Talk Show Release Debut EP ‘These People’

Talk Show Release Debut EP ‘These People’

If you haven’t listened to Talk Show yet, then you seriously need to. The bands brand new EP ‘These People’ is out today, and is available to stream on all platforms. It contains four singles, that will stir your subconscious and invade your mind. 

On this punchy new release, Talk Show simmer to boiling point with their edgy punk sound and lyrics that snare your senses. I have been eagerly waiting the EP since we were graced with our first taste back in January. The initial single Banshee quickly entranced me, and was a stark reminder of the incredible capabilities this band possess. 

Talk Show relish in a madness that is able to function absurdly well. 

Talk Show are a fascinating enigma to behold, and their onstage presence is unlike anything I have ever witnessed before. Blending edgy punk with something far darker, their latest EP is a glowing example of how they cleverly clash genres and sounds, to create a form of punk that is in many ways a breed of their own. Their songs are eery and distorted in their lyrical approach which knocks you off balance in a woozy bliss, but as quickly as you are lost are you then swept back up again and thrown into the frantic, chaotic frenzy of their fast paced, energetic tempo. Instruments collide and screech in this fuelled riot, with vocals tearing through in a crazed harmony that I can’t imagine any other band fusing together so well. Talk Show relish in a madness that is able to function absurdly well. 

My personal favourite from ‘These People’ is Petrolhead. Talk Show always have a way of building their songs up brilliantly, but Petrolhead is nothing shy of an explosion. It’s charged and gloriously angry, and I cannot wait to hear it live. 

You can catch Talk Show on their headline tour in September. They are also going to be playing across Wales for IVW with Panic Shack, postponed tour dates are yet to be confirmed.

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Foxxglove Releases Debut Single ‘City’

Foxxglove Releases Debut Single ‘City’

A new voice emerging in the Welsh music scene. Dark-pop artist Foxxglove has a gorgeous gift of allowing her accent to flow beautifully within her music. Embracing an alternative, grungy edge to both her vocals and overall style. Foxxglove’s unique persona really helps push her music forward, and showcases her as more than just your average pop act. There’s something so wonderfully different about her sound, and Foxxglove’s moody vibes within her music are entrancing.

Her latest single ‘City’ is a snapshot of her mind, embodying all of the feelings and emotions she experienced during a complicated and hurtful time in her life, inflicted on her by the cruel intentions of another. I find myself instinctively drawn to music within which an artist openly expresses themselves. Foxxglove certainly delivers this and more. ‘City’ is heartfelt and real. A peek through the window of her life and a very brave offering to her listeners. It is rarely an easy task to be completely bare and bold with self-expression, however Foxxglove’s canvass of reflection is wonderous to behold.

A brave new artist capable of unflinching honesty who is certainly worth listening to. Foxxglove has written and created a debut single that is completely captivating. Her voice is soothing but in no way shy, the Welsh lullaby tones I remarked upon earlier are present, but she has laced her vocal chords with a grit which tears through. There isn’t a single waiver, break, or lack of confidence present at all within her voice. This is boldly intriguing, especially given the raw nature of the lyrics. Any nerves she may hold close in everyday life seem to seep away when graced with her musical capabilities, and this is commendable.

Speaking about the track herself, Foxxglove exclaims ‘City is about the state of mind, and talks about my experience with moving from my hometown to the city. It’s about feeling hopeful and free but also lonely, it’s about finding yourself and not letting the past define who you are.’ City is enveloped by equally as moody guitar playing and backing tones which build up to the songs climatic chorus, in which Foxxglove’s freedom explodes both lyrically and vocally. The music video to accompany this single is also gorgeous, and suits the tone of the song so well.

‘City’ is a means of escapism for Foxxglove and the listener alike.

Every Bad by Porridge Radio – Album Review

Every Bad by Porridge Radio – Album Review

Every Bad, Porridge Radio’s second album is in many ways their debut. Their previously quiet, bedroom recordings have paved the way by allowing them to flourish on stage. Captivating their audiences and myself. Their sound has blossomed into music so pure, lead singer and songwriter Dana Margolin’s voice is something I can only describe as incredible. No longer do Porridge Radio hide behind a hushed, whimsical ghost of their former sound. Today Porridge Radio are a reflection of the hurricane we behold on stage, and the storm is phenomenal.

Following their signing to Secretly Canadian, Porridge Radio have toured relentlessly, enabling their music to be heard across the globe, and in turn gaining a wave of new fans. I have been a fan of theirs for the last couple of years now and was lucky enough to see them first performing in a room of no more than 20 people. Dana’s voice captivated me then with intensely driven songs, and deep down I knew that one day the band may skyrocket. It looks as though that day has come. 

‘Every Bad’ is in no uncertain terms, an exquisite album. The eccentrically beautiful collection of jarring songs, somehow compliment one another in the most gorgeous way possible. Lyrically each is home to their own unique message, but intertwine to become a screaming ode to and advocate of mental health, both for the individual and humanity as a collective.

Their album is raw and honest, nothing is hidden. We are graced with truths in their purest forms; hurt is shown to us, shame is shown to us, denial, loss, indescribable self loathing and agony are shown to us, however we are also gifted with self-belief, love, acceptance and strength. We as humans may hold anxiety, depression and worries inside of us, but Porridge Radio sing of how rather than constantly battling with these sufferings, we can learn to accept them, and how by doing so we are so incredibly brave. 

Dana has written the album drawing vastly on her own experiences and emotions in life. This is what I believe gives ‘Every Bad’ an incredibly human aspect that can be clearly heard. There isn’t a single song that is anything short of mesmerising. Every detail knitted and woven into each has been carefully stitched, creating an album crafted to evoke feeling. The lyrics are haunting and resonate deeply. Sung with such passion that you are moved from within your very core. ‘Every Bad’ wraps itself around your heart, and lingers longingly in your mind. 

Not a single fragment of Porridge Radio’s powerful live sound is lost within it. It is undeniable that as an album ‘Every Bad’ is groundbreaking, which I must confess was not a secret to me, as I could see that each single release alone was sensational. I have relished in and written about every offering we were provided in the lead up to this album release, and in many ways I feel that Porridge Radio have allowed us to travel on this journey with them. ‘Every Bad’ is an album that will hold different emotions and different outlooks for each listener. Although the musical and lyrical content of each song will not change, how we perceive it based on our own mindset will vary. Although do not believe that Porridge Radio do not know this. I firmly believe that the album was written for this very reason. ‘Every Bad’ is an experience of reflection, growth and acceptance for each listener it pours upon, from the start to the very finish. A gift in the form of unwavering, brutal honesty. What better way to experience such an intense emotional outpouring, than through the medium of music?

I have to echo my past thoughts, and say that my standout favourites on the album remain to be ‘Circling’ and ‘Sweet’. Circling for its unwashed beauty and clarity. The single is just homely to me and fills me with daydreams of the sea and becoming lost within my own thoughts, in a blessed way. Sweet is a favourite for its sheer impact and the intensity of it, the sound is hard-hitting and raw. Both songs possess the most captivating lyrics for different reasons. Circling embodies emotions such as love, longing and escapism, whereas Sweet draws on feelings of anger, confusion and denial, but in the end these emotions are relinquished and in time we perceive self-love and acceptance instead.

I was also pleasantly surprised to find a re-recorded version of an old favourite of mine, ‘Born Confused’, opening the album. This song was at home in my online music library for a while, until one day it disappeared. I was heartbroken at it being pulled, but believed it could be due to record label reasons. It was a joy to rediscover the song on ‘Every Bad’, with a slightly different sound but remaining still as mesmerising as ever. As is the same for the emergence again of older material, in the form of ‘Give/Take’ and ‘Don’t Ask Me Twice’, both of which Porridge Radio fans will already be familiar with. 

This familiarity and inclusion of older material on the album, envelopes what I have been saying throughout. Porridge Radio are nothing if not true to themselves. Older songs have allowed them to bloom and remain a part of them. Therefore their places on the album are cherished nods to the bands  past and I admire them greatly for this. 

‘Every Bad’ is a journey for Porridge Radio and the listener alike. A kaleidoscope of emotions and feelings which can expand the horizons of your sight and sound, allowing for a sense of awakening. The album has been created using a variety of instruments and each song is curated with its own blend of music. The album pushes Porridge Radio to showcase every aspect of their incredible talent. This talent is always seen on the stage, but now it is in our hands. We can immerse ourselves in their glorious music whenever we need to. 

Trampolene, Al Moses and The Sherlocks – Gig Review

Trampolene, Al Moses and The Sherlocks – Gig Review

07/03/2020 – Tramshed, Cardiff

This weekend, I returned to Tramshed in Cardiff, excited and ready to see my absolute favourite band again. There is always something so special about seeing Welsh indie rockers Trampolene on home soil, they have such a magical connection with the crowd, and in truth it is where you will see front man Jack Jones really thrive. His energy levels seem to peak, and chaos normally ensues. There is always a warmth and friendliness surrounding Trampolene, but at home this warmth glows to burning flames, and the band really catch on fire. This time around, Trampolene were set to support The Sherlocks, a band I have listened to but had yet to see live before, so I was curious to see what they were all about. Supporting The Sherlocks alongside Trampolene were fellow Welsh band Al Moses.

Al Moses took to the stage first and they were an exciting ball of energy. Very loud and very fast paced. Their music gripped the crowd and threw them full throttle into the evening. A young band with an old-school rock and roll twist to their edgy sound, I really enjoyed their set. Something that was cool and unique about this band was the way that they were able to switch between vocalists seamlessly, and also sing together without it having that boy band sound. Al Moses instead nip at the heels of indie rock greatness. A band with an awful lot of potential, I’d say they’re certainly ones to watch in the future, with their next gig in Cardiff taking place at Clwb Ifor Bach in April. 

Next up were Trampolene, and I was beyond excited. In his abnormal fashion, Trampolene’s Jack Jones took to the stage in style. Sporting a fur jacket as per usual, this time his look was complete with a rather unusual coronavirus mask for protection from the crowd, given our current world health problems. Always at the centre of some kind of controversy is our beloved Mr Jones. After jeers from everyone it wasn’t long before Jack ripped the accessory from his face and thew it into the eagerly waiting crowd. Jack Jones germs obviously didn’t concern anyone, and if you thought that was the end to his antics, then you’d be wrong. As of course Jack had yet another trick up his sleeve for us. Or should I say, in his pants. Pretending as though he’d left his fly open, Jack proceeded to start pulling something out from his pants. Now before you stop reading, it’s not as naughty as I’m implying. Although I wouldn’t put that past him. It quickly became apparent that Jack had the welsh flag flying out from his fly. No Trampolene gig would be complete without a welsh flag appearing from somewhere or other. However maybe people didn’t expect one to be strewn at them from such an intimate area. That’s Trampolene for you though. Certainly not tame by any means. I rolled my eyes and smiled, as I know him well by now. I knew he couldn’t pass a home gig by without doing something special. That’s what makes me love them though. They’re unpredictable, far from boring and will do almost anything to bring fun and laughter to their fans. Their set hadn’t even started yet, and already the crowd were wild for them.

Trampolene revved up the stage by opening straight into It’s Not Rock & Roll. This song really gives any newbie a flavour of what Trampolene are all about, and allows Jack to prepare himself for the onslaught of You Do Nothing For Me and crowd favourite Alcohol Kiss. If you want to see any crowd come to life, it’s certain that this song will be the one to do it. As Alcohol Kiss blared out, Trampolene’s true spirit and madness took hold. It was at this point that I realised there certainly were a number of people in the room, who were only there for one reason, as was I. Trampolene had dedicated fans present and they were clear to spot. I was lucky enough to have secured my space in front of Jack, and despite a boisterous fan attempting to move me, it wasn’t happening. I can hold my own in a Trampolene gig, that’s for sure. 

Scattered in amongst their favourites, Trampolene also shared some new songs with us, which were amazing to hear. Different to what I expected, the sound is more calmer than their usual style but certainly catchy, and I’m sure I will love them just as much. I was certain that Trampolene gained a few extra fans that night, as I heard someone to the side of me exclaim with glee “What band was that?!” Trampolene’s fun energy was certainly contagious and it was fantastic to see them again. 

Following Trampolene’s set the music from the speakers started up again. Indie bangers from the likes of Arctic Monkeys, Gerry Cinnamon and Catfish and the Bottlemen sent younger fans into meltdown as they danced and sang loudly in their groups. Yet again Trampolene had the satisfaction of knowing they’d turned what was a relatively calm crowd into chaos, and I’m sure Jack, Wayne and Jay were smiling as they watched from the balcony. Spotted with the falling pint which soaked those below, typical Trampolene. 

As I wasn’t sure what to expect from The Sherlocks, I decided to move to the side shortly before their set began to let someone else get closer to the front instead. As The Sherlocks took to the stage, their professionalism was clear to see. They greeted their crowd politely and began their performance amongst the cheers. I listened and watched intently. Waiting for a killer song or a burst of energy to really kick this set into life. Those around me were singing and smiling. Unfortunately though, I have to say that I found myself underwhelmed. The night had so much energy and so much potential, but I just didn’t enjoy the music as much as I wanted to. There was no doubting that as a band they are talented and clearly adored by their fans, but I found that each song blended into the next. Which was a shame. There just wasn’t that spark there to really excite me. I found myself feeling slightly dazed and lost, the stage was washed in bright neon lights which made the band hard to see, and I wished I hadn’t moved. I wondered, maybe if I had remained in the heart of the crowd, would I have appreciated them more?

The Sherlocks have clearly toured a great deal, I could see it reflected in their clean-cut show. There are no stumbles, or mess ups in their playing. All of that character must have been ironed out in their early days, and personally I’d love to see a little bit of it brought back. There was barely any crowd interaction, and I’d have really liked to see more of their personality shine through. If I had been a long standing fan of their music who had grown with them, then I’m sure I would be writing a more positive review as I’d have experienced those crazy days with them. As a newbie to their live shows now though, I’d say that asides from their music and a fantastic Beatles cover mid-set, there isn’t a lot else on offer, and it makes me sad to write that. They played their instruments well and sang, and that was about it.

Undoubtedly there were a great number of people there who were enjoying the set, and their style of music was clearly appreciated by their fans. However being someone who only knew a handful of songs, there just wasn’t that onstage presence to carry me through to saying this was an amazing gig. I strive to be honest with my writing, and I didn’t feel that they utilised the stage to its full potential, which meant their performance fell rather flat for me. Given the crowd, genre, and previous support acts, I expected a rowdy gig, but this just wasn’t delivered. The Sherlocks today are the perfect indie poster boys, their performances are respectful and composed, and I do admire their ability to deliver a show that their fans still love, without any theatrics. It just wasn’t love at first sight for me though.

If I’m being honest and fair to The Sherlocks, I think in my eyes any band performing after Trampolene would have had a job to really impress me. Trampolene are an enigma and so lively on stage, I think this is part of the reason why The Sherlocks performance didn’t make me scream with happiness. Overall I really enjoyed the night though, the gig provided me with a great Saturday night out, and I always enjoy visiting Tramshed. 

I hope you can respect my honesty here. I’d never want to hurt a band as I know how hard they all work and I appreciate that massively, but I cannot write a glowing review when I was not set alight. I’d love to see The Sherlocks really have fun and enjoy being on stage again!

Maybe next time!

A Change of Genre – Introducing Codewalkers

A Change of Genre – Introducing Codewalkers

Since becoming more involved in my local music scene than ever before, I have been introduced to an expansive array of musical genres and styles. It has been no secret that I am a lover of indie rock music and that type of sound. However, I am not ignorant to other genres, and given the chance, will always consider and explore new music in whatever format it may be. Whether I like it or not, would be a personal preference. However shaking my music tastes up has always been intriguing to me. Therefore, when I had the chance to attend the Horizons variety gig as a part of IVW. It was a chance for me to see an array of talented musicians and performances, outside of my usual go to indie rock bracket.

One of the bands I was lucky to catch that night, were Codewalkers. A reggae, rap and rock fusion, mashed together to create an immersive, fresh and exciting sound that explodes during their live performances. Codewalkers absolutely blew the room up that night, with their energetic and vibrant set. This band commanded their crowd brilliantly well and got everyone dancing and enjoying themselves in no time, including myself. No matter what style of music you’re in to, I challenge you to watch Codewalkers live, and not end up having a smile on your face. 

Codewalkers pick-a-mix style of music is superb to behold, and their personalities shine through beautifully. I always love watching a band with such character and passion performing. Codewalkers bring fun, laughter and an insane amount of energy, which shed a different light on rap, reggae and hip hop for me. They infused the genres with rock and electro-pop, creating a blend of music to suit almost everyone they possibly could.

Their latest single remix is a different take on their 2019 track Roadman. The single remix was born from a collaboration with New York Producer, King Ital Rebel. Originally hailing from Jamaica and working on a number of reggae tracks, Ital was the perfect match for Codewalkers front man Seun Babatola who has roots in Nigeria, their musical styles compliment one another and they had a lot of fun working on this latest single release. 

With the remixed version of Roadman, Codewalkers are delving further again into their expansive genre collection, this time taking on the popular dancehall style, with touches of dub thrown in. Whilst I appreciate this style of music is on the rise, it is still very new to me. I can say that the sound is different and certainly interesting, but I won’t embarrass myself by attempting be the expert on it. 

I’ll let you discover Codewalkers energetic sound on their latest single for yourself, if you like it, please let me and them know! The original Roadman track is definitely worth a listen too, personally I prefer this track as I’m not a huge fan of dance music. However, I can say with certain assurance that Codewalkers are definitely something special to behold live. If you get the chance, definitely go and check them out. 

Codewalkers Remix of Roadman feat. King Ital Rebel is available for you to steam on all platforms NOW!

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International Women’s Day: Celebrating Women in Music

International Women’s Day: Celebrating Women in Music

Today is International Women’s Day. A day on which everything about our female personalities, spirit, nature and beauty in whatever form it may be, is celebrated across the globe. A day for women to support, empower and encourage one another, and take action for gender equality, whilst celebrating our achievements.

I am choosing to celebrate incredibly talented women in music today. I have chosen to celebrate these women because they have encouraged and inspired me over the years with their music. Each one is beautifully talented in their own rights and I hope they will empower you with their music too.

Phoebe Green

Soft dreamy vocals, with lyrics to give strength to any woman. Phoebe does not shy away in expressing her feelings through her music. Phoebe Green self-released her debut album 02:00am, with songs written at just 16 years of age. Phoebe encapsulates raw, honest truths and emotions within her music. Exploring every aspect of our personalities, by sharing her own experiences with us. Her lyrics speak of the frailty of heart and mind. As Phoebe’s music is so open and honest, we are entrusted with a true reflection of her inner most thoughts, and the bravery in which she has freely shared these with us, is truly commendable and inspiring. Phoebe’s songs have accompanied me through many a sleepless night, and I’d like to thank her. Songs which can reverberate with anyone who has ever loved and lost someone, gifted to us through a kaleidoscope of emotional outlooks. Her music encourages us all to feel what we are within our every rights as women to feel. I hope you can find both bravery and solace within Phoebe Green.

Dana Margolin

Raw, powerful and beautiful in her uniqueness. Dana is an exquisitely gorgeous and strong woman, evoking such passion and strength with her music. A singer and songwriter who possesses the ability to silence a room with her voice alone. Dana is the lead vocalist of band Porridge Radio, who thrives on stage. What was initially a bedroom project for her, she has nurtured and flourished into an internationally recognised, emerging band. Within merely a few years, Dana has had her band signed and they have toured across the UK, with an upcoming tour in the US due very soon. Dana has one of the most incredible voices I have ever heard; she is able to sing with softness in one breath and then absolutely scream her vocals out from her very core, with pure strength and passion in the next. As a lyricist Dana is remarkably brave in writing about fragile topics, and expressing them fearlessly within her music, she delivers her lyrics with unrelenting power. Vocal and lyrically Dana complementing one another to create music that is unquestionably beautiful, and a true reflection of herself.

Alice Boman

True bravery. A female soul who is braver than any I have encountered before. Alice Boman hides nothing within her lyrics, her heart is laid out bare for us all to behold. Unwavering honesty and clarity exists within her music. Every intimate detail of her love, every pain, hurt and agonised thought she has suffered, is naked in front of us. Alice expresses heartbreak in its purest form. Women are deep and emotional creatures, we may hide this with a strong outer shell, but inside we are soft and often wounded. Alice Boman has no outer shell, her music is women truly as we are. Nothing is buried within her, Alice is open and exposed, showing us the strength within her emotions. A Swedish born singer, her music has no language barriers, with Alice’s exposed truths and honesty that are woven within her songs, having attracting fans from across the globe. A musician who can resonate hauntingly with anyone who has ever experienced any form of longing. Her vulnerability is what makes her, in my eyes, one of the most talented song writers and performers I have ever discovered.

Kate Stables

With beauty in her wilderness, Kate Stables is a force of nature to be reckoned with. A multi-instrumentalist and vocalist, who shines on stage with her raw lyrics and mesmerising vocals. Kate Stables blooms within many musical projects and features, however her home is within her finest creation, the diverse indie-folk This is the Kit. Free spirited, weathered and gorgeously flowing, Kate Stables capabilities seem endless, as though she is a waterfall forever flowing out to sea. A fascinating female icon, who is an inspiration to bohemian and earthly spirits. Kate has acquired a dedicated following, by entrancing them with her gorgeous vocals and instrument playing. Kate’s strength lies within her personality and her music, which entwine together to become her. Mesmerising as a lyricist and as a performer, it becomes quickly apparent that Kate’s music is an expression of her soul, and a platform for her to celebrate those around her, as freely as herself.

Amy Taylor

A rock and roll icon, and strength in its ultimate form. Amy Taylor is a powerhouse of raw female sexuality, who fronts one of the craziest, most energetic punk bands of our time, Amyl and The Sniffers. Amy expresses herself as sheer strength and bravery, proving that female equality is certainly something we are capable of achieving. Amy is an inspiration to any and all women, no matter what your music tastes may be, as she is not shy in being who she truly is. Amy is a captivating and unbelievably talented front woman, who can command a crowd in the most beautiful way I have ever seen. A woman who has the strength to take on the world on stage, is wrapped within a beautiful soul, with such a charm and girlish nature. Overlapping female clichés of girlish norms with tomboy fierceness, Amy thrives in being herself, and makes no apologies for it. An example for many women in music to follow.

Why I am celebrating these women, is not only for their vocal or musical capabilities alone. I hope it has become clear that I am celebrating them for their strength, for their unwavering bravery in their lyrics, and their unflinching honesty in truly expressing themselves through their music. These women have all shown incredible determination in sharing with us something they have worked so hard for. If you are reserved about your talents and worried about what others may think, seek inspiration from these powerful female figures. I myself hid from writing for years over concerns of having lost my capabilities, and worrying what others might think of me. I was scared at being laughed at. However, for the most part now I have found strength in putting those fears aside. I’ve combined my love for music, with something that has swelled within my heart for as long as I can remember. Writing has always been my true calling in life, and I am proud that through music, I have been able to realise that again. I hope you to can be brave and be who YOU truly are as women and men alike, don’t hide away anymore. Find your strength, and showcase your talents.

Happy International Women’s Day

Emerging Welsh Rock Band Just Drive Release New Single ‘Something For The Weekend’

Emerging Welsh Rock Band Just Drive Release New Single ‘Something For The Weekend’

Just Drive are a brand new rock band emerging from Bridgend, in South Wales. Their music comprises of heavy guitar riffs and fast paced, hard hitting vocals. Their latest single ‘Something For The Weekend’ caught my attention within the first 5 seconds of hearing it. The intro knocked me off my feet and I’m sure it will do the same thing to you too. Definitely something to get excited about. If you’re a fan of bands like Saytr Play and The Himalayas then Just Drive will be right up your street. 

‘Something For The Weekend’ is an incredibly catchy new single, and quickly becomes one of those songs that gets stuck in your head, in the best way possible. The lyrics aren’t too intense but instead tell the tale of a reckless drunken night out, from booze to lust and every thing in between. All twisted together with just the right amount of bass, guitar and drum playing that really packs a punch. The instruments blare in perfect harmony with the vocals, which really gives this song a bite you can’t shake off.  

I always love supporting new and emerging bands, but this band are really ones that I couldn’t believe I was actually lucky enough to be hearing this early on in their musical career. Just Drive only formed as a band in late 2018, and so far they have already supported well-known band Mallory Knox and performed on stages such as the 02 in Birmingham, as well as playing a string of local shows. I have a feeling it won’t be long until this band are headlining for themselves. Indie rock and rock music is growing phenomenally well, and there is definitely a slot for Just Drive on my radar. 

Just Drive are made up of lead vocalist Ryan David, who also plays rhythm guitar for the band. Christian Bowen is on lead guitar. Daniel Goodall plays bass. Lastly, completing the lineup is James Orwin on Drums, who also provides backing vocals for the band. 

Just Drive although just starting out, are certainly not a band to be underestimated by any means. I firmly believe, along with the likes of Indie Pulse, Mystic Sons and BBC Radio’s Adam Walton that the four-piece have a brilliant career ahead of them. Local radio stations are already sitting up and noticing them, as are newspapers. The band have also had airplay from the likes of BBC Wales and BBC Introducing

Give their latest single ‘Something For The Weekend’ a listen and let me know what you think by leaving a comment below or by tweeting me @beckyandtheband. 

You can find Just Drive on their socials below:

Twitter: @justdrivemusic 

Instagram: @justdrivemusic 

Facebook: Just Drive 

Porridge Radio Release Latest Single ‘Circling’

Porridge Radio Release Latest Single ‘Circling’

Circling is beautiful, raw and emotional, and what pours from it is nothing shy of exquisite.

With their album ‘Every Bad’ due to be released next week, Porridge Radio have shared another new single with us today, as anticipation builds. I have been eagerly awaiting their album release for a long time, purely for one song alone. That song was shared with us today and with it, I was awash with a tidal wave of emotion. I completely adore ‘Circling’, having heard it live for the first time last year. I became obsessed from the very start. Having held my live recording dearly for such a while, to finally hear the studio recorded version was completely mesmerising.

I look at this song through two channels. When I’m struggling I can see it through the eyes of someone with thoughts swirling and rattling through their brain, desperately reassuring themselves that everything is ok. Nothing is wrong, everything is fine. In repeating waves with increasing intensity, swaying with desperation in the longing for everything to actually be ok. When I am happy and content, this song is safety, a comfort blanket and homely, and I love it dearly. The song reminds me of summer and happiness, of being wrapped in the arms of the person I adore. When I listen to the lyrics I am content and safe, and nothing is wrong and everything is fine. 

Isn’t it peculiar, how we can perceive songs differently depending on our state of minds, our moods and our feelings. This is honestly what I believe Dana and Porridge Radio have tuned into. Their songs are deep swells of heart wrenching emotion, happy and sad, in equal measures. The songs are an ode to and an advocate of mental health, and are deeply rooted in both emotional agony and emotional wellbeing. Porridge Radio sing in lulls suffering and recovery, and it is honestly glorious to behold. Lyrically and vocally the band are absolutely blooming in the most beautiful way. Each time I’ve seen them they just get better and better. Dana’s voice is unbelievable, a beacon of passion and power, that delivers her message in the most sublimely gorgeous setting. 

Through Instagram, Dana describes the song, ahead of their upcoming album release. ‘A lot of the songs on Every Bad are centred around the sea, and Circling was one of the last songs focused on water that I wrote about for the album. I was thinking on the idea of willing things to be ok by repeating that they are, because I need them to be. I tried to follow the flow of waves, and how they keep coming in endlessly, washing everything away, without judgement, and then bringing it back again.’

Usually in my single reviews I will tear a song apart, dissecting it piece by piece, and share with you its sound, style and everything in between, but honestly I don’t feel that is needed here. Circling is beautiful, raw and emotional, and what pours from it is nothing shy of exquisite. Both your heart and your mind are invoked and awakened, as the tide rushes in.

We all need to go inside the sea sometimes.

If you doubt me, listen for yourself.

Porridge Radio’s album ‘Every Bad’ is due to be released on 13th March.

See Porridge Radio perform for yourself at one of the following dates (or all of them):

TJ Roberts Release New Single ‘True Secret to a Happy Life’

TJ Roberts Release New Single ‘True Secret to a Happy Life’

Following the release of their debut album in November of last year, TJ Roberts are a band on the rise. Breaking out of Cardiff’s thriving music scene, TJ Roberts mash up indie and rock to create their own truly unique sound. Championed by Libertino Records who also support award-winning Welsh band, Adwaith. TJ Roberts are certainly in safe hands, and I have no doubt that their growth as a band will be sublime. 

 ‘True Secret to a Happy Life’ is the first of many new songs that we can expect to be released by TJ Roberts this year. It is also anticipated that these songs will culminate to form an upcoming second album release for 2020, which is seriously impressive considering their first album came out just 3 months ago. This makes TJ Roberts a hot new band that you’ll certainly want to keep your eyes on over the next few months.

Their latest single begins with a steady guitar riff that captures your attention from the offset. We are then met with a head-banging indie song that progresses in really drawing you in. You’ll be singing it in the shower, humming it at your desk in work and blaring it out of your car windows in no time, I assure you. The verses are charged with varying vocal and instrument tempos that really make your ears prick up, and clearly emphasise the capabilities of lead singer Tom, as well as the rest of the band. With a catchy chorus to follow, it’s honestly difficult not to like this song.

Lyrically, I got the initial impression that the songs delves into relationship issues and how they can affect an individual over a long period of time, however as the song develops I believe the lyrics delve into the bigger picture, as though these problems are a reflection on our current society at large.

The single is a brilliant new offering from TJ Roberts, after what has been a period of change and transition for them. ‘True Secrets to a Happy Life’ has given us a wonderful flavour of what we can expect from their album next release.

I have yet to see TJ Roberts perform live, but I’m sure that if not already, then following this new single they are not only on mine, but also many others’ radar. 

‘True Secret to a Happy Life’ is available to stream on all platforms NOW

You can catch TJ Roberts performing live on the following dates:

Monday 2nd March – Rough Trade, London
Friday 13th March – Le Pub, Newport 
Follow their social media accounts below if you enjoy what you hear:


Twin Stranger Release Debut Single ‘Tears of Joy’

Twin Stranger Release Debut Single ‘Tears of Joy’

A synthy pop swirl, that first struck me as being nostalgic and dream-like. The song is one that I quickly found myself becoming lost in.

Led by singer and multi-instrumentalist Alex McConnachie. Twin Stranger are an emerging indie-pop band from South Wales. 

Initially a bedroom recording project started by Alex, to become Twin Stranger as we know them today, Alex enlisted his brother Liam, as well as friends, Josh Newington on bass, Joe Tobin on keyboards and drummer Eric Karvik.

Twin Stranger have started out performing across South Wales, and the South West. I was lucky enough to catch them supporting Apostle recently in Cardiff, and was overjoyed to hear their unique sound, which blossomed in confidence as their set progressed. For a young, new emerging band, Twin Stranger certainly left an impression on me, and I found myself eager to hear more. 

‘Tears of Joy’ is their debut single, released today. A synthy pop swirl, that first struck me as being nostalgic and dream-like. The song is one that I quickly found myself becoming lost in. The lyrics reflecting memories and daydreams, are encapsulated gorgeously by Alex’s soft but charged vocals, with the buzz of the guitar, drums and keyboard ensuring you stay awake. The single is a tune which you can dance to, all whilst being lost in flashbacks of your life. Scorching images of a breezy, summers day drive, with the windows rolled down, suits this song perfectly in my eyes. 

Speaking of their debut release, lead singer Alex expresses that “Tears of Joy was written from the point of view of a couple in the not so distant future, looking through a scrapbook of their lives with fond but hazy distant memories of first loves and exploring the world together. It’s about not taking things for granted, what might seem like the mundane 9-5 grind now, could turn out to be some of the best moments of your life. It’s about not wishing those moments away.”

Twin Stranger have sought influence from the likes of seventies Big Pop, and nineties Stereolab. For a modern comparison though, I would say they are a mixture of Mayday Parade meets Barns Courtney, with just a little hint of Cavetown. Through their live shows I saw soothing, sad emo-pop ballads, but debut single ‘Tears of Joy’ has hurtled me into the realms of English-American Barns Courtney, with it’s synthy-alternative twist. Cavetown is simply a mirror image of the incredible talent showcased within their youth.

Twin Stranger are a band you need to get to know. 

You can stream their debut single ‘Tears of Joy’ on all platforms now. 

To read my live review of Twin Stranger at their gig with Apostle, click here.

Panic Shack Release Debut Single ‘Who’s Got My Lighter?’

Panic Shack Release Debut Single ‘Who’s Got My Lighter?’

Panic Shack are taking Cardiff’s live music scene by storm.

Oh my, am I excited to see that Panic Shack have released their debut single ‘Who’s Got My Lighter?’ A female-fronted punk band, packing a major amount of energy. It has been no secret that Panic Shack are taking Cardiff’s live music scene by storm. I assure you that it won’t be long until they are known across the UK and further still. I have had the pleasure of seeing them when they supported Amyl and The Sniffers in November, and they blew me away then.

Panic Shack possess an edgy but fun sound, with their play on lyrics. They don’t take themselves too seriously, which I love. A real down to earth band that are a lot of fun, all whilst being very talented too. ‘Who’s Got My Lighter?’ doesn’t hold back in showing us exactly what Panic Shack have to offer. Fantastic instrument playing with Sarah’s powerful vocals driving the song throughout. What’s not to like?

‘Who’s Got My Lighter?’ grabs your attention straight away with heavy drums and guitar playing. The song is cheeky and fun in its lyrical content, but is by no means a joke of a single. Panic Shack are seriously making a name for themselves, and they already have me as a fan that’s for sure. I cannot wait to see them on their upcoming headline show at Clwb Ifor Bach on February 28th. Panic Shack are also supporting fellow punk band Talk Show on their tour in March. You can catch them at Le Pub in Newport on 29th or at The Bunkhouse in Swansea on 30th March, besides other dates.

Panic Shack are definitely ones you need to watch, trust me.

Links for tickets:

Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard release new single ‘John Lennon Is My Jesus Christ’ and announce signing to Communion

Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard release new single ‘John Lennon Is My Jesus Christ’ and announce signing to Communion

Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard are back with their latest single ‘John Lennon Is My Jesus Christ’. Having toured the UK extensively, fresh off the back of their own tour, and from supporting the likes of The Mysterines and The Magic Gang. Buzzard have been very busy, even making appearances in countries such as Canada. The band are also due to fly to Texas in March for SXSW 2020, alongside other Welsh artists including Rosehip Teahouse and Dan Bettridge. It’s safe to say that Buzzard have been teasing us with a lot of new content during live shows, which has been very exciting. However, as far as released music is concerned, I’ve survived by replaying their three singles ‘Double Denim Hop’, ‘Love Forever’ and ‘Late Night City’ on repeat for the last year. Therefore I have to confess that I am delighted to have another single to devour, and that is not even the best part. Alongside their new single release, Buzzard are celebrating the announcement of their signing to UK/US based record label Communion. Easily one of the best emerging bands to breakout in Wales’ music circuit over recent years, the signing is such an amazing achievement for them. Buzzard have done themselves and Wales proud. I am overjoyed to see that they have signed a record deal, and am so glad that they will be getting the recognition they deserve.

If you’re wondering what Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard sound like. I would describe them as retro rock, with a modern twist. Channelling the likes of early Queen and Supertramp for inspiration, their music encapsulates a wonderful nod to the 70s. A nostalgic sound delivered with fantastic flair and passion, ensures that they certainly make their own unique stamp on our modern music scene. Their latest single ‘John Lennon Is My Jesus Christ’, is another triumphant release for them. I have heard it live already, but the crisp album recording is certainly rather special. The new single is as catchy and energy-filled as I could have dreamed. An ode to idolising various musical figures as though music is a religion, with the central protagonist being John Lennon. Lead singer Tom Rees expresses how the song “developed into a conversation around idolisation, and how fandom, servitude and dedication to certain characters is universal, and not limited to any particular religion or art form.”

Lyrically the song is captivating, and provides quirky storytelling throughout by taking us through the many musical loves in their lives, and showing how they worship them all. Musically the song is driven in the usual Buzzard style, which certainly does not disappoint. ‘John Lennon Is My Jesus Christ’ is a short song, at just over two minutes long, but Buzzard’s return single does the job by providing just enough flavour of what we can expect from their hopefully impending album.

The music video for ‘John Lennon Is My Jesus Christ’ on the other hand is very long. The contrast shows us Buzzard’s desire for chaos and uncertainty, as just as you think the music video is coming to an end, we are treated to an organ rendition of the song by Tom. Following this is a comical car scene with the band, concluding with them performing the single again, with the band replacing the dancers that graced the video initially. Over eight minutes long, the video is definitely a treat, and is essentially four different music videos for the single mashed together. However, it works brilliantly well, and showcases all aspects of Buzzard’s personality beautifully, with a little bit of craziness and fantasy thrown in of course.

There is certainly no falter in their fun, colourful characteristics as a band, and I’m certain their debut album will be everything us fans want and more. Full of songs with charging lyrics about politics, religion, love and history, all wrapped in Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard’s fabulous sound and style frenzy. I for one cannot wait. It’s absolutely no secret that I adore the flamboyant and chaotic performances that Buzzard bring, and I am dying to see them perform again soon, hopefully in their hometown of Cardiff.

Read my previous article on Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard here, where I included them as one of the 10 Emerging Welsh Bands that you need to know about.

Lindsay Munroe Releases New Single ‘Mirror’

Lindsay Munroe Releases New Single ‘Mirror’

Yesterday, Lindsay Munroe released her brilliant new single ‘Mirror’.  A song with a powerful opening, possessing captivating lyrics that draw the listener in instantly. This is an incredible debut release that demanded my attention on my very first listen. Lindsay, an alternative-indie singer/songwriter, from Manchester, has a voice that is powerful without being overpowering. There is no harshness in her tones, instead she has gorgeous, steady and strong vocals that also carry just enough softness. Blending together to make them beautifully pleasant to listen to, whilst being assuring and driven enough to really capture your curiosity. Think Marika Hackman meets Angie McMahon and you won’t be far off what I’m referring to.

Being a writer myself though, of course it was the lyrics that really sparked my interest straight away. Lindsay is a fantastic songwriter. There is no long, winding intro into this song, instead we dive right into the heart of what ‘Mirror’ is all about from the offset. Lindsay begins by confessing to us past fears and worries that controlled her into always conforming and following the rules in younger years. Many of us, including myself in some ways, have adhered to these unset rules we follow, growing up without rebelling and straying from the norm. Hence why I found that this song really resonated with me. The quiet child who always behaved, and did as they were expected, wonderful on paper and in the eyes of others, but in life and by themselves they were held back by concerns over failure. Insecurities arose from fears of not meeting expectations set for them. These concerns are often ones that manifested from within themselves, through anxieties and a nature of over-cautiousness.

The song progresses into a strong chorus, as we learn that Lindsay is referring back to her poignant past, with such a different outlook on life now. The lyrics grow into passionate self-assurance of someone who knows who they are now, and has become strongly willed by realising they are the answer in changing their course in life, and there are no set rules in where it can take them. ‘Mirror’ is a brilliant song of strength and finding your freedom, breaking out from your own worries and insecurities in youth. Growing with confidence and bravery, by recognising that past mistakes and self-deprecation are in no way a reflection of who we are now. Lindsay comments: “I started writing Mirror whilst reflecting on a fantasy I had as an insecure teenager. I used to wish I could be physically malleable, like a clay sculpture, able to change my body to fit into different standards and situations. That made me really angry, that I had ever felt like that. But the song is also a celebration of the way that other people can see you more clearly than you see yourself and how that can change our self-perception.”

For Lindsay to have such a bold opening single is superbly impressive. It is a deserving of a very warm welcome into the indie scene and is a release that I feel is going to attract those within the industry, and fans of it. With Lindsay being a new artist just breaking out into the music scene, I can safely say that ‘Mirror’ has blown me away. Certainly not an artist to be underestimated by any means, Lindsay has a fantastic voice that really shines and places itself firmly in your brain as being someone who you want to hear more of. Indie London have praised Lindsay and describe ‘Mirror’ as “a hugely promising debut from an extremely talented young artist.” The song itself incorporates a steady drum beat and guitar rhythm, which allow for Lindsay’s vocals to take centre stage. ‘Mirror’ sounds as crisp and well recorded as though Lindsay had been recording albums for years, and is a credit not only to herself but the team behind the release also. Produced by Chris Hamilton who works with artists including LUMP and Torres. The single also features Fern Ford from The Big Moon.

I cannot wait to see what Lindsay Munroe brings next, with her EP ‘Our Heaviness’ due to be released this year. This will be an EP I will be highly anticipating. Lindsay has already graced stages supporting the likes of Luke Sital-Singh and David Kitt, as well as having obtained continued recognition from BBC Introducing and achieving the title of ‘The Manchester Acoustic Scene’s Most Exciting Graduate’ from the Manchester Evening News. I have a feeling there is a lot more success to come for Lindsay, and I am so excited to follow her journey.

You can catch Lindsay performing live at her upcoming UK tour dates below:

1 Feb- In Store at Wilderness Records- Manchester

2 March- Castle NQ supporting Heather Woods Broderick- Manchester

6 March- FortyFive Vinyl Café (Headline)- York

9 May- Soup Kitchen (Headline)- Manchester

15 May- The Grace (Headline)- London

Tickets can be purchased from

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you enjoyed hearing all about Lindsay’s brilliant new single. Let me know what you think of it by leaving me a comment, or by getting in touch on any of my social media accounts below xx

My Year of Vinyl

My Year of Vinyl

If you are following me on Instagram, then you will know that throughout January I have been sharing a series of posts as a part of my Year of Vinyl challenge, through which I have celebrated owning my beloved Crosley Record Player for a year, by sharing with you my favourite albums on vinyl.

Although I didn’t post as many as I’d have liked, I feel that those I have shared with you all are undoubtedly favourites that I own and are a wonderful reflection of my music tastes. Therefore, I feel I have shared quality and not quantity on this occasion, at least in my eyes anyway.

The albums I have chosen were created by artists and bands whom I adore. I will be writing the frank and honest truth about why each vinyl is held so dearly to me, sharing with you the stories of how I came to own each one and the meaning behind them. I will delve into my subconscious and share with you all my reasons for loving each album, as well as giving you more insight into the tracks that I enjoy the most from each and a little more about what to expect in terms of music style from the artists themselves.

Bad Contestant by Matt Maltese

Without further ado, the first album I chose to share on my Year of Vinyl challenge was Bad Contestant by Matt Maltese. If I had to pick one vinyl to play for the rest of my life, then I can safely say that this would be it. Bad Contestant is an album I have treasured, the sound is sublime on vinyl, and I relish the crackles and imperfections over any clean-cut studio recording. This was one of the very first vinyls I bought for my player, and was also my first signed one that I came to own. When I first opened it, I knew that this album would be very special to me. Matt Maltese is an artist that was born for vinyl, his vocals hums of the 70s. Vintage, with a modern twist, this album is truly unique in both its lyrical content and overall style. Home to songs that suit every mood, I have laughed with this album and I have cried with this album. It has been spun many a time on my record player, and I could not imagine having had the year without it. I adored this album before I owned the vinyl, so I do not doubt that it will always be one that I cherish and play repeatedly. Stand out favourites for me are ‘Like a Fish’ and the vastly contrasting ‘Less and Less’. 

That’s Your Lot by Blaenavon

Next up to be shared with you were the striking blue vinyl discs of That’s Your Lot by Blaenavon. An album I have found so beautiful since my very first listen. Although the blue vinyl version was a recent purchase, I already owned this album on standard black vinyl, which I still cannot allow myself to part with. This album has accompanied me through poignant times in my life, and Blaenavon have in turn comforted my many a sleepless night with their soothing songs. Hence why I find myself instinctively drawn to the softer side of this album, with songs such as ‘Let Me See Happens Next’ being held particularly close to my heart. I first discovered Blaenavon through ‘My Bark is Your Bite’, however I initially stumbled upon the acoustic version. Having played this repeatedly via Spotify, it wasn’t until I decided to actually look further that I found That’s Your Lot. To this day, I have no idea why in late 2017, I procrastinated in listening to a band I would find such solace in, for so long. I continue listening to Blaenavon through to the present day, they are a band I completely could not imagine existing without. I have had such an intense love affair with That’s Your Lot. Owning the blue discs was a mini victory for me, having previously dismayed at them being completely sold out. I rejoiced when only last year, this glorious album was restocked in not only blue but was also signed. I think actual tears may have fallen that day.

Isaac Gracie (Self-Entitled) by Isaac Gracie

To say I adore Isaac Gracie would be too weak a sentiment. Isaac Gracie’s music is a part of me and I have grown into the woman I am since discovering his music way back when I was still in university in early 2015. I began listening to Isaac when his music was just early demo releases on Spotify. I have played his pre-album recording of ‘Last Words’ to death, and even now, I still find myself listening to it often. I remember clearly when Isaac announced his debut album release, and again I am certain I cried. Isaac Gracie releasing this stunning album to the world made me feel like a proud mother. It was surreal hearing his music getting radio airplay, when it had previously been with me in my loneliest of times whilst I was away from home. The album consists of a gorgeously, soft, string of melodies. Isaac’s flawless, melting vocals lead us through songs that are deeply emotive, and lyrically poetic. Throughout there is a strong sense that Isaac Gracie is confessing and sharing his secrets with the listener, eluding tales of a broken heart and a wounded relationship. Isaac did so well to release this album that clearly means an awful lot to him, and I remain so immensely proud of his work. Although, I cannot help but feel a wash of sadness when I listen to this album sometimes though, and this is purely for my own selfish reasons, as unfortunately I was not able to make any of Isaac’s live performances on his first tour. Various commitments, fears of travelling and so on, got in the way. I look back now and dismay at why I felt this way at the time. However I hope he will tour again soon. I can assure you I will not miss out a second time. My absolute favourite song from this album, and I would even say of all time is ‘Silhouettes of You’. It is absolutely beautiful and one that I cannot recommend you listen to enough.

Dream On by Alice Boman

Although this is a very new release, I still felt it was fair to include this in my year of vinyl, as I was so highly anticipating this album. My thoughts, and idea of what it was going to be like were in my head long before it was in my hands. Dream On by name and by nature, I myself dreamt of owning Alice Boman’s stunning debut album for months. I first heard Alice’s gorgeously haunting vocals through BBC TV series Wanderlust. The programme itself was a masterpiece of television, capturing so transfixingly the struggles of marriage and love, Alice Boman’s songs laced within the episodes were a match made in heaven, and captured the raw emotion of the programme so beautifully. I found myself completely fascinated with her voice, and as soon as an episode would finish, I would be frantically hunting the song down online. Eventually I’d built up my own little library of Alice Boman songs through her early EP and single releases. Eerily, quiet vocals that scream in your mind, Alice’s music delivers an intense emotional hit that’s also serenely comforting in other ways. I eagerly awaited the release of Dream On as though it was a drug, and I was not disappointed when the dose was administered. My favourite from this album is ‘The More I Cry’ which is an absolutely beautiful piece of music that I will resonate with forever.

Swansea to Hornsey & Pick a Pocket or Two by Trampolene

Where do I start with my next post, an ode to the loves of my life that are Trampolene. Home-grown and oh so beautifully humble for it, Trampolene are without doubt the friendliest band you could ever dream of meeting. I discovered their music initially through Spotify, and was hooked after my first listen. Coming to realise that they were from South Wales like me, I quickly found myself posting on their fan page and it wasn’t long before I was at one of their gigs for the first time. Hand on heart, I would say that this was the best gig I have ever been to in my life, and I’ve been to a lot. Trampolene’s music is fast paced and fantastically driven on bangers such as ‘Alcohol Kiss’, but this band also have the wonderful capabilities to deliver sensitive, acoustic songs, that are so tender and emotional. Look no further than ‘Cinderella’s Shoe’. My heart and mind was stolen from me as I stood directly in front of eccentric front man, and charmer, Jack Jones. A whirlwind on stage and in life, Jack is a fire that burns wildly. His presence is captivating and you cannot help but be drawn in by him. If you go and see Trampolene for yourself I’m sure you too will see how amazing their music and live presence is. Their albums are reflections of this. As an added bonus I also feel it is worth mentioned, that by listening to Trampolene’s music and engaging with the band and their followers, I’ve made a lot of friends, many of which I would say will easily be friends for life, whom I love dearly. I hold the band, those who work with them and their fan base very close to my heart. Trampolene are more than a band to me now, and I feel this highlights the power that music can have in brining people together and creating a sense of not only identity, but community.

Rice, Pasta and Other Fillers by Porridge Radio

Last but not least is the story of how I came to own and love Porridge Radio’s vivid red, energy-packed album that is Rice, Pasta and Other Fillers. Possibly the most simple explanation, is that I found myself experiencing love at first sight. I initially set eyes on two members of Porridge Radio, Dana and Sue, at Coventry Central Library when they were supporting the sweet angel that is Phoebe Green. I had travelled from South Wales to England to see Phoebe for the first time. I was immensely happy about this, and truthfully I hadn’t even factored support acts into my little bubble of excitement. My god, did Porridge Radio show me the error of my ways. Despite lacking their full band for various reasons, Porridge Radio certainly did not lack by any means whatsoever in completely captivating me. Dana was mesmerizing and I fell head over heels in love with her voice. I’ve been to many gigs so far in my lifetime, and have been impressed by many bands on stage, but never before and I doubt ever again will I feel as completely flummoxed and utterly in awe of a band as I did that day. I practically fell over in adoration as I approached the merch table, literally threw my money at them and could hardly speak. An unbelievable effect that I have never forgotten nor would I ever want to. I bought this vinyl that day and became a firm fan of their music. Personal favourites of mine on this album are Eurgh and Barks Like A Dog. I love this band and will support them for as long as they exist, because their music is truly unique, powerful and stunning all at the same time. As well as being emotional, meaningful and riveting. I can exasperate so many adjectives and still not achieve what I truly want to say. All I can stress to you is that please, if this band ever appear on your radar, go and see them. If they don’t appear on your radar, then I urge you to make it so. Porridge Radio are a band you need to hear live. I assure you that their album is equally as magnetic. Porridge Radio’s next release Every Bad is due on 13th March. New singles ‘Lilac’ and ‘Sweet’ from Every Bad are available to stream now.

Well that concludes my Year of Vinyl Roundup. I hope you’ve enjoyed having an insight into my love for music, by learning a little more about these fantastically talented musicians, and myself also.

If you would like any more information on any of these vinyls, or if you’re curious to hear about any other albums I own. Please feel free to leave a comment or message me on any of my social media accounts below, and I’ll be glad to get back to you.

All my love, and thank you so much for reading this rather special (and probably too honest) blog post!

I hope you’ve enjoyed it! Let me know your favourite vinyls too! Xx

Dream On by Alice Boman – An Album Review

Dream On by Alice Boman – An Album Review

Alice Boman confesses most intimately, emotions we have all felt at some point in our lives, but rarely admit to.

What I would easily describe as my most anticipated album of 2020, and we’re only in January. It has been no secret that I was, and continue to be incredibly excited about Alice Boman’s first full-length debut album ‘Dream On’. I’ve fallen deeply in love with Alice’s dreamy vocals following her already successful EP’s ‘Skisser’ and ‘EP II’, so the thought of an album full of her stunning heartfelt songs was overwhelming, and kept me waiting at the door for my post to arrive since the album release date last Friday. On Saturday, the gorgeous vinyl was placed into my hands and I was ecstatic. I’d resisted the urge to stream the songs on Spotify, and now I had the glorious pleasure of listening to this stunning album on its crisp, freshly-pressed sunset yellow vinyl disc.

My first listen was harmonious. Alice Boman’s music is unashamedly heart-breaking, and Alice is a musician I personally adore. Her songs are so beautifully understated, but Alice’s delicate vocals are not shy in cutting sharply with their agonisingly relatable lyrics of wounded love. Alice’s songs on ‘Dream On’ are as poignant, if not more so, than those from her previous releases. From the moment the album starts to play we are met with the touching beginning of ‘Wish We Had More Time’ and as the album progresses, it continues to delve so much further into the tender subjects of love, loss and intimacy.

Songs flow seamlessly in and out of one another. There is nothing harsh or jarring on this album. It is truly tranquil and Alice sings of heartbreak in its purest form. There is no anger or vengeance noted in her lyrics, she simply sings of the agony endured from being hurt by the person you love most. Although very emotive lyrically, the melodies are comforting enough to soothe you to sleep. Tranquil, soft tones are used throughout the album. There is also the sense that it isn’t overly reliant upon instruments, but instead compliments Alice’s sweet vocals with subtle hums of guitar and piano, accompanied by a sound that would make you believe it was recorded in the 1940s/50s, which is a sublime addition to the albums nostalgic ambience, and a credit to album producer Patrik Berger. Songs such as ‘Heart on Fire’ and ‘Who Knows’ stood out to me immediately, falling either side of my favourite on the album, ‘The More I Cry’.

Alice Boman confesses most intimately, emotions we have all felt at some point in our lives, but rarely admit to. When we are going through a breakup, we are often told by those around us to forget about them, to dance away our pain with friends and loud music, and move on. However, what if it’s not that easy? What happens when your support network no longer help you, and you are left missing the person that’s no longer yours? Alice Boman sings of the pain felt when you are unable to move on, or more aptly, when you may not even want to move on. The excruciating agony of missing someone, who you feel is just beyond your reach, may love you half-heartedly, or not at all.  We all know them, they’re the one you can’t stop thinking about when you’re trying to sleep, that person you love and want so painfully to love you back. If you are reading this with a stiff upper lip, holding on to the opinion that this doesn’t apply to you, then I feel it is fair to say that Alice Boman’s music may not suit your tastes now,  but listen to her if your heart has been broken, and I am almost sure you will find her music so much more compelling.

The truth is, Alice Boman sings of what we are all too afraid to say. Alice doesn’t sing of moving on, getting that bitter-sweet revenge and everything in between that we are meant to feel. Alice sings of what we really feel, and what she can only emphasise so beautifully as an indescribable pain, that certainly doesn’t fade overnight, despite how badly we might want it to.

On an initial listen I found myself describing Alice Boman’s ‘Dream On’ as heart-breaking but truthfully, it is so much more than that. I’d say if anything it has the capabilities to be heart-saving. Although there is an undeniable sadness in the songs, I suspect that when you find yourself in the situation reflected from this album, Alice’s music isn’t a sadness, it becomes more of a comfort blanket. Alice will be a musical figure to lean on, someone who knows what you’re going through. Her music harbours pain, but truly it is soothing to the listener. ‘Dream On’ has the clue in it’s title. The album is a dream, a dream that we are often wrongly ashamed of, to be reunited with our lost love. Alice Boman sings unashamedly of these feelings, and ‘Dream On’ is something we should all have the strength to embody. Love is not a weakness, rather one we perceive to be a weakness. When in truth, love is our strength, love is a dream, and dream on we will.

Porridge Radio Release New Single ‘Sweet’ and Announce Album ‘Every Bad’

Porridge Radio Release New Single ‘Sweet’ and Announce Album ‘Every Bad’

Porridge Radio hold a very special place in my heart, and since the release of their previous single ‘Lilac’, I have been eagerly awaiting their next announcement. What I didn’t expect, was to receive not only news of another single, but also fresh tour dates and an impending album release all in one day. Porridge Radio have well and truly spoilt us. Their next album ‘Every Bad’ follows their recent signing to Secretly Canadian. I always knew the album was in the process of being made, but I was so incredibly happy to hear that it is going to be out this soon, with a release date scheduled for 13th March.

Singer and songwriter Dana, projects her feelings through song and has admitted that music is a means of expressing her vulnerability and allows her to be open. This makes a lot of sense, as Porridge Radio’s music is so beautifully exposed, it could only have come from the mind of someone who cares deeply about what they are writing and performing. Porridge Radio are an actual wonder to behold on stage, I’ve never seen a band perform so mesmerisingly that they completely silence a room. You don’t just watch Porridge Radio, you are transfixed.

The lyrics of their latest single ‘Sweet’ continue in being as raw and honest as previous releases. Dana does not shy away from delicate subjects, transforming them into heartfelt music. Porridge Radio have the wonderful ability to sing softly to begin with, and then drive their songs into a screaming frenzy of passion and chaos. Nothing about Porridge Radio is artificially constructed, they are a real band that are not afraid to be themselves. This is what ‘Sweet’ embodies.

Lyrically the song begins with Dana exposing a vulnerability that she has been made to feel from projections of other people’s opinions onto her. Being described as a nervous wreck by such a close figure as her mother in the song, has undoubtedly had an impact, and has so wrongly led to her feel ashamed. Dana refers to herself as a child, which stresses that she feels held back and controlled by these negative afflictions, that must be overwhelming if she is wishing someone dead. The song continues to emphasise this with her mother’s constant references to depression, which I feel suggests it is unclear as to whether Dana actually feels this way, or has been made to feel this way by her mother.

‘Sweet’ flourishes in its soft chorus, with Dana reassuring herself that she is so much more than what she has been made to feel like, by taking ownership in moving away and going on to realise she is a sweet and charming person, deserving of being loved by others. This self assurance is linked to what I feel is growing self-care and a positive mental outlook, taking the stigma away from the hurt and shame we can be twisted into feeling from the cruelties of others.

Although intensely delivered and hard-hitting, the real message behind ‘Sweet’ in my opinion, is to not feel shame from having been hurt and controlled by other people, but to have strength in escaping from the insecurities they have inflicted on you. Discovering that belief and love in yourself, realising that you are worthy, and learning that other people are clearly able to see this too. Porridge Radio possess a strong advocate for mental health in their lyrics in my opinion. Their music is incredibly important, as I expressed strongly in my review of their previous single ‘Lilac’.

‘Sweet’ is a delicate but powerful single, in one sense it’s comforting, but it also has the ability to violently shake you. Shame, nerves, anxiety and being hurt by the opinions of others, particularly those closest to us, can affect us all, but truthfully we have nothing to be ashamed of. ‘Sweet’ consists of our innermost anger, and the yearning, passionate delivery from Dana and Porridge Radio makes the song even more intense. One of the heaviest musical outpourings from Porridge Radio to date, it is guitar driven and menacing in its sound. Delivering intensity in not only it’s lyrical content, but it’s music too. Pushing the bands energy and instrument playing even further. This is clear to see if you have witnessed them performing ‘Sweet’ live, which I am lucky enough to have been able to.

Porridge Radio are already an incredible band, but if their latest single is anything to go by, I have a strong feeling that they are only going to get better and better. I cannot wait to watch them grow. You can pre-order ‘Every Bad’ and tickets for their upcoming tour are on sale now. You might even fall in love.

My First Listen of The 1975’s ‘Me & You Together song’

My First Listen of The 1975’s ‘Me & You Together song’

The 1975 have released their gorgeously soft single ‘Me & You Together song’ tonight. Played exclusively with a live performance on BBC Radio 1. We were treated to hearing a stripped back version of the single for the first time, from the band themselves. Before being played the studio recording from the album. Of course the band performed the song flawlessly in my eyes, even though Matty confessed he had gotten some of the lyrics wrong, I doubt anyone would have noticed. On my first listen, I could hear that the song oozes romance and memories, having an instant nostalgic charm that carries you away in its day dream.

In the interview that followed live on Annie Mac’s Show, Matty explained how lyrically the song transports the band back to when they were teenagers, and is influenced by the music they grew up with. He describes their latest single as being “a bit of life” and later goes on to say “that it is straight up vibing and straight up happiness.” The single takes The 1975 back to their very beginning, and is such a rare reminiscent moment, at what is arguably the very peak of their career. It is humbling that a band with such successfully innovative and bold ideas, can still give such a nod of adoration to where they came from. Despite being one of the most progressive bands of our time. ‘Me & You Together song’ is a time machine conducted admirably well.

Lyrical storytelling at its finest, ‘Me & You Together song’ takes us on a lyrical journey of love and life. It isn’t a fairytale romance, with whimsical words, but seemingly a real and truthful tale of the ups and downs of an everyday relationship. Its chorus clearly highlights the one thing that keeps us together, love. Whereas its verses speak of the forethoughts of youth and those lovesick emotions that we all feel, whilst life progesses at the pace of the ever-ticking clock. By being so open, real and raw, the song is made all the more beautiful and unmistakably heart-melting. Delivered in a lush, soft style, whilst not being overly melancholy.

The 1975 even hinted at having given us a window into their lives, by peering through the glass of this single. With Matty admitting that the lyrics draw on his own relationships and experiences, expressing that the song is based on at least four people he knows. The single is clearly emotional for both the band members themselves, and fans alike, but somehow possesses that bizarre happy-crying feeling that makes it so special. Rather than just being happy, or sad, Matty explains how the song incorporates both. With catchy instrument playing, and nostalgic lyrics combined, the single contains an array of emotions in its very bones. Lyrical content aside, the melodic pace of the music takes you on a journey in itself. Whether you choose to sit and listen, or get up and dance, is up to you.

As well as the new release, tonight The 1975 also announced that their upcoming album ‘Notes on a Conditional Form’ is to consist of 22 songs. Yes that’s right. 22 songs. Not only in its song content, but in its size, this album is going to be colossal. So many thoughts are already buzzing around in my brain, and I can’t help but wonder how many genres this album will cross, what the songs will be like, and how The 1975 will deliver this highly anticipated record. Matty spoke about being open to criticism, which does make me think there may be a few more controversial singles like ‘People’ ahead. Matty has confessed the album will not hold a typical 1975 style so to say, but instead will incorporate every aspect of the bands sound in one album.

Due to the ever-growing scale of ‘Notes on a Conditional Form’, the band did inform us during tonight’s interview, that it will inevitably be released a little later than planned. Rather than 21st February as originally intended, the album is now hoped to be released on 24th April instead.

Honestly, I’d happily give this band all of the time they need to finish ‘Notes on Conditional Form.’ If this album is going to be even half as brilliant as I think it will be, it is going to be an absolute triumph.


Talk Show Announce First EP and Tour Dates

Talk Show Announce First EP and Tour Dates

A real funhouse for your senses, Talk Show will almost certainly leave you wanting more, and more.

One of my favourite edgy, punk bands Talk Show, have announced their first EP today. ‘These People’ is due to be released on 27th March, and the band have given us a glimpse of what we can expect, as initial single ‘Banshee’ is available to stream online now. I can tell you, this is one that you definitely need to listen to.

The single opens with a drum beat and bass guitar, before vocals emerge from lead singer Harrison. Initially the words are spoken slowly and wistfully, as though Harrison is practising distortedly what he wants to say to someone. The song builds into an instrumental, with Harrison increasing his vocal pitch and urging the person he wants to speak with, to say the words that he knows. The tempo of the song rises, and the fantasy evolves as Harrison’s mind seemingly works overtime, progressing into the dark chaos of the mentally-driven conversation. Are these lyrics hoping for a break-up, a reconciliation, or something else? Maybe that is for the listener to conclude.

Talk Show have always possessed a dark undertone to their music. When I first saw them live, their show was unlike any other I had witnessed. The lights in the venue were completely dimmed so the room was in total darkness, and the stage was only lit by a red glow. As I have said in a previous blog post, lead singer Harrison took to the microphone with a limbering approach, as if a force was resonating through his body. It’s apparent that the devil takes hold, and the exorcism begins when this band hit the stage.

Talk Show have an unnerving element to their song lyrics, but there is something so intriguing about them. This band deliver their music so powerfully well, it grabs your attention and throws you full throttle into what they are all about. Hard, punchy rhythms, that consist of wonderfully twisted lyrics. A real funhouse for your senses, Talk Show will almost certainly leave you wanting more, and more.

‘These People’ will consist of four new singles. ‘Banshee’ being the first to be released today. I do not doubt that the rest of this EP will be as formidably mesmerising.

You can catch Talk Show on their headline tour in April, at various UK locations. Tickets go on sale this Friday 17th March.

Albums I Am Anticipating in 2020

Albums I Am Anticipating in 2020

Here are 3 albums being released this year, that I am most excited to hear.

Alice Boman – ‘Dream On’ due 17th January 2020

Swedish singer Alice Boman has a rare gift. Her vocals and talent for song writing are incredibly unique, and as a listener you can’t help but be captivated by her. Alice has not lost her eerily gorgeous vocals since her introduction to music in 2013. Her early EPs ‘Skisser’ and ‘EP II’ are sublime, and if you haven’t heard them yet then you definitely should. The song ‘Waiting’ actually gave me chills when I first heard it through TV series Wanderlust. The song was so well placed within that particular scene, but it was Alice’s vocals and words that I found haunting me. The song had such resonant lyrics at that time in my life, I was instinctively drawn to finding out who she was and desperately wanted to hear more of her songs. Since then, it’s no surprise that I’ve fallen deeply in love with her music. Alice Boman’s debut album ‘Dream On’ is being released this Friday 17th January. Having already treated us to four beautiful singles, it’s clear that this album is set to be stunning.

My favourite single released to date from the upcoming album is ‘The More I Cry’ which struck a chord with me on my very first listen. I always feel that Alice has somehow gotten into my head, and I will say that her songs are very relatable for anyone who has ever been hurt or has lost someone they loved at some point in their lives. It’s hard not to listen to an Alice Boman song without crying, but honestly they’re so beautiful, the emotional outpouring is worth it. Just think of her music as a way of detoxing your soul. Alice is really one of those artists that has a scary way of putting your most intimate and deepest feelings into a song. It’s clear to me that nothing is hidden in her music, what you are listening to is Alice’s own heart placed into the very core of her music. Her thoughts and feelings are delivered through the most delicate, tender vocals.

The gorgeous sunset yellow vinyl will be Alice’s first full-length album. Describing her latest venture as a journey, Alice has written the lyrics over a number of years, in various locations from London to Stockholm, where the majority of the album was recorded. ‘Dream On’ has been carried through Alice’s life and held dear to her. Now, we too are so close to drifting away in this special album and its lyrics that are so meaningful and heartfelt. I cannot wait. ‘Dream On’ is available to pre-order now. Alice will also be playing a few intimate shows at the end of February, in Brighton, Manchester and London.

The 1975 – ‘Notes on a Conditional Form’ due 21st February 2020

What was instantly a love it or hate it song. ‘People’ gave us our first taste of The 1975’s highly anticipated album ‘Notes on a Conditional Form.’ The 1975 are not shy in shaking up their genres and music style. Their sound can vary between songs, and their ability to play such a range of music is stunningly admirable. In a live show, The 1975 will perform a heart-wrenching acoustic single such as ‘Be My Mistake’ and then make the crowd dance with the likes of ‘She’s American’. Their songs are truly ground-breaking and nothing short of beautiful. The band have inspired so many other musicians and fans alike, spanning across so many genres, it’s wonderful. The band have skyrocketed to fame over the last few years, and I feel their fame and success is so well deserved.

Despite The 1975’s continued success and innovation in their bold song releases. Their first single from their upcoming album, sent shock waves across what felt like the world. ‘People’ was entirely different to anything The 1975 had released before, and many of their fans did not know what to make of it. I have to admit though, I did not hesitate in falling unashamedly headfirst in with those that adored this song. Despite their genre swaying between indie, pop and rock. The 1975 took a huge leap straight into the heart of the rock category with this screamer of a lead single. I absolutely applaud their bravery. Personally, I relished the change. It’s probably an unpopular opinion, but I long for the rest of the album to follow suit. I love the rebellious streak in Matty’s vocals and demeanour. I found it refreshingly different, despite still being a long-time fan of the band and their existing albums.

Change happens, and although we want our favourite bands to stay the way they are, sometimes it just isn’t realistic. Look at the difference in bands like Bring Me The Horizon, and Paramore over the years. Bands directions change, their thoughts, feelings and love of music will develop and grow. Just like our own. If ‘Notes on a Conditional Form’ is a different take on The 1975, then let them flourish with it. Different isn’t necessarily bad. I can’t wait for this album and I hope it does bring a buzz and divides public opinion. I’m sure the band are up to the challenge.

The 1975 did comfort concerned fans with their latest single ‘Frail State of Mind’ that does consist of a more typical sound you’d expect from The 1975, similar in style to their existing single ‘Tootimetootimetootime’, but I must confess that I am still so intrigued by initial single ‘People’. I’m curious to see where they go with this album. Hopefully their next single release will shed more light on the situation for us. You can hear the single ‘Me and You Together Song’ have its first exclusive play on BBC Radio 1 at 7pm this Thursday 16th January, during Annie Mac’s show. The 1975’s album ‘Notes on a Conditional Form’ is available to pre-order now. You can also catch them on tour in February at various locations across the UK.

Creeper – ‘Sex, Death & the Infinite Void’ due 22nd May 2020

Having waited patiently in silence, Creeper made their storming return to music in November 2019 with their latest single ‘Born Cold’. Keeping fans in suspense since then, January 11th saw Creeper make a very exciting announcement, treating us to news of a comeback tour and an album in 2020. Championing the modern emo in all of us, Creeper stab our hearts with their gothic punk-rock tracks. The heartfelt, powerful vocals of front man Will Gould give Creeper a distinct sound and what I’d consider to be an advantage over many bands in the genre today. His vocals are gorgeous, and his impressive range means he can hit the high and low notes with equal strength, as well as possessing an eerie tone that drives the very core of the band.

Their new album’s lead single is a lot darker than those from their first album ‘Eternity in Your Arms’. ‘Born Cold’ is certainly different, but is a strong comeback for Creeper, and proves that they can grow and adapt with their music and style, giving us a taste of what we can expect from their next release. The song pushes their vocal and lyrical boundaries further than they’ve ever gone before, but it still has that unmistakable Creeper sound that we all know and love. It is without doubt that their first album was a triumph and paved the way for a new wave of emo music. Built up with theatrical, bold vocals and lyrics that are as heart-breaking as they are heartfelt. Creeper sing of the pain we endure from living but urge us to carry on. You really get the sense that Creeper sing from their heart and soul. The band put an adult spin on emo music. I’m in my twenties and adore Creeper as much as I would have if I were in my teens.

Personal favourites of mine are ‘Misery’ and ‘Crickets’. The band’s other vocalist Hannah sings ‘Crickets’ incredibly beautifully. These songs have played a significant part in my life over the last few years, and I’m sure were the reason why I clocked up 72 hours listening to the band in 2018, according to my stats from Spotify. Asides from the fact that I was also of course in mourning of them throughout November and December. Being a fan of Creeper provides a roller coaster of emotion, especially after they sent myself and fellow fans into meltdown on November 2nd 2018. Creeper broke up live on stage at The Koko in London, announcing that it would be their last show by discarding of their Callous Heart jackets. Thankfully we know now that this was just a period of change and growth for the band, as on that exact date a year later Creeper returned with an immense comeback show under the guise The Fugitives of Heaven, where they debuted their new look and new single.

Since ‘Born Cold’ has been released, the band have completely cleansed their social media accounts to start a fresh. Combining this with their change of style at their comeback show; along with many others, I’m getting the encroaching sense that this is going to be a new era for Creeper. With such an intense single leading the charge, it suggests a much darker tone will be present within Creepers next album ‘Sex, Death & the Infinite Void’. I for one, cannot wait to see what 2020 brings for this endearing band. I already adore Creeper and hold a lot of their music very close to my heart. I am sure their new album will be one I will also cherish, and hope I can secure tickets to see them on their upcoming tour. Tickets go on sale for venues across the UK on Thursday 16th January for those who have ordered the album, otherwise General Sale is Monday 20th January. ‘Sex, Death & the Infinite Void’ is available to pre-order now.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. If there are any albums you’re looking forward to in 2020, let me know either by leaving a comment or by getting in touch on social media. I’d love to hear from you!


My Queen of 2019: Phoebe Green

My Queen of 2019: Phoebe Green

Many of you I’m sure will be wondering why a certain someone wasn’t included in my recent blog post ‘5 of my Favourite Gigs From 2019’. Well, this is because I felt she was worthy of a post dedicated just to her. Phoebe Green is an artist that I personally adore, but asides from my love for her, there is no denying that she has quickly become a rising icon these past 12 months. Absolutely storming 2019 in the process. With a signing to Chess Club Records, 2 new singles, and a string of live shows under her belt. Phoebe Green has certainly made a name for herself. I wanted to celebrate this hugely successful year of hers and explain why Phoebe has taken the crown for 2019 in my eyes, and I’m sure many others’ too.

I’d like to introduce Phoebe Green as an incredibly talented singer and songwriter. Phoebe writes her material herself, and her songs are a reflection of her own existence. This open window into her life, is something to be treasured. A very honest and brave lyricist, who does not hide behind a persona on stage. What you see when Phoebe performs is raw and real, and for me this makes her very special. From a young age, Phoebe has been passionate about music, and this is shown in her lyrics, that reflect as much colour and character as her name and personality. Originally hailing from the small seaside town of Lytham, Phoebe has since moved to follow her music aspirations and is now based in Manchester.

2019 has seen Phoebe take on supporting tours with the likes of Sundara Karma and Swim Deep, and most recently play an arena show with The Courteeners in Manchester. Earlier this year, Phoebe also had her very own headline tour in collaboration with ‘Get it Loud in Libraries’. An organisation that takes the quiet element out of libraries and instead fills them with music of all genres, in locations across the UK. As a result, this meant that Phoebe’s first tour was set to be so incredibly unique. Of course, I was first in the queue to get tickets to attend one of the shows, with the closest to me being Coventry. Asides from Coventry, Phoebe also played at libraries in Huddersfield and Liverpool this past summer. From what I saw; a smaller venue, with a dedicated crowd of fans, allowed Phoebe to shine exquisitely on stage. If I’m being honest, it wouldn’t even be fair to label the shows as being gigs, in my opinion the performances and atmosphere were far more intricate and intimate than that.

In Coventry Central Library, the stage was nestled in amongst the book shelves. It couldn’t have been anymore perfect, and it suited Phoebe so well. I don’t think I stopped beaming from the moment I arrived.

The first band to take to the stage were Porridge Radio. I’d never seen them before, but as soon as their set started I was captivated. Lead singer Dana has an incredible voice. I remember being completely fascinated by her sound and style. The songs they performed were gorgeous. Thanks to this gig I became a huge fan of Porridge Radio. I’ve recently written about them in more detail, congratulating them on their signing with Secretly Canadian Records.

Phoebe’s entrance to the stage was reserved, but beautiful. The room was so quiet you couldn’t hear a pin drop, and in that moment I felt for her. You could see that it wasn’t necessarily nervousness, but more a process of adaptation that was taking place. When you’re used to singing in front of a rowdy crowd that are fuelled on beer, to then be placed in front of people who are all patiently waiting in a library just to listen you. As Phoebe admitted herself, it was a change. Certainly not the environment she is used to performing in, as I’m sure would be the case for many other bands and artists.

As Phoebe began her set and the words of ‘Maniac’ began to echo around the room, you could see any hesitations she may have had melt away for her, as she relaxed into her surroundings. Needless to say, her performance was completely mesmerising. Phoebe has such a talent for song writing, and coupled with her incredibly beautiful vocals, this makes for a sublime pairing. A slight presence, that blooms in song. Phoebe Green is a flower bud, that bursts into life under the sunshine of the spotlight. She is wonderous to hear and behold. I’m not ashamed to say that Phoebe’s music has accompanied me through some of my loneliest, sleepless nights. Her songs have been there for me when I’ve cried, when I’ve overthought situations, and when I’ve simply needed something to listen to. So, to see Phoebe performing on stage, merely metres away from me, was very surreal. Phoebe’s set that evening was better than I could have imagined, and I felt so emotional during and after her performance. It was overwhelming in the best way possible.

To explain a little more about Phoebe’s music itself. Her self-released album 02:00am is gorgeous, and the lyrical content is haunting. It will reverberate with anyone who has ever been hurt or has longed for love. Vocally, most of her songs on this album are delicate to begin with, but the choruses are so powerful. Her songs transfix listeners with lyrics that speak of the frailty of the heart and mind. Encased in Phoebe’s soft vocals are subject matters that are certainly not delicate, but instead incredibly real, and piercing as a result of this. Phoebe sings of hurt, deceit, lust and love. For example, on the opening track of that night ‘Maniac’, Phoebe does not shy away from how weak we can be made to feel when blindingly in love with the wrong person. In contrast ‘Watercolour Envy’ speaks of a woman scorned, and shows beautifully, just how powerfully we can react when wronged by those we hold dearest, especially when infidelity is involved. The sheer raw emotion conveyed in Phoebe’s songs showcase her talents incredibly well. After listening to this album in full, it may come as a surprise that Phoebe had written these songs at just 16 years of age.


I know that Phoebe will openly admit she is embarrassed by the content of this album now, from having written the lyrics at a young age. However, despite her uncertainty, I’d like to assure her that for any listener, her songs will always be so relatable and poignant. Although, I can understand why she does feel detached from them. I know if I too were to look back on past relationships, and in turn old feelings that were inscribed within song lyrics, I’m sure I would also suffer embarrassment. Still it needs to be said, Phoebe as an outsider looking in, your lyrics are stunning. 02:00am should always be an album that is celebrated and loved.

Phoebe Green made her long-awaited return to music in March of this year. Prior to this, 02:00am was released in 2016. Her long hiatus from recording music has certainly helped her to grow, with ‘Dreaming Of’ clearly reflecting this. A stand-out, stand up for yourself ballad; ‘Dreaming Of’ lyricises a strong, independent woman who refuses to be put down, and aims to break free from her relationship and escape from a condescending partner. Phoebe projects so beautifully the betrayal that so many of us face, when we come to the realisation that we are in an unloving relationship, which we certainly do not deserve to be in. I’m so pleased to say that the passionate delivery of this new debut single gained Phoebe instant recognition. Clash Music and Pitchfork had both written stunning articles on Phoebe’s success by the end of April, and later in the year Phoebe had an interview with music heavyweights NME.

Phoebe’s new single came hand in hand with her signing to Chess Club Records, who clearly saw her talent and ran with it. Chess Club Records are a well-established name in the music industry, currently home to indie superstars Sundara Karma and Billie Marten. Chess Club also initially started the careers of giants Mumford & Sons, who put out their first EP with the label. This shows the sheer scale of what they see in Phoebe.

As I mentioned earlier, this year really has been the making of Phoebe Green. Being signed with such an expansive label as Chess Club has opened many doors for her, all of which she has gladly walked through. Many supporting and headline tours have kept her schedule busy, along with various festival appearances. Before finally closing the year playing an arena show with The Courteeners, which is certainly not an achievement to be taken lightly. However, Phoebe has remained modest throughout it all. Undoubtedly, one of the nicest people you could meet, Phoebe is so friendly and is genuinely such a kind-hearted person. I’ve been fortunate enough to have the pleasure of meeting her twice now. Initially following the gig in Coventry, I was over the moon to be able to speak to her, and more recently when she toured with Swim Deep at The Globe in Cardiff. Phoebe makes time for her fans and is so appreciative of everyone who speaks to her, and it’s these little sparks in her nature, that make her so wonderful. When I spoke to Phoebe after her set in Cardiff, she remembered when we spoke in Coventry. As a fan, that was so lovely and meant a lot to me. It proved to me that her fans obviously mean as much to her, as she does to us. Despite her clear musical talent, the lovely person that she is makes her all the more special.  

I cannot wait for Phoebe to release her new album. As well as ‘Dreaming Of’ and her newest single ‘Easy Peeler’, which is equally as incredible and powerful in it’s emotional depth. I’ve been lucky enough to hear Phoebe perform two other new unreleased songs live. One I believe is called ‘A Song For Alex’ and the other is called ‘Double Vodka Lemonade’, which is my favourite. As soon as the album is released, it is without doubt that I will find myself writing about Phoebe again. But for now, I must congratulate Phoebe on the immense success that 2019 has brought her. It has been such a brilliant year for her, and she should be so proud of everything she has achieved.

I’m sure that 2020 will bring her even more happiness and success.

I’d like to wish you all a Happy New Year. Thank you ever so much for taking the time to read my writing, and for appreciating the incredible bands and artists whom I write about. I wish you all lots of love, happiness and more wonderful music in 2020.

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