Mr Bewlay Releases Double A-Side ‘Fake Yourself’

Mr Bewlay Releases Double A-Side ‘Fake Yourself’

Stepping out of the flamboyance and fun of previous release ‘Her Name Is Juniper’. For new double-A side ‘Fake Yourself’, Mr Bewlay takes on the far more somber role of an eccentric lone pianist, and the results are nothing short of sublime.  

Stirring vocals and soft piano keys entrance, with Bewlay knowing just how to enchant our minds. The title-track explores self-identity and the pressures society can inflict. Bathed in an ebony and ivory soundscape, gorgeously quirky vocals are layered on top. Without the use of synths, the single allows us to hear those vocals in their entirety. As lyrics deepen in intensity so do they, and the peacock-feather display of pitch and range, is truly spectacular.  

Treading into a softer sound, the single’s accompanying track ‘Lovelife’ tenderly touches upon rejection, heartbreak, and all of the emotions that manifest in-between. It is unflinchingly truthful, and cloaked again, in beautiful piano music. Showcasing Mr Bewlay’s talents as not only a keen vocalist, but a fine pianist. A fact that is prominent even more so, on bonus instrumental track ‘Stentorian’.   

Described by Mr Bewlay as “retrospective and inwards looking”, ‘Fake Yourself’ is a brave expose from a confident individual, who admitted a slight nervousness in releasing such raw and unhindered music. Upon listening, we yearn that those nerves melt away, as ‘Fake Yourself’ is a mesmerising peek into the mind and talent of a fascinating musician. 

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