Dan Bettridge Releases Latest Single ‘Sign’ Ahead of EP ‘Good People. Bad Habits.’

Dan Bettridge Releases Latest Single ‘Sign’ Ahead of EP ‘Good People. Bad Habits.’

With just over a month to go until the release of highly anticipated EP ‘Good People. Bad Habits.’ Dan Bettridge has gifted us with another slice of what we can expect, in the form of latest single Sign.

Following a hiatus from releasing music since 2019. The dawn of 2021 saw the appearance of initial ‘Good People. Bad Habits.’ offering, Habitat. The electro style composition was unheard of from Dan Bettridge before now. Yet, layering synths against a cool percussion provided a fresh vibrance, and the ability to add a new genre, into an already impressive repertoire. Alongside EP co-producer Minas, Dan Bettridge is embracing a bold experimental style, and we like it. 

Sign affirms what had been pre-empted from gorgeously emotive April release Love Ain’t For Everyone. Heavy in sentiment and flooded with memories. Dan Bettridge evokes a softer, more sultry sound, that certainly knows how to get pulses racing. 

Placing vocals at the forefront, the emphasis is lyrical, captivated by moody blue vocals. Stirring our senses and brooding nostalgia. With co-lyricists Hannah Grace and Martin Luke Brown at his side, it was clear that Sign was destined to swim with emotional depth. 

Having awakened a new era within his music. Dan Bettridge stands unapologetic and unafraid. Brave and bold. Words can barely emphasise the evolution we have witnessed from this musician. 

Whether it is a period of growth, or a period of reflection. Old stirring emotions or a contemporary change. What remains, is that Dan Bettridge has the ability to tap into our most inner emotions. Capturing fleeting moments of his life in sheer beauty through the medium of music. 

We await ‘Good People. Bad Habits.’ with bated breath.

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