a solo artist, Dan could also slot perfectly into the role of front man in an indie-rock band if he so wished.

Previously Dan has gigged around South Wales playing acoustic sets, so ‘Just Fooling Around’ is our first taste of hearing him performing with a full band incorporated into the mix. Personally, I feel it suits him exceptionally well. Having that extra flair and spark to the music really drives not only his vocals, but his whole unique sound and style forward, and defines his music fantastically. I’ll be very interested to see how Dan develops musically, and would say he’s certainly a growing artist we should all keep in mind.

Musically, as I’ve touched upon, the single is incredibly catchy. It’s one of those songs that will make you smile and lock itself firmly in place within your brain, until you find that you are singing it over and over again. Lyrically, Dan hasn’t taken himself too seriously on this track, instead it’s a little rebellious jab at the state of society and is playfully cheeky, whilst still managing to deliver a meaningful message; we shouldn’t allow others or society at large to knock us down for being individuals. ‘Just Fooling Around’ is undeniably a brilliant new indie track, but its lyrics scream to me that Dan is easily capable of delivering edgier punk vibes too. Similar in context to the likes of Green Day. I can see that Dan has been influenced by several avenues, and his array of musical style has made him what I believe to be a multi-dimensional musician.

Dan has already proven his ability to play acoustically, he is a blooming voice amongst the indie scene. In the future, who knows? His lyrical capabilities could easily see him blend into punk or even a more rock-based musical outlet. Regardless, I think it is clear to see that he has really impressed me. To be able to create such a diverse single this quickly after only having performed local acoustic sets, is phenomenal. I applaud not only Dan for this scorcher of a song, but also his producer Phil Smith of One Louder Studio, who recorded the track.

I really cannot wait to see Dan touring once our world returns to normality. Dan has played in and around South Wales, as I mentioned earlier. However, his sights are set much higher, with a tour of the UK being an ambition he is very eager to fulfil.

I will certainly be keeping an eye on his movements within the music scene, and cannot wait to hear more of what he has to offer.



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