5 Music Films You Must Watch

5 Music Films You Must Watch

What better way to relax and unwind, than putting your feet up and watching a good film?

Seeming as we’re all music lovers here, I thought I’d compile a Music Film Guide for you all.

Here are 5 films about bands and musicians, that I think are definitely worth watching.

1. The Dirt

A must see for anyone who loves rock and roll. The Dirt is based on notorious 80s rock icons Mötley Crüe, and their rise to fame from then until the present day. The film is centred around the highs and lows of their music career, and their personal lives. It’s a rollercoaster of emotion from start to finish but is definitely worth watching. I’ve seen this film countless times now and it just gets better with every watch. It’s gritty and raw which doesn’t always make for easy viewing, but it shows Mötley Crüe in all their glory, providing one hell of a story. Through The Dirt, we experience the incredible times they’ve shared together and it feels like you’re right there with them. The actors are superbly alike to Mötley Crüe themselves which makes The Dirt even more fantastic to watch.

2. Supersonic

Supersonic is a rockumentary film that takes us on the journey of Oasis’ immense rise to fame. It is incredibly interesting to watch. The whole concept is so well put together, I really got lost within it from start to finish. Supersonic is constructed beautifully through series of recorded footage and pictures dating back to the bands conception, which take us down the winding path of Oasis’ memory lane, with all of the twists and turns along the way making it a bumpy ride. We witness never before seen interviews and backstage footage which come together to create a remarkable picture of Oasis from the very beginning until now. I found this documentary film an absolute joy to watch, I learnt so much about Oasis and it gave me a far deeper insight than I’ve ever had before. This is definitely worth watching even if you’ve only heard the classic songs, as you’ll discover so much more about their personalities and their story.

3. Bohemian Rhapsody

This film is incredible. If you love the band Queen, or even if you don’t, then you still need to watch Bohemian Rhapsody. It is one of the most moving, powerful pieces of screenplay that I have ever seen, and captures front-man Freddie Mercury’s life exquisitely well. The actors that portray each member of Queen bear such an uncanny resemblance to them in real life. In particular the actor who plays Brian May looks so alike to him, that it led me to think they could actually be related. Everything about this film is phenomenal. It tells the story of how Queen became the band we know and love today, and follows their journey from formation to stardom, and the infamous Live Aid Concert. All whilst showing us glimpses of what we didn’t see before in their personal lives, which provides a fascinating insight into their existence, behind all of the fame. Bohemian Rhapsody is a glorious tribute to and celebration of Freddie Mercury’s life. Captured forever through film, which can be cherished for generations to come.

4. Rocket Man

Rocket Man soars into the stars, showing us the immense rise to fame of musician Elton John. I will warn you, the start of this film is VERY cheesy, as it follows the setup of any cliché musical, but please stick with it. I promise you, the film blooms to become something that will shake you to your very core as the story unfolds. Through a fantastic portrayal by actor Taron Egerton, Elton John allows us the privilege of an incredible look back at his life from childhood onwards. Rocket Man is a fiercely brave and bold film, that hides no aspect of the stars personality. Through Rocket Man, Elton John bares his all with us; from family quarrels, to his battles with substance abuse, and his private love life. The film is truthful and intriguing, and overall fascinating to watch. A celebration of his wonderful career, and life.

5. A Star Is Born

I know this film isn’t technically related to a real-life band or musician, but it does feature the incredible acting and vocal talent of Lady Gaga which I think is good enough to count. Although A Star is Born is fictitious, the story and message it conveys about the music industry is staggering. Particularly the pressures which artists can face. I would urge anyone who has a passion and love for music to watch this film, it embodies both dreams and nightmares that are very real within the industry. Asides from this, the story is also wonderful and romantic. A Star is Born follows the rise of Allie (Lady Gaga) to stardom after she meets a famous musician (Bradley Cooper) by chance, at a bar she sings in. The film features original songs performed by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper (who knew he could sing?) that are brilliant and the soundtrack to this film is amazing on its own. I adore A Star is Born, and could watch it over and over again, and never tire of it! I’d love to know what you think!

I hope you enjoy watching my film suggestions above. All of them are available for you to stream online!

Make sure to eat plenty of popcorn, and escape into another world, just for a little while.

Let me know if you adore any of the films I’ve mentioned, or if you have any music film suggestions for me, please let me know by leaving a comment below. I always love having new films to watch, especially if they’re about a band or musician.

Sending you lots of love xx