Congratulations to Porridge Radio

Congratulations to Porridge Radio

Who’d have thought music for breakfast could taste this good?

Following the recent announcement that Brighton-based band Porridge Radio have been signed to Secretly Canadian records, I just had to write a little celebratory blog post. Especially as alongside this amazing news, they’ve also blessed us with new single ‘Lilac’.

Secretly Canadian is a well-established, modern record label. Home to rising artists such as Welsh-Australian Stella Donnelly and America’s Faye Webster, meaning their reach spans across the globe. This is a fantastic draw and opportunity for any new signings they acquire. I would be lying if I said I didn’t do a happy dance when I saw the announcement!

Porridge Radio are one of my absolute favourite bands. I loved them before they were signed, but a record deal with any label is such a fantastic achievement, let alone a signing with Secretly Canadian. They should be very proud of themselves.

I have been eagerly anticipating their next release, and it’s fair to say that ‘Lilac’ is simply stunning.  A gorgeously written song, that is as beautiful as it is bold. ‘Lilac’ sends you on a lyrical journey. Delving into the darkness of losing yourself in love and in life, and concluding with the plea of how you can help yourself. It is well worth listening to more than once. I personally felt that ‘Lilac’ initially hints of a scenario in which the listener feels they are trapped in a relationship. One that they’ve possibly grown out of or no longer flourish in. As the song progresses, I feel it becomes apparent that the relationship may not be with another person necessarily, but could be the one that we are in with ourselves.

‘Lilac’ soothes the listener into the importance of not being afraid and sends a strong message that we should be better to ourselves. However the lyrics also recognise how damaged we can become from our intrusive thoughts and fears, which may spiral so badly they almost consume our lives. Porridge Radio’s Dana builds the song to the point where she is screaming. Urging the listener to not become bitter by their state of mind, and begging them to be kinder to themselves, as well as those around them. The message behind this song is crucial. I think it could help listeners, and should be spread wherever music can be heard, and beyond that even further.

I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Porridge Radio perform live multiple times now, most recently at Sŵn Festival in Cardiff. This was nothing short of a stunning live performance.  I have to say that Dana’s voice is just incredible, and the band creates music wonderfully well together. It is a rare treat to find a band that sound as flawless live, as on their album. Honestly, Porridge Radio are as good, if not better. The sheer beauty of hearing their songs live silences any room, and all you’re left with is the utter passion that Dana projects into her vocals, and the ecstatic wonder that is this band.

Trust me when I say, Porridge Radio really give it their all, and it’s glorious to see.

I first saw them in a library in Coventry, where they were supporting the angel that is Phoebe Green, on her ‘Little Library Tour’. I’d travelled from Wales to see Phoebe on a warm summers day last June. I was beyond excited.

To walk into a library as cute and as lovely as it was, with a crowd of dedicated fans – I couldn’t tell you how happy I was. I hadn’t heard of Porridge Radio prior to this, but wow did they grab my attention straight away. I was absolutely transfixed from the moment Dana started singing. Rather embarrassingly now when I look back, I practically ran over to their merch table to buy a vinyl and a t-shirt as soon as their set finished. I couldn’t get my words out and I dropped my money trying to pay, but they were so unbelievably sweet to me.

My love for Porridge Radio has only snowballed since then. I genuinely think I could watch this band play every single day, and I’d never tire of them. I wish them a huge congratulations for being signed; they deserve this and so much more.

Lilac is beautiful, and I will be first in the queue when the album is released.

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