Foxxglove Releases Debut Single ‘City’

Foxxglove Releases Debut Single ‘City’

A new voice emerging in the Welsh music scene. Dark-pop artist Foxxglove has a gorgeous gift of allowing her accent to flow beautifully within her music. Embracing an alternative, grungy edge to both her vocals and overall style. Foxxglove’s unique persona really helps push her music forward, and showcases her as more than just your average pop act. There’s something so wonderfully different about her sound, and Foxxglove’s moody vibes within her music are entrancing.

Her latest single ‘City’ is a snapshot of her mind, embodying all of the feelings and emotions she experienced during a complicated and hurtful time in her life, inflicted on her by the cruel intentions of another. I find myself instinctively drawn to music within which an artist openly expresses themselves. Foxxglove certainly delivers this and more. ‘City’ is heartfelt and real. A peek through the window of her life and a very brave offering to her listeners. It is rarely an easy task to be completely bare and bold with self-expression, however Foxxglove’s canvass of reflection is wonderous to behold.

A brave new artist capable of unflinching honesty who is certainly worth listening to. Foxxglove has written and created a debut single that is completely captivating. Her voice is soothing but in no way shy, the Welsh lullaby tones I remarked upon earlier are present, but she has laced her vocal chords with a grit which tears through. There isn’t a single waiver, break, or lack of confidence present at all within her voice. This is boldly intriguing, especially given the raw nature of the lyrics. Any nerves she may hold close in everyday life seem to seep away when graced with her musical capabilities, and this is commendable.

Speaking about the track herself, Foxxglove exclaims ‘City is about the state of mind, and talks about my experience with moving from my hometown to the city. It’s about feeling hopeful and free but also lonely, it’s about finding yourself and not letting the past define who you are.’ City is enveloped by equally as moody guitar playing and backing tones which build up to the songs climatic chorus, in which Foxxglove’s freedom explodes both lyrically and vocally. The music video to accompany this single is also gorgeous, and suits the tone of the song so well.

‘City’ is a means of escapism for Foxxglove and the listener alike.

A Change of Genre – Introducing Codewalkers

A Change of Genre – Introducing Codewalkers

Since becoming more involved in my local music scene than ever before, I have been introduced to an expansive array of musical genres and styles. It has been no secret that I am a lover of indie rock music and that type of sound. However, I am not ignorant to other genres, and given the chance, will always consider and explore new music in whatever format it may be. Whether I like it or not, would be a personal preference. However shaking my music tastes up has always been intriguing to me. Therefore, when I had the chance to attend the Horizons variety gig as a part of IVW. It was a chance for me to see an array of talented musicians and performances, outside of my usual go to indie rock bracket.

One of the bands I was lucky to catch that night, were Codewalkers. A reggae, rap and rock fusion, mashed together to create an immersive, fresh and exciting sound that explodes during their live performances. Codewalkers absolutely blew the room up that night, with their energetic and vibrant set. This band commanded their crowd brilliantly well and got everyone dancing and enjoying themselves in no time, including myself. No matter what style of music you’re in to, I challenge you to watch Codewalkers live, and not end up having a smile on your face. 

Codewalkers pick-a-mix style of music is superb to behold, and their personalities shine through beautifully. I always love watching a band with such character and passion performing. Codewalkers bring fun, laughter and an insane amount of energy, which shed a different light on rap, reggae and hip hop for me. They infused the genres with rock and electro-pop, creating a blend of music to suit almost everyone they possibly could.

Their latest single remix is a different take on their 2019 track Roadman. The single remix was born from a collaboration with New York Producer, King Ital Rebel. Originally hailing from Jamaica and working on a number of reggae tracks, Ital was the perfect match for Codewalkers front man Seun Babatola who has roots in Nigeria, their musical styles compliment one another and they had a lot of fun working on this latest single release. 

With the remixed version of Roadman, Codewalkers are delving further again into their expansive genre collection, this time taking on the popular dancehall style, with touches of dub thrown in. Whilst I appreciate this style of music is on the rise, it is still very new to me. I can say that the sound is different and certainly interesting, but I won’t embarrass myself by attempting be the expert on it. 

I’ll let you discover Codewalkers energetic sound on their latest single for yourself, if you like it, please let me and them know! The original Roadman track is definitely worth a listen too, personally I prefer this track as I’m not a huge fan of dance music. However, I can say with certain assurance that Codewalkers are definitely something special to behold live. If you get the chance, definitely go and check them out. 

Codewalkers Remix of Roadman feat. King Ital Rebel is available for you to steam on all platforms NOW!

Follow Codewalkers on their socials below:

Porridge Radio Release Latest Single ‘Circling’

Porridge Radio Release Latest Single ‘Circling’

Circling is beautiful, raw and emotional, and what pours from it is nothing shy of exquisite.

With their album ‘Every Bad’ due to be released next week, Porridge Radio have shared another new single with us today, as anticipation builds. I have been eagerly awaiting their album release for a long time, purely for one song alone. That song was shared with us today and with it, I was awash with a tidal wave of emotion. I completely adore ‘Circling’, having heard it live for the first time last year. I became obsessed from the very start. Having held my live recording dearly for such a while, to finally hear the studio recorded version was completely mesmerising.

I look at this song through two channels. When I’m struggling I can see it through the eyes of someone with thoughts swirling and rattling through their brain, desperately reassuring themselves that everything is ok. Nothing is wrong, everything is fine. In repeating waves with increasing intensity, swaying with desperation in the longing for everything to actually be ok. When I am happy and content, this song is safety, a comfort blanket and homely, and I love it dearly. The song reminds me of summer and happiness, of being wrapped in the arms of the person I adore. When I listen to the lyrics I am content and safe, and nothing is wrong and everything is fine. 

Isn’t it peculiar, how we can perceive songs differently depending on our state of minds, our moods and our feelings. This is honestly what I believe Dana and Porridge Radio have tuned into. Their songs are deep swells of heart wrenching emotion, happy and sad, in equal measures. The songs are an ode to and an advocate of mental health, and are deeply rooted in both emotional agony and emotional wellbeing. Porridge Radio sing in lulls suffering and recovery, and it is honestly glorious to behold. Lyrically and vocally the band are absolutely blooming in the most beautiful way. Each time I’ve seen them they just get better and better. Dana’s voice is unbelievable, a beacon of passion and power, that delivers her message in the most sublimely gorgeous setting. 

Through Instagram, Dana describes the song, ahead of their upcoming album release. ‘A lot of the songs on Every Bad are centred around the sea, and Circling was one of the last songs focused on water that I wrote about for the album. I was thinking on the idea of willing things to be ok by repeating that they are, because I need them to be. I tried to follow the flow of waves, and how they keep coming in endlessly, washing everything away, without judgement, and then bringing it back again.’

Usually in my single reviews I will tear a song apart, dissecting it piece by piece, and share with you its sound, style and everything in between, but honestly I don’t feel that is needed here. Circling is beautiful, raw and emotional, and what pours from it is nothing shy of exquisite. Both your heart and your mind are invoked and awakened, as the tide rushes in.

We all need to go inside the sea sometimes.

If you doubt me, listen for yourself.

Porridge Radio’s album ‘Every Bad’ is due to be released on 13th March.

See Porridge Radio perform for yourself at one of the following dates (or all of them):

TJ Roberts Release New Single ‘True Secret to a Happy Life’

TJ Roberts Release New Single ‘True Secret to a Happy Life’

Following the release of their debut album in November of last year, TJ Roberts are a band on the rise. Breaking out of Cardiff’s thriving music scene, TJ Roberts mash up indie and rock to create their own truly unique sound. Championed by Libertino Records who also support award-winning Welsh band, Adwaith. TJ Roberts are certainly in safe hands, and I have no doubt that their growth as a band will be sublime. 

 ‘True Secret to a Happy Life’ is the first of many new songs that we can expect to be released by TJ Roberts this year. It is also anticipated that these songs will culminate to form an upcoming second album release for 2020, which is seriously impressive considering their first album came out just 3 months ago. This makes TJ Roberts a hot new band that you’ll certainly want to keep your eyes on over the next few months.

Their latest single begins with a steady guitar riff that captures your attention from the offset. We are then met with a head-banging indie song that progresses in really drawing you in. You’ll be singing it in the shower, humming it at your desk in work and blaring it out of your car windows in no time, I assure you. The verses are charged with varying vocal and instrument tempos that really make your ears prick up, and clearly emphasise the capabilities of lead singer Tom, as well as the rest of the band. With a catchy chorus to follow, it’s honestly difficult not to like this song.

Lyrically, I got the initial impression that the songs delves into relationship issues and how they can affect an individual over a long period of time, however as the song develops I believe the lyrics delve into the bigger picture, as though these problems are a reflection on our current society at large.

The single is a brilliant new offering from TJ Roberts, after what has been a period of change and transition for them. ‘True Secrets to a Happy Life’ has given us a wonderful flavour of what we can expect from their album next release.

I have yet to see TJ Roberts perform live, but I’m sure that if not already, then following this new single they are not only on mine, but also many others’ radar. 

‘True Secret to a Happy Life’ is available to stream on all platforms NOW

You can catch TJ Roberts performing live on the following dates:

Monday 2nd March – Rough Trade, London
Friday 13th March – Le Pub, Newport 
Follow their social media accounts below if you enjoy what you hear:


Twin Stranger Release Debut Single ‘Tears of Joy’

Twin Stranger Release Debut Single ‘Tears of Joy’

A synthy pop swirl, that first struck me as being nostalgic and dream-like. The song is one that I quickly found myself becoming lost in.

Led by singer and multi-instrumentalist Alex McConnachie. Twin Stranger are an emerging indie-pop band from South Wales. 

Initially a bedroom recording project started by Alex, to become Twin Stranger as we know them today, Alex enlisted his brother Liam, as well as friends, Josh Newington on bass, Joe Tobin on keyboards and drummer Eric Karvik.

Twin Stranger have started out performing across South Wales, and the South West. I was lucky enough to catch them supporting Apostle recently in Cardiff, and was overjoyed to hear their unique sound, which blossomed in confidence as their set progressed. For a young, new emerging band, Twin Stranger certainly left an impression on me, and I found myself eager to hear more. 

‘Tears of Joy’ is their debut single, released today. A synthy pop swirl, that first struck me as being nostalgic and dream-like. The song is one that I quickly found myself becoming lost in. The lyrics reflecting memories and daydreams, are encapsulated gorgeously by Alex’s soft but charged vocals, with the buzz of the guitar, drums and keyboard ensuring you stay awake. The single is a tune which you can dance to, all whilst being lost in flashbacks of your life. Scorching images of a breezy, summers day drive, with the windows rolled down, suits this song perfectly in my eyes. 

Speaking of their debut release, lead singer Alex expresses that “Tears of Joy was written from the point of view of a couple in the not so distant future, looking through a scrapbook of their lives with fond but hazy distant memories of first loves and exploring the world together. It’s about not taking things for granted, what might seem like the mundane 9-5 grind now, could turn out to be some of the best moments of your life. It’s about not wishing those moments away.”

Twin Stranger have sought influence from the likes of seventies Big Pop, and nineties Stereolab. For a modern comparison though, I would say they are a mixture of Mayday Parade meets Barns Courtney, with just a little hint of Cavetown. Through their live shows I saw soothing, sad emo-pop ballads, but debut single ‘Tears of Joy’ has hurtled me into the realms of English-American Barns Courtney, with it’s synthy-alternative twist. Cavetown is simply a mirror image of the incredible talent showcased within their youth.

Twin Stranger are a band you need to get to know. 

You can stream their debut single ‘Tears of Joy’ on all platforms now. 

To read my live review of Twin Stranger at their gig with Apostle, click here.

Panic Shack Release Debut Single ‘Who’s Got My Lighter?’

Panic Shack Release Debut Single ‘Who’s Got My Lighter?’

Panic Shack are taking Cardiff’s live music scene by storm.

Oh my, am I excited to see that Panic Shack have released their debut single ‘Who’s Got My Lighter?’ A female-fronted punk band, packing a major amount of energy. It has been no secret that Panic Shack are taking Cardiff’s live music scene by storm. I assure you that it won’t be long until they are known across the UK and further still. I have had the pleasure of seeing them when they supported Amyl and The Sniffers in November, and they blew me away then.

Panic Shack possess an edgy but fun sound, with their play on lyrics. They don’t take themselves too seriously, which I love. A real down to earth band that are a lot of fun, all whilst being very talented too. ‘Who’s Got My Lighter?’ doesn’t hold back in showing us exactly what Panic Shack have to offer. Fantastic instrument playing with Sarah’s powerful vocals driving the song throughout. What’s not to like?

‘Who’s Got My Lighter?’ grabs your attention straight away with heavy drums and guitar playing. The song is cheeky and fun in its lyrical content, but is by no means a joke of a single. Panic Shack are seriously making a name for themselves, and they already have me as a fan that’s for sure. I cannot wait to see them on their upcoming headline show at Clwb Ifor Bach on February 28th. Panic Shack are also supporting fellow punk band Talk Show on their tour in March. You can catch them at Le Pub in Newport on 29th or at The Bunkhouse in Swansea on 30th March, besides other dates.

Panic Shack are definitely ones you need to watch, trust me.

Links for tickets:

Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard release new single ‘John Lennon Is My Jesus Christ’ and announce signing to Communion

Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard release new single ‘John Lennon Is My Jesus Christ’ and announce signing to Communion

Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard are back with their latest single ‘John Lennon Is My Jesus Christ’. Having toured the UK extensively, and recently supported the likes of The Mysterines and The Magic Gang. Buzzard have been very busy, even making appearances in countries such as Canada. The band are also due to fly to Texas in March for SXSW 2020, alongside other Welsh artists including Rosehip Teahouse and Dan Bettridge. It’s safe to say that Buzzard have been teasing us with a lot of new content during live shows, which has been very exciting. However, as far as released music is concerned, I’ve survived by replaying their three singles ‘Double Denim Hop’, ‘Love Forever’ and ‘Late Night City’ on repeat for the last year. Therefore I have to confess that I am delighted to have another single to devour, and that is not even the best part. Alongside their new single release, Buzzard are celebrating the announcement of their signing to UK/US based record label Communion. Easily one of the best emerging bands to breakout in Wales’ music circuit over recent years, the signing is such an amazing achievement for them. Buzzard have done themselves and Wales proud. I am overjoyed to see that they have signed a record deal, and am so glad that they will be getting the recognition they deserve.

If you’re wondering what Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard sound like. I would describe them as retro rock, with a modern twist. Channelling the likes of early Queen and Supertramp for inspiration, their music encapsulates a wonderful nod to the 70s. A nostalgic sound delivered with fantastic flair and passion, ensures that they certainly make their own unique stamp on our modern music scene. Their latest single ‘John Lennon Is My Jesus Christ’, is another triumphant release for them. I have heard it live already, but the crisp album recording is certainly rather special. The new single is as catchy and energy-filled as I could have dreamed. An ode to idolising various musical figures as though music is a religion, with the central protagonist being John Lennon. Lead singer Tom Rees expresses how the song “developed into a conversation around idolisation, and how fandom, servitude and dedication to certain characters is universal, and not limited to any particular religion or art form.”

Lyrically the song is captivating, and provides quirky storytelling throughout by taking us through the many musical loves in their lives, and showing how they worship them all. Musically the song is driven in the usual Buzzard style, which certainly does not disappoint. ‘John Lennon Is My Jesus Christ’ is a short song, at just over two minutes long, but Buzzard’s return single does the job by providing just enough flavour of what we can expect from their hopefully impending album.

The music video for ‘John Lennon Is My Jesus Christ’ on the other hand is very long. The contrast shows us Buzzard’s desire for chaos and uncertainty, as just as you think the music video is coming to an end, we are treated to an organ rendition of the song by Tom. Following this is a comical car scene with the band, concluding with them performing the single again, with the band replacing the dancers that graced the video initially. Over eight minutes long, the video is definitely a treat, and is essentially four different music videos for the single mashed together. However, it works brilliantly well, and showcases all aspects of Buzzard’s personality beautifully, with a little bit of craziness and fantasy thrown in of course.

There is certainly no falter in their fun, colourful characteristics as a band, and I’m certain their debut album will be everything us fans want and more. Full of songs with charging lyrics about politics, religion, love and history, all wrapped in Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard’s fabulous sound and style frenzy. I for one cannot wait. It’s absolutely no secret that I adore the flamboyant and chaotic performances that Buzzard bring, and I am dying to see them perform again soon, hopefully in their hometown of Cardiff.

Read my previous article on Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard here, where I included them as one of the 10 Emerging Welsh Bands that you need to know about.

Lindsay Munroe Releases New Single ‘Mirror’

Lindsay Munroe Releases New Single ‘Mirror’

Yesterday, Lindsay Munroe released her brilliant new single ‘Mirror’.  A song with a powerful opening, possessing captivating lyrics that draw the listener in instantly. This is an incredible debut release that demanded my attention on my very first listen. Lindsay, an alternative-indie singer/songwriter, from Manchester, has a voice that is powerful without being overpowering. There is no harshness in her tones, instead she has gorgeous, steady and strong vocals that also carry just enough softness. Blending together to make them beautifully pleasant to listen to, whilst being assuring and driven enough to really capture your curiosity. Think Marika Hackman meets Angie McMahon and you won’t be far off what I’m referring to.

Being a writer myself though, of course it was the lyrics that really sparked my interest straight away. Lindsay is a fantastic songwriter. There is no long, winding intro into this song, instead we dive right into the heart of what ‘Mirror’ is all about from the offset. Lindsay begins by confessing to us past fears and worries that controlled her into always conforming and following the rules in younger years. Many of us, including myself in some ways, have adhered to these unset rules we follow, growing up without rebelling and straying from the norm. Hence why I found that this song really resonated with me. The quiet child who always behaved, and did as they were expected, wonderful on paper and in the eyes of others, but in life and by themselves they were held back by concerns over failure. Insecurities arose from fears of not meeting expectations set for them. These concerns are often ones that manifested from within themselves, through anxieties and a nature of over-cautiousness.

The song progresses into a strong chorus, as we learn that Lindsay is referring back to her poignant past, with such a different outlook on life now. The lyrics grow into passionate self-assurance of someone who knows who they are now, and has become strongly willed by realising they are the answer in changing their course in life, and there are no set rules in where it can take them. ‘Mirror’ is a brilliant song of strength and finding your freedom, breaking out from your own worries and insecurities in youth. Growing with confidence and bravery, by recognising that past mistakes and self-deprecation are in no way a reflection of who we are now. Lindsay comments: “I started writing Mirror whilst reflecting on a fantasy I had as an insecure teenager. I used to wish I could be physically malleable, like a clay sculpture, able to change my body to fit into different standards and situations. That made me really angry, that I had ever felt like that. But the song is also a celebration of the way that other people can see you more clearly than you see yourself and how that can change our self-perception.”

For Lindsay to have such a bold opening single is superbly impressive. It is a deserving of a very warm welcome into the indie scene and is a release that I feel is going to attract those within the industry, and fans of it. With Lindsay being a new artist just breaking out into the music scene, I can safely say that ‘Mirror’ has blown me away. Certainly not an artist to be underestimated by any means, Lindsay has a fantastic voice that really shines and places itself firmly in your brain as being someone who you want to hear more of. Indie London have praised Lindsay and describe ‘Mirror’ as “a hugely promising debut from an extremely talented young artist.” The song itself incorporates a steady drum beat and guitar rhythm, which allow for Lindsay’s vocals to take centre stage. ‘Mirror’ sounds as crisp and well recorded as though Lindsay had been recording albums for years, and is a credit not only to herself but the team behind the release also. Produced by Chris Hamilton who works with artists including LUMP and Torres. The single also features Fern Ford from The Big Moon.

I cannot wait to see what Lindsay Munroe brings next, with her EP ‘Our Heaviness’ due to be released this year. This will be an EP I will be highly anticipating. Lindsay has already graced stages supporting the likes of Luke Sital-Singh and David Kitt, as well as having obtained continued recognition from BBC Introducing and achieving the title of ‘The Manchester Acoustic Scene’s Most Exciting Graduate’ from the Manchester Evening News. I have a feeling there is a lot more success to come for Lindsay, and I am so excited to follow her journey.

You can catch Lindsay performing live at her upcoming UK tour dates below:

1 Feb- In Store at Wilderness Records- Manchester

2 March- Castle NQ supporting Heather Woods Broderick- Manchester

6 March- FortyFive Vinyl Café (Headline)- York

9 May- Soup Kitchen (Headline)- Manchester

15 May- The Grace (Headline)- London

Tickets can be purchased from

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you enjoyed hearing all about Lindsay’s brilliant new single. Let me know what you think of it by leaving me a comment, or by getting in touch on any of my social media accounts below xx

Porridge Radio Release New Single ‘Sweet’ and Announce Album ‘Every Bad’

Porridge Radio Release New Single ‘Sweet’ and Announce Album ‘Every Bad’

Porridge Radio hold a very special place in my heart, and since the release of their previous single ‘Lilac’, I have been eagerly awaiting their next announcement. What I didn’t expect, was to receive not only news of another single, but also fresh tour dates and an impending album release all in one day. Porridge Radio have well and truly spoilt us. Their next album ‘Every Bad’ follows their recent signing to Secretly Canadian. I always knew the album was in the process of being made, but I was so incredibly happy to hear that it is going to be out this soon, with a release date scheduled for 13th March.

Singer and songwriter Dana, projects her feelings through song and has admitted that music is a means of expressing her vulnerability and allows her to be open. This makes a lot of sense, as Porridge Radio’s music is so beautifully exposed, it could only have come from the mind of someone who cares deeply about what they are writing and performing. Porridge Radio are an actual wonder to behold on stage, I’ve never seen a band perform so mesmerisingly that they completely silence a room. You don’t just watch Porridge Radio, you are transfixed.

The lyrics of their latest single ‘Sweet’ continue in being as raw and honest as previous releases. Dana does not shy away from delicate subjects, transforming them into heartfelt music. Porridge Radio have the wonderful ability to sing softly to begin with, and then drive their songs into a screaming frenzy of passion and chaos. Nothing about Porridge Radio is artificially constructed, they are a real band that are not afraid to be themselves. This is what ‘Sweet’ embodies.

Lyrically the song begins with Dana exposing a vulnerability that she has been made to feel from projections of other people’s opinions onto her. Being described as a nervous wreck by such a close figure as her mother in the song, has undoubtedly had an impact, and has so wrongly led to her feel ashamed. Dana refers to herself as a child, which stresses that she feels held back and controlled by these negative afflictions, that must be overwhelming if she is wishing someone dead. The song continues to emphasise this with her mother’s constant references to depression, which I feel suggests it is unclear as to whether Dana actually feels this way, or has been made to feel this way by her mother.

‘Sweet’ flourishes in its soft chorus, with Dana reassuring herself that she is so much more than what she has been made to feel like, by taking ownership in moving away and going on to realise she is a sweet and charming person, deserving of being loved by others. This self assurance is linked to what I feel is growing self-care and a positive mental outlook, taking the stigma away from the hurt and shame we can be twisted into feeling from the cruelties of others.

Although intensely delivered and hard-hitting, the real message behind ‘Sweet’ in my opinion, is to not feel shame from having been hurt and controlled by other people, but to have strength in escaping from the insecurities they have inflicted on you. Discovering that belief and love in yourself, realising that you are worthy, and learning that other people are clearly able to see this too. Porridge Radio possess a strong advocate for mental health in their lyrics in my opinion. Their music is incredibly important, as I expressed strongly in my review of their previous single ‘Lilac’.

‘Sweet’ is a delicate but powerful single, in one sense it’s comforting, but it also has the ability to violently shake you. Shame, nerves, anxiety and being hurt by the opinions of others, particularly those closest to us, can affect us all, but truthfully we have nothing to be ashamed of. ‘Sweet’ consists of our innermost anger, and the yearning, passionate delivery from Dana and Porridge Radio makes the song even more intense. One of the heaviest musical outpourings from Porridge Radio to date, it is guitar driven and menacing in its sound. Delivering intensity in not only it’s lyrical content, but it’s music too. Pushing the bands energy and instrument playing even further. This is clear to see if you have witnessed them performing ‘Sweet’ live, which I am lucky enough to have been able to.

Porridge Radio are already an incredible band, but if their latest single is anything to go by, I have a strong feeling that they are only going to get better and better. I cannot wait to watch them grow. You can pre-order ‘Every Bad’ and tickets for their upcoming tour are on sale now. You might even fall in love.

My First Listen of The 1975’s ‘Me & You Together song’

My First Listen of The 1975’s ‘Me & You Together song’

The 1975 have released their gorgeously soft single ‘Me & You Together song’ tonight. Played exclusively with a live performance on BBC Radio 1. We were treated to hearing a stripped back version of the single for the first time, from the band themselves. Before being played the studio recording from the album. Of course the band performed the song flawlessly in my eyes, even though Matty confessed he had gotten some of the lyrics wrong, I doubt anyone would have noticed. On my first listen, I could hear that the song oozes romance and memories, having an instant nostalgic charm that carries you away in its day dream.

In the interview that followed live on Annie Mac’s Show, Matty explained how lyrically the song transports the band back to when they were teenagers, and is influenced by the music they grew up with. He describes their latest single as being “a bit of life” and later goes on to say “that it is straight up vibing and straight up happiness.” The single takes The 1975 back to their very beginning, and is such a rare reminiscent moment, at what is arguably the very peak of their career. It is humbling that a band with such successfully innovative and bold ideas, can still give such a nod of adoration to where they came from. Despite being one of the most progressive bands of our time. ‘Me & You Together song’ is a time machine conducted admirably well.

Lyrical storytelling at its finest, ‘Me & You Together song’ takes us on a lyrical journey of love and life. It isn’t a fairytale romance, with whimsical words, but seemingly a real and truthful tale of the ups and downs of an everyday relationship. Its chorus clearly highlights the one thing that keeps us together, love. Whereas its verses speak of the forethoughts of youth and those lovesick emotions that we all feel, whilst life progesses at the pace of the ever-ticking clock. By being so open, real and raw, the song is made all the more beautiful and unmistakably heart-melting. Delivered in a lush, soft style, whilst not being overly melancholy.

The 1975 even hinted at having given us a window into their lives, by peering through the glass of this single. With Matty admitting that the lyrics draw on his own relationships and experiences, expressing that the song is based on at least four people he knows. The single is clearly emotional for both the band members themselves, and fans alike, but somehow possesses that bizarre happy-crying feeling that makes it so special. Rather than just being happy, or sad, Matty explains how the song incorporates both. With catchy instrument playing, and nostalgic lyrics combined, the single contains an array of emotions in its very bones. Lyrical content aside, the melodic pace of the music takes you on a journey in itself. Whether you choose to sit and listen, or get up and dance, is up to you.

As well as the new release, tonight The 1975 also announced that their upcoming album ‘Notes on a Conditional Form’ is to consist of 22 songs. Yes that’s right. 22 songs. Not only in its song content, but in its size, this album is going to be colossal. So many thoughts are already buzzing around in my brain, and I can’t help but wonder how many genres this album will cross, what the songs will be like, and how The 1975 will deliver this highly anticipated record. Matty spoke about being open to criticism, which does make me think there may be a few more controversial singles like ‘People’ ahead. Matty has confessed the album will not hold a typical 1975 style so to say, but instead will incorporate every aspect of the bands sound in one album.

Due to the ever-growing scale of ‘Notes on a Conditional Form’, the band did inform us during tonight’s interview, that it will inevitably be released a little later than planned. Rather than 21st February as originally intended, the album is now hoped to be released on 24th April instead.

Honestly, I’d happily give this band all of the time they need to finish ‘Notes on Conditional Form.’ If this album is going to be even half as brilliant as I think it will be, it is going to be an absolute triumph.