Phoebe Green Releases EP ‘I Can’t Cry For You’

Phoebe Green Releases EP ‘I Can’t Cry For You’

2020 has seen Phoebe Green literally “Reinvent” herself. From a striking new single in July, to her current EP release. The Manchester based singer-songwriter has awoken a new persona, and she is certainly not one to be messed with. Possessing flame orange hair, and a dark witty humour, Green is flourishing. All while raining a glorious revenge down on whoever wronged her. As her latest EP ‘I Can’t Cry For You’ stands bold, beautiful and brilliant. Green is turning heads, and it is clear to hear why. 

Each track on the EP delivers an unwavering frank lyricism. Echoing a similar approach from her 2016 album ‘02:00am’, yet Green appears scorned on this latest release, and there is no denying the reflection of that within her music. ‘I Can’t Cry For You’ is a phenomenal depiction of a decaying relationship, captivating the listener throughout. On opening track Reinvent, Green adopts a dark and brooding vocal approach. Bittersweet as it meanders through a turbulent scenario, exploring the self-identity struggles that arise when this finally ends. Instruments are kept low and biting, adding to the moody ambience that builds throughout. We feel this intensity deepen further on Grit. With Green’s vocals descending to an almost delirious, hazy lull. The entire atmosphere becomes unnerving, conveying the deranged feelings that can often accompany a narcissistic relationship. 

Switching the tempo back up on Golden Girl, Green’s familiar light-hearted vocals return. An upbeat, but direct track. Golden Girl snipes at its subject, as though Green is directly addressing a disgruntled ex-lover. With a fierce femme approach, Green asserts herself beautifully. Standing out as an ‘I Can’t Cry For You’ anthem for getting over someone. Closing the EP is final track A World I Forgot, another hypnotic psychedelic indulgence from the indie musician. Matching the vibrant orange and green splatters that adorn the EP’s cover art. Green sways between hardened indie power-pop and swirling psychedelia, instantaneously. Highlighting the emotional and psychological challenges, that can be inflicted by a chaotic lifestyle and undeserving lovers. 

Whether it is through a satirical swirl of synth, or the clout of a full band. Green’s vocals shine, wherever she lends her voice. With an ever-growing confidence, ‘I Can’t Cry For You’ has seen Phoebe Green soar.

We wait with bated breath, to marvel at the heights a sophomore album will soon take her. 

Stream ‘I Can’t Cry For You’ on all platforms now via Chess Club Records

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