Matt Maltese “Ballad of a Pandemic” for Trussell Trust

Matt Maltese “Ballad of a Pandemic” for Trussell Trust

I always have and always will hold a soft spot for Matt Maltese. His music is melancholy but strangely comforting and it has been a huge part of my life over the last few years. I keep both of his albums, ‘Bad Contestant’ and ‘Krystal’ dear to my heart, so I was delighted to discover that he has shared a new track with us all today. 

I need not explain much about the single, for it is entitled Ballad of a Pandemic, and given our current global climate I’m sure you can all guess what it is in relation to. Matt Maltese however somehow breathes joy into our world, with his gorgeously woeful vocal delivery and oddly comedic suggestions; “Help your neighbour even if they’re not nice. Help your neighbour even if they’re hostile” he pleads. The lyrical content of the song is serious, of course it is, and it is without doubt that it sends a very strong message of love and hope for us all to stay safe in these uncertain times, however, I do love Matt for those little elements of madness he incorporates so beautifully; “Sit tight on your couch like a soldier in a dressing gown.”

I have cried to this man’s songs over my lifetime, and I have laughed. Often during the same track, which I know is slightly concerning. However, because of that ability he harnesses to so carefully balance emotion with wit, I believe that he is the only musician able to write a song about this horrific situation we’re all in, and somehow get it right. As I have said before, he is the king of wounded lovers, he guards hearts and he is a bizarre type of comfort blanket to me. I adore him, and I admire his bravery and boldness in releasing this song. 

What is most kind-hearted about the release is that Matt is donating any profit made from the single to The Trussell Trust. An organisation which supports a network of food banks across the UK, and provides emergency food and support to people in poverty. A very worthy cause, and it has actually touched me how much of a lovely gesture this is. 

Let’s please all help support Matt and this wonderful organisation by streaming and purchasing his latest single ‘Ballad of a Pandemic’

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