Dan Bettridge Releases EP ‘Good People. Bad Habits’

Dan Bettridge Releases EP ‘Good People. Bad Habits’

The most experimental and groundbreaking of his work to date. Dan Bettridge has made a fierce return to music, in the run up to latest EP ‘Good People. Bad Habits.’

Lyrically immersing himself in new depths, whilst musically reaching new heights. Bettridge has boldly tread into unexplored territory, harnessing newfound vocal effects, an array of instruments and an unhindered style of songwriting. All of which cumulate, to produce an EP that is earth-shatteringly good.

Lead single Habitat initially arrived in January, and set the pace for how Bettridge planned to take 2021 by storm. Its explorative, synth infused sound removes any acoustic-shackled-perceptions we had previously associated with Bettridge. Opening our ears to not only a different sound, but to a different side of this intriguing musician. All the while, being completely unsure of which direction he is about to take next.

As cutting lyrics pierce through on second release L.A.F.E. Bettridge pours out a dreamlike jangle of hooks, that meet with haunting harmonies. Looking inwards, pondering life, love and identity in a way that we have never heard before.

Penultimate single Sign soars with emotional empathy. Softer in style than previous releases, L.A.F.E and Habitat. Bettridge revisits his roots, merely in sound alone, as the track provides such a powerful emotive catharsis. Incapable to compare to any prior release. This symbolic step backwards in sound, is a bold step forward for Bettridge. A mirror image reflection, that remains similar, but somehow changed in so many ways.

Closing ‘Good People. Bad Habits’ with who am I? Bettridge nods to a past, present and future self. As acoustic strings lace against lovelorn lyrics, memories evoke and vocals ponder. There is a comforting warmth, yet a brisk biting realisation. As “who am I?” proves itself to be the perfect closing question. Bettridge has embraced a brand new side to his music and ploughed through personal progression on ‘Good People. Bad Habits.’ Yet as human as you and I, Bettridge remains linked to days gone by and fleeting pangs of what has passed. Truly capturing the notion – who am I?

As sweet in sentiment, as it is in sound. Dan Bettridge has delivered an EP that stuns. Steeped in memories but pulled forward by the future. It is surely a catalyst toward the bright beacons that await not only such a talented multi-instrumentalist musician, but a soul-stirring songwriter.

Stream ‘Good People. Bad Habits.’ on all platforms now via Channel Analog Records

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