Saytr Play Release Latest Single VCR with Music Video Made By Fans

Saytr Play Release Latest Single VCR with Music Video Made By Fans

Saytr Play are nothing shy of complete craziness. Madchester by birth and mad by nature, this band know how to make music and have a good time doing so. They thrive on loud guitar riffs, stage dives and vocals that pour from front man Fred Farrell who leads the charge. Saytr Play are a burst of energy, and always bring electricity to their live performances. Their engagement with their crowds is euphoric and as for what they do on stage, well, I’m talking climbing speakers, swinging from the ceiling, and almost anything else you can think of. I am pretty sure it won’t be long before this band become infamous for their stage antics, as well as their music.

The bands name Saytr Play is a twist on “Satyr Plays”. These were Ancient Greek tragicomedies, full of drunken antics and sexual deviance, designed to delight their audiences. Quite fitting to the playful nature of our modern-day Saytr Play, don’t you think?

A fast-paced rock and roll band, that will trap the hearts of our growing young indie scene. Saytr Play bring indie rock in all its glory, whilst also channelling a compelling vintage vibe within their sound. It seems to be an earlier influence than the glam rock of the 80s, with Fred’s vocals often instead reaching some gloriously low biting points, that I can only describe as a nod to Bowie. However, their style reflects the 90s punk wave beautifully. Black eyeliner, painted nails, and ever-changing hair colours. Saytr Play are definitely something gorgeously different to discover amongst Manchester’s thriving music scene.

As a bonus Saytr Play are also fantastic at interacting with their fans off of the stage too, which I do not doubt will soon ramp up that cult following they already have behind them. On a personal level, they are easily one of the most down to earth bands you could have the pleasure of getting to know. I have been a lover of their music for the last couple of years now, after their scorcher of a track ‘Bang Average’ was recommended to me. My love for them has only descended into adoration since.

Their latest single ‘VCR’ is clearly another promising release, with bucket loads of potential. I don’t feel it is too bold of me to say that Saytr Play could strut all over the likes of many popular bands in their genre today, and get away with it. The tracks they create are sparks of genius, and the powerful punch they pack is sensational. VCR is a ballsy track that makes its impact from the very get go. Whirring guitars and Fred’s unmistakable vocals blare through, and the song hurtles itself forward into a get up and go runaway indie hit.

What is also really cool about this release, is that Saytr Play have created the music video with the help of their fans. Followers of the band on social media, have been sending in clips of them dancing, singing, and clapping along to their latest track, these clips have then all been cleverly put together to create the video for VCR.  

Yet again I find myself seriously impressed by Saytr Play. Not only have they released another great single through VCR, but they’ve also found a way of involving their fans at the very heart of it, by creating a music video with their direct input. It is very special, and a massively kind gesture to those who love their music most.

You can watch the brilliantly fun music video below

Latest single ‘VCR’ is available to stream on all platforms NOW

Saytr Play’s Debut EP ‘In Truth I Fear For The Heart’ is available to pre-order. With a release date scheduled for 24th April.

The band were set to tour via This Feeling in May, however due to our current climate this has been postponed. New dates are yet to be confirmed. Keep an eye on the bands social media pages below for updates.

Credits: All photographs used have been sourced from the bands Instagram Page

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