Rory Wynne Releases Latest Single ‘Roses’

Rory Wynne Releases Latest Single ‘Roses’

Rory Wynne is the next shining star to burst out of Manchester’s flourishing music scene. Showcasing a unique blend of indie-pop, Rory is not shy in taking charge of his own music career. You’re saying hello to the writer, performer, recorder and producer of his own music, which is certainly impressive.

Already championed by the likes of Radio 1 and NME, Rory is making a bold impact, and his music speaks for itself. Upon embarking on his headline UK tour, Rory wowed avid gig goers. Since then he has secured a string of residency nights in Manchester, as well as playing a show at iconic venue, Jimmy’s.

Echoes of summer nights, and carefree fun scorch through Rory’s whimsical tracks. His latest single ‘Roses’, is another undeniable indie hit. Dusky vocals scatter like petals throughout, but Rory’s sharp lyrical capabilities soon scar us with their thorns, as the track embodies that peculiar sting from lust for love, and ghosts of mistakes that are capable of entrancing us all, especially when they relate to that one person we adore most.

Driven by want and desire, ‘Roses’ is as lyrically dreamy, as it is catchy. Rory’s passion for music is clear to hear; the track is so brilliantly put together. Each verse, chorus, and even the song’s breakdown, are meticulously crafted to grow a truly beautiful track. 80s synth and modern indie clash, as Rory presents us with a singalong hit you’ll be blasting through your speakers in no time. 

Rose-tinted by name and by nature, ‘Roses’ really does bloom. Lustful lyrics and vocals are charged by captivating music, that really emphasises the charm of this track. Lyrically and musically, Rory has got it spot on here, and I’m very excited to hear more from him in the future.

‘Roses’ is out now on Very Clever Records, and is available to stream through all platforms

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Saytr Play Release Debut EP ‘In Truth I Fear For The Heart’

Saytr Play Release Debut EP ‘In Truth I Fear For The Heart’

If you like your music loud and untamed, Saytr Play certainly pack a punch.

Following on from the release of singles ‘Future’ and ‘VCR’, I am overjoyed to share that Saytr Play have released their debut EP ‘In Truth I Fear For The Heart’ today. Saytr Play are a chaotic, brilliant burst of energy, hailing from Manchester. My passion for their music rung clear in my recent review of their single ‘VCR’, and I cannot emphasise to you enough how brilliant this band are. Their sound is a modern twist on rock and roll. Influence is sought from classics of the past but Saytr Play are definitely bold in placing their own unique stamp, bringing in that added swagger of indie rock music gloriously.  

If you like your music loud and untamed, Saytr Play certainly pack a punch. Their debut EP is full to the brim with songs to sing your heart out to; from the anthem of ‘Everyday Since’ to the fast-paced fun of ‘VCR’. This EP grabs hold of you and doesn’t let go. As an added bonus for the acoustic lovers, there is also a gorgeous acoustic version of ‘Future’ to close the EP. The 4 tracks shine marvellously together and showcase that beautiful array of sound that Saytr Play capture so well.

This band are undoubtedly ones to watch. Their music has blossomed incredibly over the years, and this EP is surely that spark to ignite them. Already renowned for their frantic live performances, fans of Saytr Play are obsessed, and if you listen to this EP I am sure you will understand why. Guitars blare out, and front man Fred Farrell’s vocals are fantastic. Combine this with such an incredible stage presence, and I’m certain we’ve struck gold.

You can stream Saytr Play’s Debut EP ‘In Truth I Fear For The Heart’ on all platforms now, or you can purchase a copy directly from Saytr Play at

Saytr Play are expected to tour via This Feeling later in the year, new tour dates are to be confirmed.

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Rosehip Teahouse Release Beautiful New Track ‘It’s The Wrong Time’

Rosehip Teahouse Release Beautiful New Track ‘It’s The Wrong Time’

Rosehip Teahouse are back with a beautiful, woozy track written in isolation by lead vocalist Faye Rogers. Always sharing messages of positivity and kindness, Faye is a movingly brave lyricist who sings openly of our innermost human emotions and fragile experiences. Her latest track is a glowing beacon in dark times. Her vocals soar on the DIY single, and it is a delight to listen to.

A slice of indie goodness, soothing and soft. It highlights a tender, delicate subject and wraps it in sweetness.

Faye of Rosehip Teahouse has a gorgeous gift of comforting listeners through her music. ‘It’s The Wrong Time’ is about those self-destructive thoughts that often invade our minds when we are on our own, and linger. Faye has written and performed the song to raise awareness that we are not alone in encountering these frightening feelings, despite feeling like we might be, and to help those who may be struggling during such a strange period of our lives.

Everything about this song is beautiful; its vocals, its meaning, the subtle backing music. The track is simply made, but truly glows. A slice of indie goodness, soothing and soft. It highlights a tender, delicate subject and wraps it in sweetness. Faye’s voice is set against twinkling sounds from a keyboard, which compliments the serenity of her latest single, and swirls us around in a lullaby haven. Although ‘It’s The Wrong Time’ does have lyrics relating to unnerving thoughts, worry and fear woven within it, the song is subtle and so caringly delivered by Faye, it is a beautiful safety net rather than a trigger. Personally, I believe a lot of listeners will find solitude and peace within this blissfully blended track.

I commend Faye for once again having the boldness and bravery to record such a touching, emotional song and perform it with such wonderful composure.

If you enjoy listening to Rosehip Teahouse’s latest single, please do go and listen to their other singles on Spotify, and tune into any livestream sessions Faye is performing on Instagram. Often, you will be able to hear unreleased music that the band are working on, and I assure you these are equally as stunning. The band hail from Cardiff, and have performed a string of gigs locally and further afield over the years. Next time they are playing near you, it would be wonderful if you would go out and see them live. Their shows are completely mesmerising. I featured them as one on the best, emerging Welsh bands that you need to know about, back when I first started my blog in December 2019. You can read that here if you like.

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‘It’s The Wrong Time’ is out now exclusively on Bandcamp.

You can either download it for free, or donate whatever you can to support their music.

Matt Maltese “Ballad of a Pandemic” for Trussell Trust

Matt Maltese “Ballad of a Pandemic” for Trussell Trust

I always have and always will hold a soft spot for Matt Maltese. His music is melancholy but strangely comforting and it has been a huge part of my life over the last few years. I keep both of his albums, ‘Bad Contestant’ and ‘Krystal’ dear to my heart, so I was delighted to discover that he has shared a new track with us all today. 

I need not explain much about the single, for it is entitled Ballad of a Pandemic, and given our current global climate I’m sure you can all guess what it is in relation to. Matt Maltese however somehow breathes joy into our world, with his gorgeously woeful vocal delivery and oddly comedic suggestions; “Help your neighbour even if they’re not nice. Help your neighbour even if they’re hostile” he pleads. The lyrical content of the song is serious, of course it is, and it is without doubt that it sends a very strong message of love and hope for us all to stay safe in these uncertain times, however, I do love Matt for those little elements of madness he incorporates so beautifully; “Sit tight on your couch like a soldier in a dressing gown.”

I have cried to this man’s songs over my lifetime, and I have laughed. Often during the same track, which I know is slightly concerning. However, because of that ability he harnesses to so carefully balance emotion with wit, I believe that he is the only musician able to write a song about this horrific situation we’re all in, and somehow get it right. As I have said before, he is the king of wounded lovers, he guards hearts and he is a bizarre type of comfort blanket to me. I adore him, and I admire his bravery and boldness in releasing this song. 

What is most kind-hearted about the release is that Matt is donating any profit made from the single to The Trussell Trust. An organisation which supports a network of food banks across the UK, and provides emergency food and support to people in poverty. A very worthy cause, and it has actually touched me how much of a lovely gesture this is. 

Let’s please all help support Matt and this wonderful organisation by streaming and purchasing his latest single ‘Ballad of a Pandemic’

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Clwb Fuzz Release New Single ‘No Heaven’

Clwb Fuzz Release New Single ‘No Heaven’

Clwb Fuzz are brooding newcomers to Cardiff’s music scene, and already they are creating a buzz with their fresh, grungy, post-punk sound. The moody tones that surround this band are hot on trend at the moment, and their live performances are preceding them as they are continuing to rise in popularity amongst the live circuit. Channelling the likes of The Breeders for inspiration, Clwb Fuzz provide us with crushing basslines, sniping drums and hushed stirring lyrics from co-vocalist Emily Kocan. Today they are sharing their newly-recorded single ‘No Heaven’ with us, and it is definitely one you will want to listen to.

The track has been a favourite on their live sets already, and it went down a treat during their recent live-streamed gig with Let It Happen via Instagram. The single has been produced by Tom Rees, who has already worked with bands such as Panic Shack, and his own band Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard are taking the music scene by storm. Clwb Fuzz are certainly in good hands here. ‘No Heaven’ has been released through Libertino Records, who already nurture the likes of Adwaith and Los Blancos; they are certainly off to a very promising start.

Clwb Fuzz have nailed getting the balance right between echoing wistful vocals and biting guitars in the verses of ‘No Heaven’, but it is in the build-up that we really feel co-vocalist Emily Kocan’s voice rouse our senses and throttle with its grip.

‘No Heaven’ is a churning, post-punk anthem that will leave you stunned, in the best possible way. Its lyrics are in no way delicate, and remind me of those internal screams that swirl around in our minds when it plays with choking wild thoughts and delusions. These thoughts are captured and bottled by Emily’s initially soft vocal delivery, that could almost trick you into thinking the song is nice on your first listen. When in reality it contains words that snake menacingly around your soul. The moody tension makes it all even more unnerving, but the shudders you experience are glorious. Clwb Fuzz have nailed getting the balance right between echoing wistful vocals and biting guitars in the verses of ‘No Heaven’, but it is in the build-up that we really feel co-vocalist Emily Kocan’s voice rouse our senses and throttle with its grip.

Clwb Fuzz’s menacing moody sound is completely captivating and it is clear to see from this track alone, that they are a wonderfully talented emerging young band. ‘No Heaven’ progresses stunningly well, and I can’t wait to hear more of what they have to offer. I adore how this single, that is at first quiet, wistful and eerie, evolves into a shredding-guitar track with a snarling bite, that will definitely leave a mark.

Clwb Fuzz’s Debut Single ‘No Heaven’ is available NOW on all platforms via Libertino Records

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Lindsay Munroe Releases Latest Single ‘Split’

Lindsay Munroe Releases Latest Single ‘Split’

My obsession with Lindsay Munroe is growing. Her debut single ‘Mirror’ was both striking and stunning, and clearly emphasised her strength as a singer-songwriter. The single cut through with direct vocals but maintained a soft element which I was curious to hear more of. It is clear in Lindsay’s lyrics that self-reflection is key to her music. Her latest single ‘Split’ is an intimate exploration of her soul. Encased within a delicate soft vocal delivery that swept me yet again into her daydream. 

Words dripping in truths wrap around your core, and soon you find yourself entranced, as though her lyrical confession is being bestowed upon you.

The gentle opening of the single, accompanied by the hum of a guitar, carries the listener away in Lindsay’s arms. Her words dripping in truths wrap around your core, and soon you find yourself entranced, as though her lyrical confession is being bestowed upon you. Lindsay’s heart wrenching agony within this song is clear to hear.  Her ability to be so open and honest as a lyricist is truly captivating, and I keenly admire Lindsay’s bravery in baring herself through her music. 

‘Split’ evokes but never directly addresses its subject. We are led to believe what our mind takes us to, and somehow we reach back into our own pasts and look at what may have tormented us, through her eyes. Lindsay’s hushed nods to belief and virtues mirror an existence quietened and forced rigid by religion in its verses. However as ‘Split’ progresses, Lindsay heightens her spirit beautifully. The quiet beginning fades, as Lindsay’s confessions spiral and her anger is relinquished. The song breaks into a frenzy, and we really feel her unlock her vocal chords to take centre stage. This is the first time we also harness that euphoric rush of hearing the full band present too, which of course adds to the powerful expression exerted in this moment. 

‘Split’ is honestly triumphant. Lindsay’s bold expressions of finding herself and being able to love another have been clearly captured within both of her singles now. Through music it is clear she is flourishing, and the medium allows for an exquisite outpouring of her emotions. Lindsay is utterly relatable, and I feel she will invade the hearts and minds of many within no time. The singles close is a woozy comedown, and as an emotionally depleted Lindsay concludes ‘Split’ with an unfinished sentence and soothed vocals. The final seconds of this single are painfully poignant as though she is defeated. However, I can assure you she is far from it. Lindsay Munroe is in fact, soaring. 

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Saytr Play Release Latest Single VCR with Music Video Made By Fans

Saytr Play Release Latest Single VCR with Music Video Made By Fans

Saytr Play are nothing shy of complete craziness. Madchester by birth and mad by nature, this band know how to make music and have a good time doing so. They thrive on loud guitar riffs, stage dives and vocals that pour from front man Fred Farrell who leads the charge. Saytr Play are a burst of energy, and always bring electricity to their live performances. Their engagement with their crowds is euphoric and as for what they do on stage, well, I’m talking climbing speakers, swinging from the ceiling, and almost anything else you can think of. I am pretty sure it won’t be long before this band become infamous for their stage antics, as well as their music.

The bands name Saytr Play is a twist on “Satyr Plays”. These were Ancient Greek tragicomedies, full of drunken antics and sexual deviance, designed to delight their audiences. Quite fitting to the playful nature of our modern-day Saytr Play, don’t you think?

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925 by Sorry – Album Review

925 by Sorry – Album Review

I have one word to describe this band and their sound, and that is intriguing. I had never encountered Sorry before 925 burst on the scene. I merely saw an album from a band unknown to me, receiving rave reviews on social media. Therefore of course my curiosity was peaked, and it wasn’t long before I indulged my senses with their debut album release.

925 greeted me as a gorgeous medley of sound. Each song is able to capture a different mood and feeling. With every individual element of each song reflecting this. It appeared to me as though they have been crafted meticulously, from their lyrics through to each note of their musical content. Different instruments are used within every song to create a unique vibe for each. 

With each song having its own uniqueness, this does mean that overall tracks on the album do contrast. However, I don’t see this as a bad thing. These contrasting sounds blend together to create a kaleidoscope. Complete clarity can never be captured within this album, as we are taken on a wild ride both lyrically and musically, but I believe that is the point. The album is a trippy, euphoric rush. Moods sway and vocals swing. It’s a meticulous, gorgeous high. 

I have seen this band described as having an ‘I don’t care’ attitude. Through the album however, personally I struggle to find this. There is a confidence present of course, although, I perceive Sorry as a band experimenting and breaking boundaries through their debut album. 925 is an experiment with impeccable results surely, I am left wondering how there could possibly be any anomalies present?

Whether Sorry constructed 925 on an arrogant social whim, frankly has no impact on me. I can see they have sought inspiration from and interpolated well-known tracks, however I only have admiration for their boldness. To be so blasé, and use popular releases to create something new. Yes it does snub the noses of their predecessors slightly, but they have crafted their influences into their own forms of artwork. In no way are the songs of 925 carbon copies of resembling sounds before them. 

The album is meant to be beautifully woozy and dream-like. This is what we should focus on, if we possibly can. Hazy vocals clash with jarring instruments and create songs that shake and wake you up. Vocals are bordering on mundane but, they’re not. I can’t help but feel that lead vocalist Asha Lorenz, purposefully mutes her sound to stir emotions and hook onto the ledge of a feeling.

To hone in and cherry pick my favourite tracks for you to listen to, would not do this album justice. Listeners who capture the spirit of 925 as a whole, will enjoy the freedom it offers from its fluidity, and relish in the mystery of this intriguing band.

Why not explore?

Talk Show Release Debut EP ‘These People’

Talk Show Release Debut EP ‘These People’

If you haven’t listened to Talk Show yet, then you seriously need to. The bands brand new EP ‘These People’ is out today, and is available to stream on all platforms. It contains four singles, that will stir your subconscious and invade your mind. 

On this punchy new release, Talk Show simmer to boiling point with their edgy punk sound and lyrics that snare your senses. I have been eagerly waiting the EP since we were graced with our first taste back in January. The initial single Banshee quickly entranced me, and was a stark reminder of the incredible capabilities this band possess. 

Talk Show relish in a madness that is able to function absurdly well. 

Talk Show are a fascinating enigma to behold, and their onstage presence is unlike anything I have ever witnessed before. Blending edgy punk with something far darker, their latest EP is a glowing example of how they cleverly clash genres and sounds, to create a form of punk that is in many ways a breed of their own. Their songs are eery and distorted in their lyrical approach which knocks you off balance in a woozy bliss, but as quickly as you are lost are you then swept back up again and thrown into the frantic, chaotic frenzy of their fast paced, energetic tempo. Instruments collide and screech in this fuelled riot, with vocals tearing through in a crazed harmony that I can’t imagine any other band fusing together so well. Talk Show relish in a madness that is able to function absurdly well. 

My personal favourite from ‘These People’ is Petrolhead. Talk Show always have a way of building their songs up brilliantly, but Petrolhead is nothing shy of an explosion. It’s charged and gloriously angry, and I cannot wait to hear it live. 

You can catch Talk Show on their headline tour in September. They are also going to be playing across Wales for IVW with Panic Shack, postponed tour dates are yet to be confirmed.

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Foxxglove Releases Debut Single ‘City’

Foxxglove Releases Debut Single ‘City’

A new voice emerging in the Welsh music scene. Dark-pop artist Foxxglove has a gorgeous gift of allowing her accent to flow beautifully within her music. Embracing an alternative, grungy edge to both her vocals and overall style. Foxxglove’s unique persona really helps push her music forward, and showcases her as more than just your average pop act. There’s something so wonderfully different about her sound, and Foxxglove’s moody vibes within her music are entrancing.

Her latest single ‘City’ is a snapshot of her mind, embodying all of the feelings and emotions she experienced during a complicated and hurtful time in her life, inflicted on her by the cruel intentions of another. I find myself instinctively drawn to music within which an artist openly expresses themselves. Foxxglove certainly delivers this and more. ‘City’ is heartfelt and real. A peek through the window of her life and a very brave offering to her listeners. It is rarely an easy task to be completely bare and bold with self-expression, however Foxxglove’s canvass of reflection is wonderous to behold.

A brave new artist capable of unflinching honesty who is certainly worth listening to. Foxxglove has written and created a debut single that is completely captivating. Her voice is soothing but in no way shy, the Welsh lullaby tones I remarked upon earlier are present, but she has laced her vocal chords with a grit which tears through. There isn’t a single waiver, break, or lack of confidence present at all within her voice. This is boldly intriguing, especially given the raw nature of the lyrics. Any nerves she may hold close in everyday life seem to seep away when graced with her musical capabilities, and this is commendable.

Speaking about the track herself, Foxxglove exclaims ‘City is about the state of mind, and talks about my experience with moving from my hometown to the city. It’s about feeling hopeful and free but also lonely, it’s about finding yourself and not letting the past define who you are.’ City is enveloped by equally as moody guitar playing and backing tones which build up to the songs climatic chorus, in which Foxxglove’s freedom explodes both lyrically and vocally. The music video to accompany this single is also gorgeous, and suits the tone of the song so well.

‘City’ is a means of escapism for Foxxglove and the listener alike.

Every Bad by Porridge Radio – Album Review

Every Bad by Porridge Radio – Album Review

Every Bad, the second album from Brighton’s Porridge Radio is in many ways their debut. Previous quietened bedroom recordings paved the way, allowing them to flourish on stage; captivating their audiences and myself. We hear a sound blossomed into music so pure, lead singer and songwriter Dana Margolin’s voice can only be described as incredible. No longer do Porridge Radio hide behind a hushed, whimsical ghost of their former sound. Today Porridge Radio are a reflection of the hurricane we behold on stage, and the storm is phenomenal.

Following their signing to Secretly Canadian, Porridge Radio have toured relentlessly, enabling their music to be heard across the globe, and in turn gaining them a wave of new listeners. I have been a fan of theirs for the last couple of years now and was lucky enough to first watch then performing in a room with no more than 20 others. Dana’s voice captivated me then, with such intensely driven songs. I knew that one day the band would skyrocket. It looks as though that day has come. 

‘Every Bad’ is in no uncertain terms, an exquisite album. The eccentrically beautiful collection of jarring songs, somehow compliment one another in the most gorgeous way possible. Lyrically, each is home to their own unique message, but intertwine to become a screaming ode to and advocate of mental health, both for the individual and humanity as a collective.

The album is raw and honest, nothing is hidden. We are graced with truths in their purest forms; hurt is shown to us, shame is shown to us, denial, loss, indescribable self loathing and agony are shown to us. However we are also gifted with self-belief, love, acceptance and strength. We as humans can harbour anxiety, depression and worry inside of us. Through ‘Every Bad’ Porridge Radio explore how we can learn to accept them, and the incredible bravery of this. Dana has written the album drawing vastly on her own experiences and emotions in life. I believe this gives ‘Every Bad’ a wonderfully human aspect.

There isn’t a single song that is anything short of mesmerising. Every detail knitted and woven into each has been carefully stitched, creating an album crafted to evoke feeling. The lyrics are haunting and resonate deeply. Sung with such passion that you are moved from within your very core. ‘Every Bad’ wraps itself around your heart, and lingers longingly in your mind. 

Not a single fragment of Porridge Radio’s powerful live sound is lost within it. It is undeniable that as an album ‘Every Bad’ is groundbreaking. I have relished in and written about every single offering provided in the lead up to this album release, and in many ways I feel that Porridge Radio have allowed us to travel on this journey with them.

‘Every Bad’ is an album that will hold different emotions and different outlooks for each listener. Although the musical and lyrical content of each song will not change, how we perceive it based on our own mindset will vary. Although do not believe that Porridge Radio do not know this. I firmly believe that the album was written for this very reason. ‘Every Bad’ is an experience of reflection, growth and acceptance for each listener it pours upon, from the start to the very finish. A gift in the form of unwavering, brutal honesty. What better way to experience such an intense emotional outpouring, than through the medium of music?

I have to echo my past thoughts, and say that standout favourites for me remain to be Circling and Sweet. Circling for its unwashed beauty and clarity. The single is just homely and fills me with daydreams of the sea and becoming lost within my own thoughts. Sweet for its sheer impact and the intensity of it, with a sound so hard-hitting and raw. Both songs possess the most captivating lyrics for different reasons. Circling embodies emotions such as love, longing and escapism, whereas Sweet draws on feelings of anger, confusion and denial, but in the end these emotions are relinquished and in time we perceive self-love and acceptance instead.

I was also pleasantly surprised to find a re-recorded version of an old favourite of mine, Born Confused, opening the album. This song was at home in my online music library for a while, until one day it disappeared. I was heartbroken at it being pulled, but believed it could be due to record label reasons. It was a joy to rediscover the song on ‘Every Bad’, with a slightly different sound but remaining still as mesmerising as ever. As is the same for the emergence again of older material, in the form of Give/Take and Don’t Ask Me Twice, both of which Porridge Radio fans will already be familiar with. 

This familiarity and inclusion of older material on the album, envelopes what I have been saying throughout. Porridge Radio are nothing if not true to themselves. Older songs have allowed them to bloom yet still remain a part of them. Their places on the album are cherished nods to the bands past.

‘Every Bad’ is a journey for Porridge Radio and the listener alike. A kaleidoscope of emotion and feeling which can expand the horizons of your sight and sound, allowing for a sense of awakening. The album has been created using a variety of instruments and each song is curated with its own blend of music. The album pushes Porridge Radio to showcase every aspect of their incredible talent. This talent is always seen on stage, but now it is in our hands. We can immerse ourselves in their glorious music whenever we need to. 

Trampolene, Al Moses and The Sherlocks – Gig Review

Trampolene, Al Moses and The Sherlocks – Gig Review

07/03/2020 – Tramshed, Cardiff

This weekend, I returned to Tramshed in Cardiff, excited and ready to see my absolute favourite band again. There is always something so special about seeing Welsh indie rockers Trampolene on home soil, they have such a magical connection with the crowd, and in truth it is where you will see front man Jack Jones really thrive. His energy levels seem to peak, and chaos normally ensues. There is always a warmth and friendliness surrounding Trampolene, but at home this warmth glows to burning flames, and the band really catch on fire.

This time around, Trampolene were set to support The Sherlocks. A band I have listened to, but had yet to watch perform live, so I was curious to see what they were all about. Supporting The Sherlocks alongside Trampolene were fellow Welsh band Al Moses.

Al Moses tore onto the stage first. Very loud and very fast paced, they were an exciting ball of energy. Music gripped the crowd, and threw us full throttle into the evening.

A young band with an old-school rock and roll twist to their edgy sound, I really enjoyed their set. What stood out to me as something truly unique about them, was their ability to switch between vocalists seamlessly. Rather than centring around a single front man, the format allowed you to appreciate the band as a whole.

It is clear to see that Al Moses are nipping at the heels of indie rock greatness. A band with an awful lot of potential, they’re certainly ones to watch in the future. You can catch Al Moses at their next gig at Clwb Ifor Bach in April. 

Next up were Trampolene, and I was beyond excited. In his usual bizarre fashion, Trampolene’s Jack Jones took to the stage in style. Donning a fur jacket, this time his look was complete with a face mask for protection from the crowd, given our current world health climate. Always at the centre of some kind of controversy is our beloved Mr Jones. After jeers from everyone, it wasn’t long before Jack ripped the mask from his face and thew it into the eagerly waiting crowd. Jack Jones germs obviously didn’t concern anyone, and if you thought that was the end of his antics, then you’d be wrong.

Of course, Jack had yet another trick up his sleeve for us. Or should I say, in his pants. Pretending as though he’d left his fly open, Jack proceeded to start pulling something out from his pants. Now before you stop reading, it’s not as naughty as I’m implying. Although I wouldn’t put that past him. It quickly became apparent that Jack had the welsh flag waving out from his fly. No Trampolene gig would be complete without a welsh flag appearing from somewhere or other. However, I’m certain people didn’t expect one to be strewn at them, from such an intimate place. That’s Trampolene for you though. Certainly not tame by any means.

I rolled my eyes and smiled, as I know Jack well by now. I knew that there wasn’t a way he could pass a home gig by, without doing something rather special. That’s what makes me love this band so much though. An unpredictable nature, far from boring and they will do almost anything to bring fun and laughter to their fans.

The set hadn’t even started yet, and already the crowd were wild for Trampolene.

Revving up the stage and opening straight into It’s Not Rock & Roll. I could feel the room erupt. A song really that really gives anyone new to their music a flavour of what Trampolene are all about. Before the onslaught of fan favourites You Do Nothing For Me and Alcohol Kiss.

As Alcohol Kiss blared out, Trampolene’s true spirit and madness took hold. It was at this point that I realised there certainly were a number of people in the room, who were only there for one reason, as was I. Trampolene had dedicated fans present and they were clear to spot. I was lucky enough to have secured my space in front of Jack, and despite a boisterous fan attempting to move me, it wasn’t happening.
I can hold my own in a Trampolene gig, that’s for sure. 

Scattered in amongst their favourites, Trampolene also shared some new songs with us, which were amazing to hear live. Different to what I expected, the sound is more calmer than their usual style but certainly catchy, and I’m sure I will love them just as much in time.

I was certain that Trampolene gained a few extra fans that night, as I heard someone to the side of me exclaim with glee “What band was that?!”

Trampolene’s fun energy was certainly contagious and it was fantastic to see them again. 

Following Trampolene’s set the music from the speakers started up again. Indie bangers from the likes of Arctic Monkeys, Gerry Cinnamon and Catfish and the Bottlemen sent younger fans into meltdown as they danced and sang loudly.

Yet again Trampolene had the satisfaction of knowing they’d turned what was a relatively calm crowd into chaos, and I’m sure Jack, Wayne and Jay were smiling as they watched from the balcony. Spotted by the falling pint which soaked those below, typical Trampolene. 

As I wasn’t sure what to expect from The Sherlocks, I decided to move to the side shortly before their set began to let someone else get closer to the front.

As The Sherlocks took to the stage, their professionalism was clear to see. They greeted the crowd politely and began their performance amongst the cheers. I listened and watched intently. Waiting for a killer song or a burst of energy to really kick this set into life. Those around me were singing and smiling. Unfortunately though, I have to say that I found myself underwhelmed. The night had so much energy and so much potential, but I just didn’t enjoy the music as much as I wanted to.

Without doubting that as a band they are talented and clearly adored by their fans. Unfortunately for me, each song just blended into the next, which was a real shame. Without that spark there to really excite me, I found myself feeling slightly dazed and lost. The stage was washed in bright neon lights, making the band hard to see, and I wished I hadn’t moved. I wondered, maybe if I had remained in the heart of the crowd, would I have appreciated them more?

The Sherlocks have clearly toured a great deal, I could see it reflected in their clean-cut show. There are no stumbles, or mess ups in their playing. They didn’t so much as move from their own individual perches onstage. I was expecting them to tear up and down the floor, climb the speakers and pour themselves into the crowd.

Instead, a lacklustre performance just left me disappointed. All of that character must have been ironed out in their early days, and personally I’d love to see a bit of it brought back. Barely any crowd interaction, meant little of their personality shone through. The stage wasn’t utilised to anywhere near it’s full potential.

If I had been a long standing fan of their music and had grown with them, then I’m sure I would be writing a more positive review, as I would have experienced those crazy days with them. As a new member of the crowd, watching them now though, sadly asides from generic indie rock music and a fantastic Beatles cover mid-set, there wasn’t really a lot else on offer. It makes me so sad to write that.

Undoubtedly there were a great number of people in the crowd who were enjoying the show, and their music was appreciated by fans. However being someone who only knew a handful of songs, there just wasn’t that onstage presence to carry me through to saying this was an amazing set. The Sherlocks are simply the perfect indie poster boys these days, with respectful and composed performances.

Given the crowd, genre and previous support acts, I expected a rowdy gig, but sadly that wasn’t the case. I do admire The Sherlocks ability to put on a show that their fans still love, without any theatrics. It just wasn’t love at first sight for me.

If I’m being honest and fair to The Sherlocks, I think in my eyes any band performing after Trampolene would have had a job to really impress me. Trampolene are an enigma and so lively on stage, I think this is part of the reason why The Sherlocks performance didn’t ignite me.

Overall I really enjoyed the night though, the gig provided me with a great Saturday night out, and I always adore visiting Tramshed. 

I hope you can respect my honesty here. I’d never want to hurt a band as I know how hard they all work and I appreciate that massively, but I cannot write a glowing review when I was not set alight.

I’d love to see The Sherlocks really have fun and enjoy being on stage again!

Maybe next time!

A Change of Genre – Introducing Codewalkers

A Change of Genre – Introducing Codewalkers

Since becoming more involved in my local music scene than ever before, I have been introduced to an expansive array of musical genres and styles. It has been no secret that I am a lover of indie rock music and that type of sound. However, I am not ignorant to other genres, and given the chance, will always consider and explore new music in whatever format it may be. Whether I like it or not, would be a personal preference. However shaking my music tastes up has always been intriguing to me. Therefore, when I had the chance to attend the Horizons variety gig as a part of IVW. It was a chance for me to see an array of talented musicians and performances, outside of my usual go to indie rock bracket.

One of the bands I was lucky to catch that night, were Codewalkers. A reggae, rap and rock fusion, mashed together to create an immersive, fresh and exciting sound that explodes during their live performances. Codewalkers absolutely blew the room up that night, with their energetic and vibrant set. This band commanded their crowd brilliantly well and got everyone dancing and enjoying themselves in no time, including myself. No matter what style of music you’re in to, I challenge you to watch Codewalkers live, and not end up having a smile on your face. 

Codewalkers pick-a-mix style of music is superb to behold, and their personalities shine through beautifully. I always love watching a band with such character and passion performing. Codewalkers bring fun, laughter and an insane amount of energy, which shed a different light on rap, reggae and hip hop for me. They infused the genres with rock and electro-pop, creating a blend of music to suit almost everyone they possibly could.

Their latest single remix is a different take on their 2019 track Roadman. The single remix was born from a collaboration with New York Producer, King Ital Rebel. Originally hailing from Jamaica and working on a number of reggae tracks, Ital was the perfect match for Codewalkers front man Seun Babatola who has roots in Nigeria, their musical styles compliment one another and they had a lot of fun working on this latest single release. 

With the remixed version of Roadman, Codewalkers are delving further again into their expansive genre collection, this time taking on the popular dancehall style, with touches of dub thrown in. Whilst I appreciate this style of music is on the rise, it is still very new to me. I can say that the sound is different and certainly interesting, but I won’t embarrass myself by attempting be the expert on it. 

I’ll let you discover Codewalkers energetic sound on their latest single for yourself, if you like it, please let me and them know! The original Roadman track is definitely worth a listen too, personally I prefer this track as I’m not a huge fan of dance music. However, I can say with certain assurance that Codewalkers are definitely something special to behold live. If you get the chance, definitely go and check them out. 

Codewalkers Remix of Roadman feat. King Ital Rebel is available for you to steam on all platforms NOW!

Follow Codewalkers on their socials below:

International Women’s Day: Celebrating Women in Music

International Women’s Day: Celebrating Women in Music

Today is International Women’s Day. A day on which everything about our female personalities, spirit, nature and beauty in whatever form it may be, is celebrated across the globe. A day for women to support, empower and encourage one another, and take action for gender equality, whilst celebrating our achievements.

I am choosing to celebrate incredibly talented women in music today. I have chosen to celebrate these women because they have encouraged and inspired me over the years with their music. Each one is beautifully talented in their own rights and I hope they will empower you with their music too.

Phoebe Green

Soft dreamy vocals, with lyrics to give strength to any woman. Phoebe does not shy away in expressing her feelings through her music. Phoebe Green self-released her debut album 02:00am, with songs written at just 16 years of age. Phoebe encapsulates raw, honest truths and emotions within her music. Exploring every aspect of our personalities, by sharing her own experiences with us. Her lyrics speak of the frailty of heart and mind. As Phoebe’s music is so open and honest, we are entrusted with a true reflection of her inner most thoughts, and the bravery in which she has freely shared these with us, is truly commendable and inspiring. Phoebe’s songs have accompanied me through many a sleepless night, and I’d like to thank her. Songs which can reverberate with anyone who has ever loved and lost someone, gifted to us through a kaleidoscope of emotional outlooks. Her music encourages us all to feel what we are within our every rights as women to feel. I hope you can find both bravery and solace within Phoebe Green.

Dana Margolin

Raw, powerful and beautiful in her uniqueness. Dana is an exquisitely gorgeous and strong woman, evoking such passion and strength with her music. A singer and songwriter who possesses the ability to silence a room with her voice alone. Dana is the lead vocalist of band Porridge Radio, who thrives on stage. What was initially a bedroom project for her, she has nurtured and flourished into an internationally recognised, emerging band. Within merely a few years, Dana has had her band signed and they have toured across the UK, with an upcoming tour in the US due very soon. Dana has one of the most incredible voices I have ever heard; she is able to sing with softness in one breath and then absolutely scream her vocals out from her very core, with pure strength and passion in the next. As a lyricist Dana is remarkably brave in writing about fragile topics, and expressing them fearlessly within her music, she delivers her lyrics with unrelenting power. Vocal and lyrically Dana complementing one another to create music that is unquestionably beautiful, and a true reflection of herself.

Alice Boman

True bravery. A female soul who is braver than any I have encountered before. Alice Boman hides nothing within her lyrics, her heart is laid out bare for us all to behold. Unwavering honesty and clarity exists within her music. Every intimate detail of her love, every pain, hurt and agonised thought she has suffered, is naked in front of us. Alice expresses heartbreak in its purest form. Women are deep and emotional creatures, we may hide this with a strong outer shell, but inside we are soft and often wounded. Alice Boman has no outer shell, her music is women truly as we are. Nothing is buried within her, Alice is open and exposed, showing us the strength within her emotions. A Swedish born singer, her music has no language barriers, with Alice’s exposed truths and honesty that are woven within her songs, having attracting fans from across the globe. A musician who can resonate hauntingly with anyone who has ever experienced any form of longing. Her vulnerability is what makes her, in my eyes, one of the most talented song writers and performers I have ever discovered.

Kate Stables

With beauty in her wilderness, Kate Stables is a force of nature to be reckoned with. A multi-instrumentalist and vocalist, who shines on stage with her raw lyrics and mesmerising voice. Kate Stables blooms within many musical projects and features, however her home is within her finest creation, the diverse indie-folk band This is the Kit. Free spirited, weathered and gorgeously enchanting, Kate Stables capabilities seem endless, as though she is a waterfall forever flowing out to sea. A fascinating female icon, who is an inspiration to bohemian and earthly spirits. Kate has acquired a dedicated following, by entrancing them with her gorgeous vocals and instrument playing. Kate’s strength lies within her personality and her music, which entwine together to become her. Mesmerising as a lyricist and as a performer, it becomes quickly apparent that Kate’s music is an expression of her soul, and a platform for her to celebrate those around her, as freely as herself.

Amy Taylor

A rock and roll icon, and strength in its ultimate form. Amy Taylor is a powerhouse of raw female sexuality, who fronts one of the craziest, most energetic punk bands of our time, Amyl and The Sniffers. Amy expresses herself as sheer strength and bravery, proving that female equality is certainly something we are capable of achieving. Amy is an inspiration to any and all women, no matter what your music tastes may be, as she is not shy in being who she truly is. Amy is a captivating and unbelievably talented front woman, who can command a crowd in the most beautiful way I have ever seen. A woman who has the strength to take on the world on stage, is wrapped within a beautiful soul, with such a charm and girlish nature. Overlapping female clichés of girlish norms with tomboy fierceness, Amy thrives in being herself, and makes no apologies for it. An example for many women in music to follow.

Why I am celebrating these women, is not only for their vocal or musical capabilities alone. I hope it has become clear that I am celebrating them for their strength, for their unwavering bravery in their lyrics, and their unflinching honesty in truly expressing themselves through their music. These women have all shown incredible determination in sharing with us something they have worked so hard for. If you are reserved about your talents and worried about what others may think, seek inspiration from these powerful female figures. I myself hid from writing for years over concerns of having lost my capabilities, and worrying what others might think of me. I was scared at being laughed at. However, for the most part now I have found strength in putting those fears aside. I’ve combined my love for music, with something that has swelled within my heart for as long as I can remember. Writing has always been my true calling in life, and I am proud that through music, I have been able to realise that again. I hope you too can be brave and be who YOU truly are as women and men alike, don’t hide away anymore. Find your strength, and showcase your talents.

Happy International Women’s Day

Emerging Welsh Rock Band Just Drive Release New Single ‘Something For The Weekend’

Emerging Welsh Rock Band Just Drive Release New Single ‘Something For The Weekend’

Just Drive are a brand new rock band emerging from Bridgend, in South Wales. Their music comprises of heavy guitar riffs and fast paced, hard hitting vocals. Their latest single ‘Something For The Weekend’ caught my attention within the first 5 seconds of hearing it. The intro knocked me off my feet and I’m sure it will do the same thing to you too. Definitely something to get excited about. If you’re a fan of bands like Saytr Play and The Himalayas then Just Drive will be right up your street. 

‘Something For The Weekend’ is an incredibly catchy new single, and quickly becomes one of those songs that gets stuck in your head, in the best way possible. The lyrics aren’t too intense but instead tell the tale of a reckless drunken night out, from booze to lust and every thing in between. All twisted together with just the right amount of bass, guitar and drum playing that really packs a punch. The instruments blare in perfect harmony with the vocals, which really gives this song a bite you can’t shake off.  

I always love supporting new and emerging bands, but this band are really ones that I couldn’t believe I was actually lucky enough to be hearing this early on in their musical career. Just Drive only formed as a band in late 2018, and so far they have already supported well-known band Mallory Knox and performed on stages such as the 02 in Birmingham, as well as playing a string of local shows. I have a feeling it won’t be long until this band are headlining for themselves. Indie rock and rock music is growing phenomenally well, and there is definitely a slot for Just Drive on my radar. 

Just Drive are made up of lead vocalist Ryan David, who also plays rhythm guitar for the band. Christian Bowen is on lead guitar. Daniel Goodall plays bass. Lastly, completing the lineup is James Orwin on Drums, who also provides backing vocals for the band. 

Just Drive although just starting out, are certainly not a band to be underestimated by any means. I firmly believe, along with the likes of Indie Pulse, Mystic Sons and BBC Radio’s Adam Walton that the four-piece have a brilliant career ahead of them. Local radio stations are already sitting up and noticing them, as are newspapers. The band have also had airplay from the likes of BBC Wales and BBC Introducing

Give their latest single ‘Something For The Weekend’ a listen and let me know what you think by leaving a comment below or by tweeting me @beckyandtheband. 

You can find Just Drive on their socials below:

Twitter: @justdrivemusic 

Instagram: @justdrivemusic 

Facebook: Just Drive 

Porridge Radio Release Latest Single ‘Circling’

Porridge Radio Release Latest Single ‘Circling’

Circling is beautiful, raw and emotional, and what pours from it is nothing shy of exquisite.

With their album ‘Every Bad’ due to be released next week, Porridge Radio have shared another new single with us today, as anticipation builds. I have been eagerly awaiting their album release for a long time, purely for one song alone. That song was shared with us today and with it, I was awash with a tidal wave of emotion. I completely adore ‘Circling’, having heard it live for the first time last year. I became obsessed from the very start. Having held my live recording dearly for such a while, to finally hear the studio recorded version was completely mesmerising.

I look at this song through two channels. When I’m struggling I can see it through the eyes of someone with thoughts swirling and rattling through their brain, desperately reassuring themselves that everything is ok. Nothing is wrong, everything is fine. In repeating waves with increasing intensity, swaying with desperation in the longing for everything to actually be ok. When I am happy and content, this song is safety, a comfort blanket and homely, and I love it dearly. The song reminds me of summer and happiness, of being wrapped in the arms of the person I adore. When I listen to the lyrics I am content and safe, and nothing is wrong and everything is fine. 

Isn’t it peculiar, how we can perceive songs differently depending on our state of minds, our moods and our feelings. This is honestly what I believe Dana and Porridge Radio have tuned into. Their songs are deep swells of heart wrenching emotion, happy and sad, in equal measures. The songs are an ode to and an advocate of mental health, and are deeply rooted in both emotional agony and emotional wellbeing. Porridge Radio sing in lulls suffering and recovery, and it is honestly glorious to behold. Lyrically and vocally the band are absolutely blooming in the most beautiful way. Each time I’ve seen them they just get better and better. Dana’s voice is unbelievable, a beacon of passion and power, that delivers her message in the most sublimely gorgeous setting. 

Through Instagram, Dana describes the song, ahead of their upcoming album release. ‘A lot of the songs on Every Bad are centred around the sea, and Circling was one of the last songs focused on water that I wrote about for the album. I was thinking on the idea of willing things to be ok by repeating that they are, because I need them to be. I tried to follow the flow of waves, and how they keep coming in endlessly, washing everything away, without judgement, and then bringing it back again.’

Usually in my single reviews I will tear a song apart, dissecting it piece by piece, and share with you its sound, style and everything in between, but honestly I don’t feel that is needed here. Circling is beautiful, raw and emotional, and what pours from it is nothing shy of exquisite. Both your heart and your mind are invoked and awakened, as the tide rushes in.

We all need to go inside the sea sometimes.

If you doubt me, listen for yourself.

Porridge Radio’s album ‘Every Bad’ is due to be released on 13th March.

See Porridge Radio perform for yourself at one of the following dates (or all of them):

TJ Roberts Release New Single ‘True Secret to a Happy Life’

TJ Roberts Release New Single ‘True Secret to a Happy Life’

Following the release of their debut album in November of last year, TJ Roberts are a band on the rise. Breaking out of Cardiff’s thriving music scene, TJ Roberts mash up indie and rock to create their own truly unique sound. Championed by Libertino Records who also support award-winning Welsh band, Adwaith. TJ Roberts are certainly in safe hands, and I have no doubt that their growth as a band will be sublime. 

 ‘True Secret to a Happy Life’ is the first of many new songs that we can expect to be released by TJ Roberts this year. It is also anticipated that these songs will culminate to form an upcoming second album release for 2020, which is seriously impressive considering their first album came out just 3 months ago. This makes TJ Roberts a hot new band that you’ll certainly want to keep your eyes on over the next few months.

Their latest single begins with a steady guitar riff that captures your attention from the offset. We are then met with a head-banging indie song that progresses in really drawing you in. You’ll be singing it in the shower, humming it at your desk in work and blaring it out of your car windows in no time, I assure you. The verses are charged with varying vocal and instrument tempos that really make your ears prick up, and clearly emphasise the capabilities of lead singer Tom, as well as the rest of the band. With a catchy chorus to follow, it’s honestly difficult not to like this song.

Lyrically, I got the initial impression that the songs delves into relationship issues and how they can affect an individual over a long period of time, however as the song develops I believe the lyrics delve into the bigger picture, as though these problems are a reflection on our current society at large.

The single is a brilliant new offering from TJ Roberts, after what has been a period of change and transition for them. ‘True Secrets to a Happy Life’ has given us a wonderful flavour of what we can expect from their album next release.

I have yet to see TJ Roberts perform live, but I’m sure that if not already, then following this new single they are not only on mine, but also many others’ radar. 

‘True Secret to a Happy Life’ is available to stream on all platforms NOW

You can catch TJ Roberts performing live on the following dates:

Monday 2nd March – Rough Trade, London
Friday 13th March – Le Pub, Newport 
Follow their social media accounts below if you enjoy what you hear:


Twin Stranger Release Debut Single ‘Tears of Joy’

Twin Stranger Release Debut Single ‘Tears of Joy’

A synthy pop swirl, that first struck me as being nostalgic and dream-like. The song is one that I quickly found myself becoming lost in.

Led by singer and multi-instrumentalist Alex McConnachie. Twin Stranger are an emerging indie-pop band from South Wales. 

Initially a bedroom recording project started by Alex, to become Twin Stranger as we know them today, Alex enlisted his brother Liam, as well as friends, Josh Newington on bass, Joe Tobin on keyboards and drummer Eric Karvik.

Twin Stranger have started out performing across South Wales, and the South West. I was lucky enough to catch them supporting Apostle recently in Cardiff, and was overjoyed to hear their unique sound, which blossomed in confidence as their set progressed. For a young, new emerging band, Twin Stranger certainly left an impression on me, and I found myself eager to hear more. 

‘Tears of Joy’ is their debut single, released today. A synthy pop swirl, that first struck me as being nostalgic and dream-like. The song is one that I quickly found myself becoming lost in. The lyrics reflecting memories and daydreams, are encapsulated gorgeously by Alex’s soft but charged vocals, with the buzz of the guitar, drums and keyboard ensuring you stay awake. The single is a tune which you can dance to, all whilst being lost in flashbacks of your life. Scorching images of a breezy, summers day drive, with the windows rolled down, suits this song perfectly in my eyes. 

Speaking of their debut release, lead singer Alex expresses that “Tears of Joy was written from the point of view of a couple in the not so distant future, looking through a scrapbook of their lives with fond but hazy distant memories of first loves and exploring the world together. It’s about not taking things for granted, what might seem like the mundane 9-5 grind now, could turn out to be some of the best moments of your life. It’s about not wishing those moments away.”

Twin Stranger have sought influence from the likes of seventies Big Pop, and nineties Stereolab. For a modern comparison though, I would say they are a mixture of Mayday Parade meets Barns Courtney, with just a little hint of Cavetown. Through their live shows I saw soothing, sad emo-pop ballads, but debut single ‘Tears of Joy’ has hurtled me into the realms of English-American Barns Courtney, with it’s synthy-alternative twist. Cavetown is simply a mirror image of the incredible talent showcased within their youth.

Twin Stranger are a band you need to get to know. 

You can stream their debut single ‘Tears of Joy’ on all platforms now. 

To read my live review of Twin Stranger at their gig with Apostle, click here.

Panic Shack Release Debut Single ‘Who’s Got My Lighter?’

Panic Shack Release Debut Single ‘Who’s Got My Lighter?’

Panic Shack are taking Cardiff’s live music scene by storm.

Oh my, am I excited to see that Panic Shack have released their debut single ‘Who’s Got My Lighter?’ A female-fronted punk band, packing a major amount of energy. It has been no secret that Panic Shack are taking Cardiff’s live music scene by storm. I assure you that it won’t be long until they are known across the UK and further still. I have had the pleasure of seeing them when they supported Amyl and The Sniffers in November, and they blew me away then.

Panic Shack possess an edgy but fun sound, with their play on lyrics. They don’t take themselves too seriously, which I love. A real down to earth band that are a lot of fun, all whilst being very talented too. ‘Who’s Got My Lighter?’ doesn’t hold back in showing us exactly what Panic Shack have to offer. Fantastic instrument playing with Sarah’s powerful vocals driving the song throughout. What’s not to like?

‘Who’s Got My Lighter?’ grabs your attention straight away with heavy drums and guitar playing. The song is cheeky and fun in its lyrical content, but is by no means a joke of a single. Panic Shack are seriously making a name for themselves, and they already have me as a fan that’s for sure. I cannot wait to see them on their upcoming headline show at Clwb Ifor Bach on February 28th. Panic Shack are also supporting fellow punk band Talk Show on their tour in March. You can catch them at Le Pub in Newport on 29th or at The Bunkhouse in Swansea on 30th March, besides other dates.

Panic Shack are definitely ones you need to watch, trust me.

Links for tickets:

Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard release new single ‘John Lennon Is My Jesus Christ’ and announce signing to Communion

Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard release new single ‘John Lennon Is My Jesus Christ’ and announce signing to Communion

Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard are back with their latest single ‘John Lennon Is My Jesus Christ’. Having toured the UK extensively, and recently supported the likes of The Mysterines and The Magic Gang. Buzzard have been very busy, even making appearances in countries such as Canada. The band are also due to fly to Texas in March for SXSW 2020, alongside other Welsh artists including Rosehip Teahouse and Dan Bettridge. It’s safe to say that Buzzard have been teasing us with a lot of new content during live shows, which has been very exciting. However, as far as released music is concerned, I’ve survived by replaying their three singles ‘Double Denim Hop’, ‘Love Forever’ and ‘Late Night City’ on repeat for the last year. Therefore I have to confess that I am delighted to have another single to devour, and that is not even the best part. Alongside their new single release, Buzzard are celebrating the announcement of their signing to UK/US based record label Communion. Easily one of the best emerging bands to breakout in Wales’ music circuit over recent years, the signing is such an amazing achievement for them. Buzzard have done themselves and Wales proud. I am overjoyed to see that they have signed a record deal, and am so glad that they will be getting the recognition they deserve.

If you’re wondering what Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard sound like. I would describe them as retro rock, with a modern twist. Channelling the likes of early Queen and Supertramp for inspiration, their music encapsulates a wonderful nod to the 70s. A nostalgic sound delivered with fantastic flair and passion, ensures that they certainly make their own unique stamp on our modern music scene. Their latest single ‘John Lennon Is My Jesus Christ’, is another triumphant release for them. I have heard it live already, but the crisp album recording is certainly rather special. The new single is as catchy and energy-filled as I could have dreamed. An ode to idolising various musical figures as though music is a religion, with the central protagonist being John Lennon. Lead singer Tom Rees expresses how the song “developed into a conversation around idolisation, and how fandom, servitude and dedication to certain characters is universal, and not limited to any particular religion or art form.”

Lyrically the song is captivating, and provides quirky storytelling throughout by taking us through the many musical loves in their lives, and showing how they worship them all. Musically the song is driven in the usual Buzzard style, which certainly does not disappoint. ‘John Lennon Is My Jesus Christ’ is a short song, at just over two minutes long, but Buzzard’s return single does the job by providing just enough flavour of what we can expect from their hopefully impending album.

The music video for ‘John Lennon Is My Jesus Christ’ on the other hand is very long. The contrast shows us Buzzard’s desire for chaos and uncertainty, as just as you think the music video is coming to an end, we are treated to an organ rendition of the song by Tom. Following this is a comical car scene with the band, concluding with them performing the single again, with the band replacing the dancers that graced the video initially. Over eight minutes long, the video is definitely a treat, and is essentially four different music videos for the single mashed together. However, it works brilliantly well, and showcases all aspects of Buzzard’s personality beautifully, with a little bit of craziness and fantasy thrown in of course.

There is certainly no falter in their fun, colourful characteristics as a band, and I’m certain their debut album will be everything us fans want and more. Full of songs with charging lyrics about politics, religion, love and history, all wrapped in Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard’s fabulous sound and style frenzy. I for one cannot wait. It’s absolutely no secret that I adore the flamboyant and chaotic performances that Buzzard bring, and I am dying to see them perform again soon, hopefully in their hometown of Cardiff.

Read my previous article on Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard here, where I included them as one of the 10 Emerging Welsh Bands that you need to know about.